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I've been so busy over the summer and early fall. That I posted sporadically through that time. 
I've missed commission messages, art swaps/trades, etc. I miss being on here commenting and posting.

Since I joined the Metrobay team as a Contributor. I've been devising new characters etc. 

So There will be new Genesis 3 and 8 models of existing characters.

I'm working on a new and tasty version of Mindseye, even beyond the images I've posted on the one I'm working on.
I FINALLY created a Psylocke/PsiWoman to be posted on Metrobay.
Also created a new character, the Owl Sorceress, based on my love of Sorceresses, Owls, He-man, and such.

You've seen Mindseye update, but tonight I should have the final model complete.
I'll also be posting it tonight hopefully.

Also coming is my Owl Sorceress final model. 
So my goal going into 2018 here and Metrobay is to finish up my Psylocke/PsiWoman mini.
Then while that's ending I'll do Owl Sorceress mini, then finish out the year with a New Mindseye mystery.

I'll also be posting more hand-drawn Inquirian Psylocke. I love her.

Hope you stick here for the journey.
So for the past couple months. I've been trying to recover from losing a lot of my data from DAZ3D, redownloading it, and learning new ways to do things.
Then one day I got a message from Doctor Robo of Deviantart and Metrobay comix. he asked me for several commissions over the past month. Which I'll be posting here soon. 
But then he asked me if I would like to be a paid Contributor on his adult comix site.

We talked it out, came to an agreement, and I get published today. 
Mindseye is actually going to be published on a website where many people will see her.
It makes me feel great to know how Popular she's become.

The first story I'll be publishing is the Mindseyes actual first story.
The Shadows of the Moor. Here's the cover.…

Here's a link to the Deviant art story, without all of the additions I've made for Metrobaycomix. 

Thanks for continued support folks.
Mindseye, Jarine, and Psylocke, plus all the other characters I've created over the years appreciate it.
So over the last few months, I've been bumming around trying to re-teach myself DAZ and learn how to use Genesis properly.
I had refused to give up on V4 for so long it was crazy. But in my spare time, i'm getting the hang of the new way of doing things. 
So using the latest version of Studio and spending way too much on materials, and objects, also friends sharing stuff.
I'm getting used to it. 
Here are some of the WIP's I've worked on getting my way back to Mindseye.

Mature Content

Fun with the Woman in Red IRAY Test by Tazirai
So I mentioned before kinda screwing up using Content Gatherer. But it did have one amazing use. It kept a list of all the files used in a scene. So it made it easier to relocate which files I used or had to relocate again. I've probably spent about 150 dollar re-acquiring some old files. Luckily I'm a Daz, Renderosity, and Renderotica prime member, so I got a tonne of savings and freebies during the holidays.

What I did learn though is that when using older models to create new ones, you'd get files you never intended to use or had forgotten you used in them.
So now with Content gather having saved the DUF files. I install the files to daz, then double click the Duf. It loads all the available files, and I can see which files are sill missing. Giving me the option to go forward or try to locate them again.

What I've decided to do now is recreate several characters from scratch, including Psylocke, Mindseye, Jarine, and The Woman in Red. Those 4 will be my main focus.
While a newer created character Whiteout will still use a lot of the V4 files. 

I spent a lot of January just recovering old files, and some are gone forever. I even tried some torrent sites for those ultra rare files. 
I think I've come to the conclusion that starting over won't be so bad.
I still have the mats for Psylocke and Mindseye, those skins. But with IRAY, I'll have to reskin them or create new overlays.

Hopefully by mid-February things will be going again. I'll start posting some in progress pictures soon, once I finish Whiteouts comic.
I'll be putting up the last few out of the fog renders. But I recently reformatted my hard drive, and tried to back up my daz3d files for Mindseye, Psylocke, Jarine, and others. I think I PARTIALLY succeeded, but am having issues trying to reuse them using the Content Gatherer. So after reinstall I reinstalled DAZ3d to my system using the install manager, and got the current version. It's a little different than the 4.6 I was using. So It's that weird familiar yet unfamiliar thing. So although I technically may be able to recreate, Mindseye, Psylocke, Jarine again to how they were created, by hopefully finding those files.
But I've decided to try to use Genesis, and see what I can come up with. There are Genesis characters and morphs I can might be able to use.

Possibly for Jarine and Mistwoman, maybe voodoo woman also.…

For Psylocke and Whiteout…

Victoria 7 is another possible option
Maybe for Woman In Red…

Monique 7 
Might also be for Mindseye,…

I'm going to do what I can to recreate her to be as close as possible to how she used to be. It also gives me the option to update her. Maybe i'll go back to v4, mabe not, we'll see.
But I wanted to inform you guys as to whats going on.
I've been doing a LOT of Instagram and DA commission work lately. Some 3D and others hand drawn. 
I'm thinking about maybe once or twice a month taking on about 5 commission pieces of work.
Testing the idea now.
Trades are on a one to one basis, and have no problems with 2d or 3d art trades. 
Requests will be rarer. It's something to discuss between the two parties.

