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Fantasy Art Anime style Mermaid Hero

By Tazmaa
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Anime Fantasy Art | "Galaxy Girl"
by: Valerie Ryan of Tazmaa's Studio

This mermaid artwork was done by commission for a hero card for a game that my customer is creating.
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© 2014 - 2021 Tazmaa
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The design, lineart and colors are all great! The glow effects are simple but efficient and the shadows are very clean. I think however the posing is the weakest part. It looks good composition-wise, but when you look at it it's hard to understand what she's doing. Is she striking a pose? Getting ready to attack something? Her face is also very neutral, which makes her intentions very vague. Her hands also don't seem to quite hold that trident and it feels like it'll just fall off of her hands. All in all though, very solid piece of work.
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I love this, the coloring is amazing and the pose is really fluid and dynamic. She look inhuman but not in a way that seems unsettling. over all this piece is awesome, but if there is anything I would recommend working on it would be the hands, they seem off in someway, maybe they are a little small?
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Very nice! I love the color choices; she looks inhuman without getting too far from believable. The transparent arm fins and tailfin are really cool too, and I like the huge gill-ears--they look almost like a butterfly, and I think they help draw the eye inwards towards her face.
Critique-wise (since you've submitted to a critique group), I think you might have a minor issue with glow where I'm not sure you intended there to be any. Along the left (our left) side of her trident's staff, where it crosses her stomach, the highlight on the pole crosses over onto her skin--I'm not sure if this was intentional, since it doesn't seem to show up anywhere else (and if something was going to reflect enough light to have a glow effect like that, I'd figure it would be the metal parts of the trident). Other than that, though, I'm not really seeing anything that could be a problem! Excellent work! 
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Thank you so much for your critique. I appreciate you taking the time to look closely enough at the image in order to suggest ways to improve on it! ^_^
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:icontxrabbit:  WELL DONE!!