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DotW: Mohawk


  Mohawk Medallion by Tazihound
"Remember what happens to wolves who run."
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Name: Mohawk 

Alias: "Hawk" by his peers, "Brother Moon" or "Mo" by Yuaei

Age: Young Adult

Birthdate: November, 2016

Gender: Male

Height: 36"

Weight:  135 lbs 

Build: Sturdy and strong; his demeanor is stiff and unfexible; built like a boulder.

Defining Features:
  • Small eyes with a heavy brow
  • Elongated snout, nose, and chin
  • Long scar running along his jaw (left side)
  • Exposed canines add to his terminally serious expression
  • Huge, bear-like paws, tipped over-grown claws
  • Fluffy lion-esque "mane" that runs under his chest and down his back; perfectly suited for winter climates
  • Short but thick tail


Scent: Tree bark and cinammon; heavy and sweet

Voice: His manner of speaking is heavy and rich, however slow and gruff from lack of use;…



Family:  Saurugol (father, deceased), Tilika (mother, deceased)Yuaei (sister), Arthur (half-brother), Ira (adopted sister/aunt),  Faust (uncle)Artemas (half-uncle), Charlotte (cousin), Gabriel (cousin)Elisabet (cousin)Nikolai (cousin)

Extended Family: Aphrodi (second cousin), Livia (third cousin), Khione (third cousin)

NPC Family: Sandre (grandfather; deceased), Austree (grandmother; deceased), Abbacus (grandfather; deceased), Olivia (grandmother; deceased)

Fianceè: Nike (by arranged marriage- missing)


[Pious] [Devoted] [Practical] [Vulnerable]
[Simple] [Reserved] [Steadfast] [Skillful] [Vengeful]

Marked by his quiet nature, Mohawk is not counted among the domain's most sociable of wolves. His withdrawn tendencies and delicate sensitivity means he's easy to offend and difficult to get to know. His raw emotions often hinder his relationships with others, as he makes little attempt to fit within the confines of normal social structures. The young wolf's straightforward manner and blunt tongue can be interpreted as uncivil, especially in contrast of the refined Highvalley wolves. Hawk rarely has ill intent, however, and never purposefully intends to be impolite- it is merely his raw demeanor getting the best of his manners. Generally speaking, what you see if what you get with Hawk. He takes everything at face value, and so can become extremely overwhelmed by social complexities. Despite being notoriously introverted, he's relatively easy-going, and appreciates company so long as they share in his simple and primitive interests. Idle talk will bore him to death- but he will never turn down an invitation to hunt.

His strongest bond is with his sister and only sibling, Yuaei.  He is accutely aware of her emotions at all times: anything she feels, he feels. He is quite her opposite, however, as he can never comprehend his sister's instinctual grasp of their world. Many ideas he finds complex or confusing, and he looks to Yuaei for explanation. She is his guide, and in turn he offers her his protection. Their symbiosis is a mutual dependence, and necessary for Mohawk's well-being. His dependency on those around him makes him quite the burden to those he cares for. He cannot take social queues and so can become quite overbearing, often intruding on his loved one's personal space. He a child-like innocence about him that can be just as endearing as it is trying.

Mohawk is lead by simple logic. He takes a realistic approach to most situations, and would rather stick with what he knows to be true rather than taking risks or trying anything new. He may initially reject new ideas, but he is capable of adapting, even if it is a truly rare occurrence. He does not react well when pushed out of his comfort zone, but doing so is necessary for the young wolf to grow. Despite this, Hawk prefers his world to remain constant. He is an individual who functions very well under a consistent routineGiven his way, he would do the same thing every day for the rest of his life and be perfectly happy. 

Never was there a wolf more stone-faced than Hawk.  He believes that the less you say, the more weight your words will carry. In fact, he is bothered by incessant chatter, and much prefers the stillness of the wood to the words of his peers. Hawk is generally a no-nonsence type, though enjoys exchanging playful banter with those he trusts. Most time spent off-duty is wasted in his opinion. He lives like he is constantly on patrol and wholly expects others to do the same. Mohawk finds that conversation does not need to take place in order to feel close with those he cares for. He communicates more in subtle gestures and expressions rather than in words.  He is very protective of those he cares for and will put to rest any who dare to harm or insult them. Mohawk can pick up on happiness, sadness, and anger, but feelings of love are harder to identify for him. Those who take an interest in him, be it friendly, romantic, or otherwise, may find themselves severely disappointed by his inability to reciprocate their feelings. 

