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A New Beginning

After the passing of Sandre, the Havir wolves come together to honor the new alpha. Many are happy for Saurugol, some are still morning the loss of their leader, all are anticipating what's to come.

This was inspired by an awesome group piece :iconhyperesis: did of the Blutwald wolves, which can be seen here: domain-of-the-wolf.deviantart.…
Not all the Havir wolves are featured because I got a little tired to be honest and because I think these are the wolves who helped establish the pack after Sandre's death. Sorry the shading is very rushed, I know it doesn't look the best!

From left to right:

Leah (c) :iconbuttgrapes:
Faust (c) :icontazihound:
Fume (c) :iconhyperesis:
Ira (c) :iconwynbird:
Saurugol (c) :iconwildfire-tama:
Hera (c) :iconquailmix:
Hravn (c) :iconwolfhawkscub:
Silvanus (c) :iconramala:


Art and Faust (c) me
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© 2014 - 2021 Tazihound
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HOW DO YOU DRAWTHAT AMAZING! SERIOUSLY! your really really talented xxx
Demonpixy's avatar
I love this pic!
Silver-Zabrak's avatar
I especially love your group pictures. They're wonderfully done. :D
WynBird's avatar
SQUEEE Tazi this is spectacular! ♥ Sauru looks so regal; I just love how expressive everyone is!
Faust and Ira are so cute! ;u; Thank you so much for including her!
Tazihound's avatar
Aw thank you! It was fun to make!
Wildfire-Tama's avatar
This is so beautiful! Saurugol looks so handsome here!! :D And little Ira at his paws <3 <3 You did a great job! I love it so much! :D
Tazihound's avatar
I'm glad you like it! Hehe she's so cute
Sparkanine's avatar
Annnd then there is Church.. Who'd be in the background plotting.. ;-;... LOL
blowber's avatar
his is beautiful Tazi and all of their emotions as well, unique in every way. I love your backgrounds too, awesome paint style.
Tazihound's avatar
Thank you so much <3
ljsraksha's avatar
Leah is so beautiful, nice work! I love all the characters and the background is really pleasing to the eye.
Tazihound's avatar
I agree! Thank you!
ljsraksha's avatar
WolfHawksCub's avatar
Your backgrounds are always so amazing! Hravn looks so gorgeous in your style! Faust and Ira are so cute, too ^_^
Tazihound's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like it <3
Shembre's avatar
Awe, so cute! The lighting looks really awesome. :D
Tazihound's avatar
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Whether parts of it were rushed or not, this still looks absolutely stunning<3
Tazihound's avatar
thank you my friend :heart:
MatrixPotato's avatar
You're welcome<3
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