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Your POV

Living in the streets of London isn’t an easy life; it doesn’t matter if you’re in a group or alone. We are a group of four people; we steal everything we can get our hands on. But one day, someone came up with an idea… to break into shops. And they had already the right target for it…… the Undertaker.

Everyone exchanged skeptical glances at each other. While two of them stayed quiet, I spoke up:
“Of all shops, we could break into why this place?

“Have you seen the coffins? He has to pay for the material, right? And he even gets a few pennies for every corpse delivered”

“It can’t be that much”

“Got any better ideas? Hardly anyone passes that place, so it would be easier for us and the chances of getting caught are very low”

“And the Undertaker?”

“I heard he has to go to the cemetery in the afternoon, this will be our chance”

At the end, agreed to this plan. Even though it didn’t feel right. To steal from someone, who does a good deed for the town.

We waited at the corner nearby, as we watched the owner locking the door. With a shovel he walked in the opposite direction. We neared his shop till he was out of sight. One of my friends (if I can call him that) opened the door and went in, followed by the others. I checked the road once more before closing the door behind us.

Undertakers POV

“So much fun, So much fun ~ I love my job. I hope my customer will be pleased to be buried next to his wife hehehe~” He has to dig only one hole today, his other customers have to wait a while longer. Aristocrats always come first before all others. He didn’t like that, but that’s how it was.

Full of joy did he reach into his coat…. His smile fades.

“Oh dear, I forgot my cookies, it wouldn’t see fun without them”. With that said he turned on his heels and went back to his shop.

Your POV

We checked every single shelve of something valuable, the rooms in the back, his customers….nothing. Not even food was there to steal, our stomachs were grumbling out loud. How does this man even survive? We all thought. To distract myself, I opened every urn there was, as all of a sudden, a sweet smell greeted my nostrils…. Jackpot…. COOKIES!

The Urn was empty in seconds; at least our hunger was satisfied. My friends have already left the shop. I returned the urn back to its place before leaving though. As I reached the door a large silhouette appeared on the other side …. “Now where did I put my key?”

I panicked “Why is he back so soon?”. I looked around to find a place to hide, but to my dismay there was only place …. the coffin at the wall.  I have managed to get in before the door opened.

Undertaker POV

I was right at my door when I couldn’t find my key… again; it took me a while to find them. Till I noticed the door … was open. It was only leaned on. I looked inside…nothing has changed, so far I can see. He went over to his urn to get it off the shelves only to find… crumbs. “Oh my, it seems there were some hungry mice in my shop”. Without his cookies he didn’t feel like going out anymore. He decided to make freshly new biscuits later… but for now … he only wants to rest. He put the shovel aside and went towards his coffin, only to hear a loud sneeze coming out of it.

Your POV

My heart was racing. I could hear his footsteps, he was somewhere near the urns. “Oh my, it seems there were some hungry mice in my shop”. He found out, but then, he didn’t sound angry at all. I leaned back into the soft fabric, till my nose started to twitch. I heard his footsteps again, they come towards me. I tried to reach my nose, but I couldn’t stop it in time…..

Undertakers POV

That sound was definitely coming from his coffin. He reached the lid and opened it slowly, only to find… a young woman. She looked scared to see me. “What is a little girl like you doing in my shop? I don’t think this is the right time for you to pay me a visit…not yet”. Her lips trembled. I reached for her arm and pulled her out of the coffin. Her eyes were tearing up in fear. “Now, now, no need to be frightened by the old undertaker, I won’t harm you”

“r-r-really?” she managed to get out.

“really “

“I-i-i-I didn’t steal anything… I promise!”

“Im not so sure about that”


“My beloved cookies are gone”

“I-i-i-i pay them”, she reached into her pocket to present me to pennies.

“I have no use for it””

“I-i-i-I work it off”

“That won’t be necessary sweetie”

“So … I can … go?”

“You won’t get away that easy” I smiled widely.

“So… what do you want”. She backed away.

“Tell me a joke”


“Not eh? Joke, if you can make me laugh, you’re off the hook”



“ I don’t know any jokes”

“What a shame, I had hoped that a young woman such a yourself would have some sense of humor”
I thought of another thing she could do for me. From the corner of my eye I could see her move slowly towards the door. Making a runner are we? Before she could leave my shop, I threw her over my shoulder.

He had an idea.

“Since you ate all of my cookies, I think it would only be fair to make me new ones”.

“But I don’t know how to make them”

“Don’t worry … we do them together”
Stealing Undertakers cookies is one thing, getting away with it another.
LunalaCrevan Featured By Owner May 3, 2018  Student Artist
Seriously,He is too cute sometimes,Silly thing~
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