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I never thought I had so do some service for a vampire, named Alucard, but then Walter thought it would be the perfect punishment for me. And just because I went out with the guys to have a drink…okay…we were wasted. I can’t remember most of the night, oh dear.

Anyway hear I stand with a bucket, filled with ice and a blood bag inside ready to go down the basement. I’m surprised that Walter didn’t tell me to put a ribbon around my neck and serve myself to him on a silver platter. It was suicide. As I went down the stairs the temperature fell dramatically, I assumed I won’t stay for long, so I didn’t wear a jacket. I began to shiver as I reached the end of the stairs. On my right was an enormous hall, I could see someone sitting on a large chair. Next to him is a table with two glasses, a wine bottle and sunglasses. I never met the Vampire in person; I only guessed that it might be him… since no one else is around.

In small steps I made my way towards him, he didn’t make a single sound though. As I came closer I realized he was asleep. How could a monster such as him look so harmless while sleeping? I rather not take any chances in waking him. On tip toes I putdown the bucket on the table… as on glass shattered.

In an instant his eyes were open and looked towards me. I was too scared to move as I said a shy “hi” towards him. “What are you doing here?” His voice as sharp as a knife, I didn’t know that vampire can be grumpy after waking up. “I brought you lunch” I squealed. “Lunch?” I pointed towards the bucket, which he followed. “I see”, his voice softened. Before I had a chance to leave he sat up from his chair and took my wrist. He pulled me towards a room, inside was a bedroom and a large black coffin.

The next I was laying on the bed face to face with Alucard. We kept staring at each other’s eyes. While his hand was reaching for my hair, I preferred to keep still. His hand was wandering around from my hair to my face. From a third persons view, we would look like a couple on our first time together. It didn’t take long for him to move from my face down from my neck, to my shoulder and rest it firmly on my hip. With one swift move he pulled me towards him till there’s no gap between us anymore. He rests his head on mine and both his arm wrapped around my body, keeping me in place.

I knew this was going to happen. It is my time to die. He is going to ….



He dragged me all the way to the bed so he had something to cuddle with??? I had no other choice but to let him have his way, as I began to get sleepy myself.

In the morning I was alone in the bed, but I could hear some movements inside the coffin. I asked Walter about the vampires unusual actions, which he replied that it might be just a whim and I shouldn’t worry too much about it.

That night Alucard had paid me a visit, but only to threaten me not to tell anybody about that night.

So, should I worry…or not?
The no-life-kind developing a sense of whimsy, what could go wrong?
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