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I live with Chise and Elias for quite some time. Through that I noticed that Elias has feelings for Chise, but doesn’t know on how to express it. That’s when I come in, when he needs advice about humans he always talks to me. I try it as good as I can, but it seems that he is a hopeless case. When I say, to pick out flowers for her, I didn’t mean poppies with poison oak. She had a rash on her hands for a week. When I say, cook her something she likes, not something to make her puke. No one told me about his talents in cooking though; otherwise I wouldn’t have recommended it.

Everything sweet, turned out nasty in his hands. I felt sorry for Chise to go through all this.

There was only one thing he did right, that was the ´mistletoe kiss´, to my disappointment Chise didn’t get the hint. Whenever they are together, they never talk about feelings.

It is different with me and Elias. He gives me chocolates in a box (He made the box and Silky the sweets) collects roses from the garden and gives them to me or we spend the time walking around talking about humans and his feelings. The relationships have swapped and Chise isn’t concerned at this at all. She smiles a lot more since that time, its gets more obvious when Stella comes around. While they talk to each other, Elias spends his time with me.

That isn’t right, I am not his bride. Chise should take over the job, not me.

I confronted her, telling her that I am not a mistress of his and she should give more of her time to Elias. Unfortunately, she had a talent to change the subject or to irritate me with her back-story, not even Ruth could help me. In the meantime, it got worse. More guests come and give off hints, of me and Elias would look good ´together´, which I defend fast with the fact that Chise is the bride. During missions we get the same problem with gods and fairies, but Chise, Ruth or Elias don’t deny’s always my problem to do that.

In time I grew tired of it and decided to spend less time with Elias. I always find a good excuse to get away; however, even he gets suspicious after a month. I argued with Chise every night about it, only to hear her say things like “he likes you...your good for get along perfect.” If I wouldn’t know it better I would think she wants this to happen. It got more confusing, as she came back from London meeting the sorcerer Alice there, I yelled at her. I told her that we were worried and she should never do that again, even Elias agreed with me and finished my sentence. But all she did was chuckle at us. There was nothing funny about it, till she meant that we act like worried parents towards her. She got in her room before I could ask her to explain it, instead Elias started a conversation about it. He took the last nerve, till I screamed in frustration and ran into my room, smashing my door. Elias didn’t understand this at all.

At night, I heard footsteps towards Chises room and three people mumbling. It was obvious that Elias talked to Chise and Ruth. I ignored the sounds later and tried to fall asleep, it took ages though.

Tock, tock, tock.

I woke up from the sound. There were creatures with feathers waving at me, what did Elias call them?...ah yes...Ariels. I opened the window, only to be attack by them “Congratulations!” they screamed. “What are you talking about?” they looked at me in shock “Wait! You don’t know yet?” “What do you mean?” all they did was to point her finger at their lips “Hihihi you find out soon enough” and with that, they flew out the room. What is going on? Congratulations for what?
I went down the stairs to the kitchen, still tired of my short sleep as a massive sound erupted from the kitchen “CONGRATULATION!!!” Woah! They almost gave me a heart attack. “What the hell is going on!?” I screamed, as I grabbed on my chest for dear life. In the kitchen were all familiar faces I met before: Simon, Angelica, Ruth, Silky, Molly the cat, the Ariels and Chise. Only Elias was missing.

Angelica was the first to hug me “Congratulations, who would have thought that it would happen to you”


Next was Simon “I it should become difficult for to handle it, you know where to find me.”


Around me were the Ariels sitting on my shoulders “If you ever need help, we are always there to help you out”


I looked down, to see Molly cuddling my leg “ I can’t wait to let everyone know the news, what a surprise.”

“Eh????” I didn’t understand anything. I desperation I looked at Chise whispering to her “Chise, what is going on?” “Well about this...well...” Ruth pushed “come on Chise, tell her” “your engaged.”

“...what? who???”

As on cue, a figure appeared at the door, holding a bouquet of roses.

“Is this supposed to be a joke?” I looked towards Chise, she smiled nervously. If no one would have been around, I could have strangled her.

“N/A?” Elias spoke up. I turned around, only to have his skull right in front of my face, as he was kneeling down. He opened a box with a ring in “Will you marry me?”

My mouth dropped as my attention was once faced towards Chise “I there something I should know about, Chise?” she was quiet, till Ruth spoke up “Elias came to us last night, asking about marriage”. I shrugged “So?” “Well, he seems to understand it and asked Chise if she be offended when he marries you instead.” I looked at Chise with a dark glare “What have you done?” “ is not a problem.” “Why?” she lowered her head “If we don’t find a way to save me, at least Elias won’t be alone” They all went quiet as I hugged Chise “Stupid girl, you are not going to die... and for the marriage...” I looked at Elias “...I refuse!”

For once I wasn’t the one feeling confused, but our guest were, including Elias.

Once they were gone, the day went on as usual; I sat at my window watching the scenery. Till Elias opened my door “Can I talk to you?” “Of course, what is it?” “Well, about this marriage thing...” “For once and all Chise is your bride not me” “...I won’t give up, until you accept...” he closed the door slowly “ matter how long it will take.” I didn’t understand his motive “Why are you doing this? What are you hoping to gain?”

He looked straight into my eyes with determination “I don’t want to be alone anymore.”
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Mjackson15 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Even though this is a one-shot, I would have loved to see how the romance, if any (^_^)' , developed later on. Great story!
taztaz92 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018
You can ;) I got stories on Wattpad.
Mjackson15 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh yes!! 
taztaz92 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018
They are all (chise x elias x reader) stories ;)
Mjackson15 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey that's awesome!
Usually I don't read stuff with xreader, but this opened up my curiosity ;)
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