Mohawk believes he is the son of a God. And while his sister, Yuaei, basks in her holy birth, Mohawk is tortured by it. He has a tense relationship with the Havirian Gods. Having had the knowledge of their power instilled within him since his birth, he is familiar with the divine entities on a very personal level. He does not love the Gods as so many of their culture would profess, but he respects them greatly. At the same time, he fears the Gods above all else, for they have the ability to take away all that matters to him. He knows They were responsible for the creation and consequential destruction of the Havirian God's Pack, and if they chose, they could smite what is left of his family. This fear drives him forward, making sure to do as the Gods command, or face the consequences. Hawk measures his worth in strength and divinity alone. His only value is how he proves his devotion to his Gods and family. Mohawk is guided by visions of his parents, whether they be hallucinations, dreams, or altogether too real to interpret as delusional. They acts as shepherds, instructing their son as to which choices to make. Mohawk both loves and fears his father. His dedication to the Gods is a vow to Saurugol that he will continue in his father's divine footsteps. 

Mohawk is the picture of dedication. He is reliable and assertive, yet submissive to his superiors. He thrives well under repetition and takes order without question from those who secure his reverence. For all his flaws, Mohawk is incredibly skilled in the hunt, which his mother has trained him for since puphood. He uses hunting as a way to escape into his own realm, where the complexities of wolf relationships no longer dominate and serve to confuse him. Hunting and tracking have always been second nature for him, and he continues to hone these skills into adulthood. At his mother's insistance, Mohawk has also been trained to weild his weight. He has his mother's strong legs and his father's heavy build. Simply put, he was designed to excel in physical pursuitsUnder command of the wrong wolf, Hawk's strength can be a dangerous and most certainly deadly thing. Hawk, however, is not sadistic, and takes no joy in killing and has great control over his strength. Though he is not prone to irrational outbursts, he will readily defend when he feels necessary.  

After the death of Tilika, Mohawk is out for blood, wholly focused on his desire for retribution, and fearful now more than ever for the wellbeing of his family and the pack. 

Personality Type: ISTJ, "The Logistician" [Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging]

Temperament: Chloeric [ambitious, passionate, challenging, confident, defiant]

Alignment: Lawful Good

P R E - G R O U P  H I S T O R Y

Mohawk was the second-born pup to the deceased Alpha of Havir, Saurugol, and his mate, Tilika. Their union blessed by the Gods, Tilika and Saurugol wed on a Summer's day. But their marriage was short-lived. Soon, the Gods saw fit to award AdeSaurugol his throne in the sky, but not without the total destruction of the Gods pack. A meteor crashed into Havir's terriotry, decimating the wolves' existance and stealing their alpha. Wrought with greif and shock, Tilika fled South, leaving her life behind. For endless days she traveled, running from those memories that once gave her purpose. Eventually she was too pregnant to flee, so she settled down in the wild to prepare for the birth of her pups. The moment she met her golden children, she knew they were destined for greatness. She would raise them how she and Saurugol had intended; with the knowledge of their ties to the Gods, and with a strong, clear faith. 

After the death of his mother, Mohawk has become a wolf driven by his need for revenge against the heathens who murdered her. He trains daily to become stronger, quicker, and wiser, determined to one day be the one to hand them their fate. 

F E A T U R E D  A R T W O R K


  •  Out of respect and unfamiliarity, Mohawk will rarely refer to Saurugol as his "father". He will only ever coin him by his full name, or as "The Sun God".
  • Unlike his father, who found peace and solace in the Goddess Adeavettu during his lifetime, Mohawk is especially scared of her after a near-drowning incident that resulted in his fear of water. In many of his dreams, water represents change and evolution. He avoids the coast at all costs and will always cross rivers where they are most shallow.
  • Due to their pale coats and generally elongated builds, Hawk refers to all Highvallians sharing the royal bloodline as bucks (males), or does (females)

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