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I regret what I done that one night. It was absolutely harmless and yet I got it on my tail. And with ´it´ I mean that vampire from the Hellsing Organisation.

It all began with my stupid curiosity; I wanted to know if he really has no heart beat.
I was lucky though, it wasn’t hard for me to get near him, although, I never been that close before. I might have a chance to get on his lab. I met him in the library as he was sitting in one of the armchairs and as usual we talk about the book he just read. As I was about to reach for the book, he pulled did away, while smirking. It’s one of your usual games we play: teasing! Normally, I hate this game, but it gave me the change to climb on top of him. As he reached the book higher, I crouched down and pressed me head into his chest....

...I knew it, nothing!

“What are you up to?” He looked down at me with curiosity written all over his face. “No...Heartbeat” It came out blunt, he had to laugh at my embarrassing face. Once he stopped, he lifted me up a little, that way I sat on his lap properly, face to each other. “Now is my turn” He leaned down and did the same to me, however, unlike me he kept me in place a while longer. It makes me uncomfortable. After some time, he let go of me.

Since that time, he was stalking me. Once as the form I know him in, trying to use the ´teasing game´ to hear my heart beat, he failed. It gets worse when we have young men visiting the mansion, Alucard has a talent to terrorise them, till they ran away with their tail between their legs and never return. As a child, a girl, he nearly killed a man with his hugs around their waist, trying to break his spine. He tried to hug me, but I dodged it.  Another time he turned into a little boy, whining around that I would be his mother and to his joy, he begged me to carry him. The guest seemed to believe him and stopped talking to me.

But it got worse.

He pretended to be a statue of a knight in an amour and moustache, holding a huge sword in his hand. As the men passed him, he jumped of the platform he was on and hunted them down. I watched the whole scene with worry, all this just to hear my heartbeat? Is he serious?

Once every last man left the estate I walked up to him “Was that really necessary?” “I didn’t like the way they thought of you and besides... don’t I look handsome as a knight in shining armour?”
I snorted at this description “All I see is a lunatic has gone lose...and all because it wants is this” and pointed towards my heart. He nodded. Before Integra could get her hand on Alucard to give him an earful, I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the library.

On the couch I leaned back while he lied beside me, his head on my chest, closing his eyes and enjoying the moment. Lost in thoughts, I began to fondle with his hair. His tiny growls showed that he loved it. A powerful vampire, a monster no less, seems to enjoy the smallest things of life.
Since he has none himself....
A vampire isnt too fond of contact, but what if you got something he wanted? Even if its just for a little while....
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