If it's something you're interested in lemme know.

I specialize in Peril and erotic peril. 
If you want just a character by herself (I can do men, but prefer female characters.)
I can write stories for your pictures or you can do them after the fact. 

If you just want a character created or have your own I can do a piece for them also.
If you want even one of my characters in a custom peril, I can do that also. 

Solo characters with simple background 
Hand drawn $20.00 Color
Rainbow 2 A by Tazirai Psylocke Earth 42356 issue Summaries part 1 by Tazirai

Mature Content

Alaizia Peril Request by Tazirai

Complex/peril/action Scenes 30.00
Fit to be tied by Tazirai

Mature Content

Mindseye Peril - Tight pinch by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke Peril - Retreat is not an option by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke peril grappled by Tazirai

3D created $30 for custom OC characters then each additional picture is $15.00

Mature Content

Voltrix Custom OC Commission for Kineticman by Tazirai

3D of custom scene of my character is 15.00 

Mature Content

Mindseye Glamour Comission  for Kineticman by Tazirai

Mature Content

Mindseye Bound Commission  for Kineticman by Tazirai

Mature Content

Captured at the playground by Tazirai

Character profiles and references on my data sheets are 10.00 for custom character profiles. 30.00 total for character and sheet.
Mindseye Data sheet and Reference card

Mature Content

Mindseye Universe Mindseye Updated Bio by Tazirai

Mature Content

Mindseye Character Reference by Tazirai
  Voltrix Voltrix Bio reference sheet Gift by Tazirai
Hey guys just wanted to say thanks so much. 
Even if you can't or don't comment on the pieces the clicks and downloads and favorites are truly appreciated.

I do like interacting, so please feel free to comment. 
Whether you enjoy or don't enjoy my more voluptuous version of Psylocke.
Love the curves of Mindseye,
Just discovering My imperial Scientist Jarine, or even Mistwoman, Woman in Red, etc.

Thanks thanks so much. 
I'm working on a new series of art, called peril pin ups. The focus will be on the main woman, mainly Psylocke and some Mindseye. 
Using a mix of Markers including Copics, Faber Castells, Windors, and others. 
I'll use a weird geometry behind the figures, with sometimes just a colored background, others an environment in the geometry. 
The goal to focus on the subject.

The art will be more like my usual sexy peril, but more like the Betty Page style from the past.

Thanks, hope you guys enjoy.
I was going through my PC today, organizing some folders. and Dove into the Mindseye Hand Drawn folder.
it's been nearly two full years since i've actually drawn her. More than that since i've posted a hand drawn Mindseye. 
I've been feeling such a Psylocke itch, still am. I need to feed it. Also the other characters I've done.

But soon I'll get back to our plump lil Psychic sleuth in distress.

Starting with todays foto.
I am falling in absolute love in Copic Markers. I am still learning them, and am enjoying the experience.
However they are expensive. They are worth the expense, but I definitely try to use Coupons to make the purchases. 
Has anybody used any other brand of sketch markers and if so which and how is the cost associated with them?
I'll probably keep buying them. 
I do love em tho.
Over the next few days will probably be posting my Works in Progress for my Female Imperial Science Scouts. 
I'm working on their Speeders, base, Individual colors etc. I've already posted a WIP for them so far. I'll post my Speeder update in a few minutes also. I've haven't been this excited in a long time for Star Wars. 
#Starwars #Forceawakens
A deviant sent me a message asking why I add cameltoes to everything.
It's simple. Because I like em. hahaha. 
More Mindseye Pics coming soon. 

Rainbow is a Spaceknight I met reading the ROM Spaceknight comic books.
Her power is the ability to emit a Rainbow colored ray that alters the Emotions of others.
She's only in 4 issues, but I loved her instantly. Since most of the Spaceknights are Cyborgs, they are part human and part alien machine.
But you only ever get to see a few  in their human forms.
Rainbow is a wide open field. So keeping some things the same, about 90%. I gave her her human form and pre Wraith War career.
I also gave her an updated suit. I think I'll be writing some Fanfics for her.…

I've been spreading my wings doing some other art stuff and photography. 
Doing lots of pics of Psylocke, especially with her being in the next X-film, and some Creepy Pasta writing. 
Also I've been scripting three movies i'm working on. 
But I miss my favorite Jobberific Sleuth, especially in hand drawn form. She'll be coming back soon.
Over the next few days I am posting new pics of Psylocke, along with updated inks on some of her older ones. 
I'm also finishing up the Mindseye Evolution pics, showing her costumes origins, and the hassle it took to finally get them where I like it.

Let me know what ya think. I do miss the comments. 


