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This story takes place at the end of the 10 episode of Black Butler.

The street of London was not a good place for someone who is homeless. Since I can remember I have been on the streets. Craving for food was a huge problem and, if lucky, you might get some by chance. It’s a nightmare on Christmas, when all the delicious smell made our stomachs rumble. It was a lot easier though, when special occasions appear in London, such as the River Thames frost fair.

We tried our luck there. Everyone has scattered to steal what they can get their hands on. I hate Christmas. I was sick of the Christmas mood, since they all were buying so much food, which they probably don’t eat all and we have to steal just to get something to survive for a few days. But I had to admit, wishing someone a Merry Christmas would be nice to do once. But the last boy who tried it was beaten with a cane, because the gentlemen assumed that he was trying to beg for money.

Putting my thoughts aside, I tried to find someone worth stealing of, till my eyes landed on a wealthy looking lady. She had her purse in her hand and a ribbon tied around her wrist.  

Like that would stop me.

I decided to look around, in case someone watched me before I make a move. Bump into her, cut her ribbon, act innocent, apologies and leave as fast as possible, that’s sounds easy enough.

But today …was not my day.

One guy seemed to be interested and looked in my direction. From what I can see he is dressed in a cloak, riding boots and a cylinder hat. I tried to make a runner, as he grabbed my arm and dragged me towards two stands. Screaming was pointless; no one would believe a homeless child over an aristocrat. What can I do? Tears began to fall down my cheeks.

My mind screamed” I don’t want that, help me… anyone!”

A hand came out of nowhere, reaching for the aristocrats wrist, with such force, till he let go of mine. My savior kicked the guy into a stand, where it collapsed onto him, before facing me with a small chuckle. As a few people witnessed the situation and began to laugh, the guy had wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me alongside him.

In the meantime, I paid my attention to his hand on my waist. Long black nails, a scar around the pinky and a ring on his index finger that’s all I could see. My first impression…. That’s a ladies hand, in her late 40s, plus, her chuckle sounds like a witch. With a smile I faced my saviors face, thanking the old lady as all of a sudden…. I screamed. A tall man with a long coat, a piece of cloth around one shoulder tied at the hip, a funny hat, long silver hair which hides his eyes and scars.

I didn’t scream because of what he truly is, it’s more of who he is.

Everyone on the street knows about the lunatic of a mortician. Rumors said that he enjoys freaking people out, so they die faster and whoever comes in contact with him will die soon, apparently he tells them the date. At least that’s what others told me, there a lot more stories about him though. None the less it scared me to death, running away was pointless as his hand hold me in place. To everyone else it looked like a couple having a walk around the fair. He greeted others with a nod, while I just kept quiet.

It lasted a few minutes

“Sir?”, it was hardly a whisper to gain his attention. Once more, “Sir!” it was a bit louder. No reaction. “SIR!!!” He moved his head so fast it made me jump. “Yes?” came his reply followed by a creepy smile and a giggle, like he just heard a funny joke.

“W,w-who are you?”It was a stupid question to ask, but I didn’t know what else to say. He pointed his free hand towards something. I froze. The sign was familiar. Why the hell does he have a stand at the frost fair??? My blood runs cold…what is he up to?

He happily dragged me to his shop, inside were several coffins on the floor, there; he ordered me to sit down on one and turned his back to me. I could hear a sound of liquid poured into something and crunching. He turned towards me. In his hands was one measuring cup filled with tea (there is a teabag in it) and a plate of bone shaped cookies. Giving me the cup and placing the plate on my lap, before getting his own and sits down in front of me. He started to talk to me about random stuff, which I replied with hesitation. But the longer the conversation went, the more comfortable I became. Fear all gone, not once did he scare me or told me something about dying soon (as I thought he would do), all he did was making me laugh the whole time. Before I know it, it was night and the market was already closed. My friends had probably something to share (from what they stole)… but I had nothing. It would be embarrassing to come back empty handed. I was about to leave, as he told me to wait at the so-called-door (a curtain painted as a door) for him. Minutes later, he came out holding something towards me. I took it, it was a little envelop with a little heart on it and a bag tied up with a ribbon.

“Unfortunately my guests aren’t good to chatter with, neither do they have a sense of humor, so it’s nice to have someone to talk and laugh with once in a while”. I didn’t know what to think of his words, what guests? We were alone the whole time?

I didn’t know what to say, all I did was looking at the man before me. He gave me a smile and nodded, holding his hat while doing so.

“Merry Christmas dearest”

My smile widened, “M-merry Christmas”

I waved back at him before leaving the market.

On my way to the alley I opened the items. In the envelope was a Christmas card “To my dear Lady, Thank you for spending time with me. I look forward to see you again on Christmas Eve. You are always welcome to visit me at any time. Best wishes…Undertaker”. Something fell out of the card while reading it … it was a one pound coin. I started to cry as I began to open the bag; it was full of bone-shaped cookies, enough for me and my friends. Full of joy I looked up the night sky.

“Thank you Undertaker”
This Christmas was something the homeless reader will never forget.
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Awww,he's so sweet!
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