Mature Content

Mindseye Evolution Phase 1-3 by Tazirai

Mature Content

Mindseye Evolution Final Phase by Tazirai

Mature Content

Mindseye Evolution Phase 4-6 by Tazirai

Here are Psylocke Peril edited images. 

Mature Content

Psylocke In the clutches of Janx by Tazirai
 the original  

Mature Content

Down for the count by Tazirai
 the original

Mature Content

A most sumptous meal indeed by Tazirai
  the original

Mature Content

Out Cold by Tazirai
 the original Deja vu by Tazirai the original  

Mature Content

Deja Vu 2 Hung! by Tazirai
the original

Mature Content

Buck up Betsy! by Tazirai
 the original
As many of you know I write fan fiction. Primarily based on my version of Psylocke of Earth 42356. She's Still White, and an older woman, tryign to get back in the game, Very Jobberific also.
I post entries into her stories here along with pictures. I'm really digging them, and am happy for the support i've gotten, not only here, but on So for those interested to read the prose versions. You can find them here.…

For those on DA, heres some links to my version of her, and the Earth she occupies. 

Her Bio. I need to clean this up some, and make some amendments to it, to make them all fit together. I'm a data hound, and like as much cohesion with my characters as possible. :)
m a stickler for data

Mature Content

British Psylocke Earth 43256 Bio by Tazirai

Recently I just uploaded her issue summaries from my altered versions. You can find them here.  1-5. They detail her Jobberific journey AFTER New Mutants Annual #2, with adjustments for the issues she actually appears in. 
Psylocke Earth 42356 issue Summaries part 1 by Tazirai 

Mature Content

Psylocke Earth 42356 issue Summaries part 2 by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke Earth 42356 issue Summaries part 3 by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke Earth 42356 issue Summaries part 4 by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke Earth 42356 issue Summaries part 5 by Tazirai

Here's She and Tyree Moore, the subject of the first set of stories. 

Mature Content

Psylocke and Lil Big Boy by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke and Tyree by Tazirai

I was also thinking of doing some Mindseye prose stories also to see how they would be when just using descriptions instead of the art to go along with them.
We'll see, I'm kind of enjoying doing a variety of things now. So we'll see what happens.
On The Marvel heroes forums, I posted some of my Psylocke art there in honor of her upcoming appearance in the game.
I'd say 85% of the responders were positive, and even positive with some critique, which was cool. Others were positive even if my style isn't what they liked, because they had their own vision of what the character should look like. I was good with that. But then the trolls start showing up. :P 
You can tell the ones with a chip on their shoulders, and the ones who are just being mean to be mean. 
How do you guys handle the various types of critiques? Please share your experience, it's always nice to know. 

Another thing do we truly have a warped view of what women should look like? One of the topics brought up in the thread, was that there was a variety of male forms in the game. But the females pretty much all shared the same form and body types, with slight modification. 
I wonder why society is always saying men are okay between one look to the next, but not women.
Bah i'm pontificating.
Lifes been driving me bonkers. SO much responsibilities, and work over the  last month. I've finally found the time to do some actual art. Hand drawn, Photography, and CG. I needed a break, not from art, but from life. SO now i'm recharged and refreshed. I'll be posting some photography shots, so you can see what I've been up to as of late. 
MOAR Mindseye coming. 
I've got a Mindseye Birthday picture to work on, she recently turned 40.
Her two costumes for the new year, and subtle changes to her powers.
More Mindseye in Peril.
More British Psylocke Peril.
I'll also do some of my other characters over time. 
I'm also working on a Public Domain character Name The Woman in Red. She's fantastic, and her perils are sexy, and quite common. 
Mindseye has a lot of her in her characterization. They both get in ALOT of trouble with each adventure, and often succeed due to being rescued, or villain incompetence. 
I can also get back to checking the pages of my followers, fans, and friends.

The Woman in red.…
Finishing a Collab effort with :iconmattkind:
Using his character Big Gina found here

Once that's done I'm gooing to make an attempt at  ARTISTBAKER2011: 's
Pink Hammer
Finished and posted my requests, and gifts to :iconjerrie46: and :iconalaiziadarkstar:

Next up is to finish Mindseye's current look for 2014, she's got a birthday coming up soon. May do something nice for that.

Then I'll get to work on the 3D renders for 

Thanks for continued support guys.
Still tryign to recover some of the 3D files on my external, the going is slow. I may have to just get the files again.. Unless I take them to a HDD recovery place. But in the meantime I do have many files with access to my Daz program. So I'll do what I can to get some 3D work out. 
But in the meantime, I've done two Psylocke in Jobberific peril this weekend, since I had it off.. I'm also working on some new Mindseye Hand drawn stuff. 
I've also been dabbling in Digital coloring. I'll post those also. Let me know what ya think, see ya mates.