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PF by Tazey65 PF :icontazey65:Tazey65 2 0 Lippy by Tazey65 Lippy :icontazey65:Tazey65 1 0 Blue Shell by Tazey65 Blue Shell :icontazey65:Tazey65 1 0 CD Title Card by Tazey65 CD Title Card :icontazey65:Tazey65 2 0 Fangs by Tazey65 Fangs :icontazey65:Tazey65 2 0 VD Title Card by Tazey65 VD Title Card :icontazey65:Tazey65 2 0 VD TBC by Tazey65 VD TBC :icontazey65:Tazey65 1 0 VD Fin. by Tazey65 VD Fin. :icontazey65:Tazey65 3 0 That Nam Logo by Tazey65 That Nam Logo :icontazey65:Tazey65 3 0 SpeedArt #44 Thumbnail by Tazey65 SpeedArt #44 Thumbnail :icontazey65:Tazey65 2 0 Blu by Tazey65 Blu :icontazey65:Tazey65 2 0 SpeedArt #43 Thumbnail by Tazey65 SpeedArt #43 Thumbnail :icontazey65:Tazey65 1 0 SpeedArt #42 Thumbnail by Tazey65 SpeedArt #42 Thumbnail :icontazey65:Tazey65 1 0 Blu 0.3 by Tazey65 Blu 0.3 :icontazey65:Tazey65 1 0 TwiiCe - Misconduct - Interpretation - Red Hat by Tazey65 TwiiCe - Misconduct - Interpretation - Red Hat :icontazey65:Tazey65 2 0 TwiiCe - Misconduct - Interpretation by Tazey65 TwiiCe - Misconduct - Interpretation :icontazey65:Tazey65 1 0


Potato Thang by DarkArcWolf Potato Thang :icondarkarcwolf:DarkArcWolf 3 0 Mavis by Looji Mavis :iconlooji:Looji 427 16 Little Laughing Rockboi (Animated) by DarkArcWolf Little Laughing Rockboi (Animated) :icondarkarcwolf:DarkArcWolf 4 1 Saber by Emperor-CatVI Saber :iconemperor-catvi:Emperor-CatVI 503 82 Female Orc Warrior by MajorKiz Female Orc Warrior :iconmajorkiz:MajorKiz 15 0 Orc Doodles by SpookyTrap Orc Doodles :iconspookytrap:SpookyTrap 65 2 Orc siblings by Rigrena Orc siblings :iconrigrena:Rigrena 43 9 Orc Wolf Front by StonesKeeper Orc Wolf Front :iconstoneskeeper:StonesKeeper 5 0 Smaug - El Heraldo de La Miseria y La Aniquilacion by Unreal-Forever Smaug - El Heraldo de La Miseria y La Aniquilacion :iconunreal-forever:Unreal-Forever 3,844 981 Shalanara the Dreamweaver by TwoFacedWolf Shalanara the Dreamweaver :icontwofacedwolf:TwoFacedWolf 2,467 259 CyroFlying by ImazArtz CyroFlying :iconimazartz:ImazArtz 138 18 Lifegaurd by Emperor-CatVI Lifegaurd :iconemperor-catvi:Emperor-CatVI 175 23 Tranquility by RicoDZ Tranquility :iconricodz:RicoDZ 876 90 Posesheet 1 by Emperor-CatVI Posesheet 1 :iconemperor-catvi:Emperor-CatVI 144 9 I forgot I recorded these by Looji I forgot I recorded these :iconlooji:Looji 249 0 Thunder by Looji Thunder :iconlooji:Looji 418 16


You can commission anything with this option, just make sure you specify. If there is a kind of commission you want to make and I don't have an option for it below, you can choose this option and/or ask that I make another category. This option is more for larger and more detailed pieces, more abstract pieces, more artistic pieces, and for more say. It's also a good option if you more want a commission that could be more like a donation (and not be too specific or choose something you think I could have (more) fun with).
Full-Fledged Banners
Banners with a background, and a whole set up and so forth. This as opposed to mostly just graphics, text.

Minimum resolution and desired dimensions can be specified.

The three examples here are very old (several years).
Body-Shot Portrait/Landscape
Minimum resolution and desired dimensions can be specified.

I'll have more (less crappy) examples here of non-blocky bodies soon, hopefully. The two currently up are pretty old. The one with the sword is a few years old and the one with the silly face is several years old.
Banners - Graphics - Calligraphy - Thumbnails - End Cards
Focused on text with graphics, creative text, and banners (thumbnails/end-cards for YouTube and such as well). If it's a full fledged banner, I'll only make one 

Minimum resolution and desired dimensions can be specified.
Head-shots and Busts.
Floating heads, heads on shoulders, head peering back, busts, and the like.

These can be purposed as avatars as they often are. I usually use a square dimension (same height and width), you can request a minimum resolution of an image and a dimension for the image as well.
Images that redirect you when you click on them, like Twitch buttons. Graphics and such.

Minimum resolution and desired dimensions can be specified.
Images meant as logos that don't need a ton of detail (or as much as banners and portraits because they won't be enlarged nearly as much for purposes).

Minimum resolution and desired dimensions can be specified. 
Slides or Images with Text
This option is for less detailed landscape images with text (several year old examples).

Minimum resolution and desired dimensions can be specified, most likely I would just make a large png file so one could fit it to most resolutions (with an empty background so whoever gets it can add empty space or remove some from sides for instance to adjust it without distorting the image).
Graphics for Icons & Pixel Art
Pixel art or Graphics for icons and the like (one by itself or a set).

Minimum resolution and desired dimensions can be specified.
Comic Strip
This is mostly a joke option, but I would take a commission if I got one here.

Basically, describe what you want to happen and what is said by whom if anyone.



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This is here just in-case anyone ever wanted to donate points. I don't think I'll use points for anything other than 12-month memberships assuming I ever get enough for that. I think that's still 2396 points, if anyone was wondering.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
[Old Bio: 2014-2016 (Social Media links/profiles kept up to date though.)]

I do take requests, but not commissions anymore. Also, I don't get to every request, of course (I've also just recently started doing Art Trades). This tiny paragraph here was typed out on November 14th of 2014. Update (06/20/15): I don't take requests anymore, but on occasion I might draw things that were requested, maybe.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones... but words will hurt forever." -JD in Scrubs

My Skype: tazey65 (Display name: TazMann)
My Steam: tazey65 (Display name: TazMann)
My Discord Profile: TazMann265#9069
My Art Twitter:
My Personal Twitter:
My Art YouTube:
YT Alt Channel 1:…
YT Alt Channel 2:…
My Old Art Shop:…
My Anime List:…
osu!old Page:
osu!new Page:
My Twitch Profile…
My Ask:
Kongregate Account:…
E-Mail Address:
Mediafire Profile: tazey65
Music Review Blog: listentoalmosteverything.blogs…

Avatar from? (not sure who made it):…

deviantID Picture from? (not sure who made it):…

Aliases I go by: TazMann (of course), DemonTaz, DemonZT0, Taz3y65 (spin off of my most commonly used username for over ten years, tazey65. Another spin-off is TazeyGS), Yuki Sohma, Dilatory Hikikomori, etcetera. When I use numbers in usernames it's often (65 or 265 (mostly 256 for anything other than tazey65 and it's spin offs) stuff like TazMann265 and DemonTaz265).

Other interests/likes (because they limit your characters):

Grave of the Fireflies

Azumanga Daioh!


Playing osu!

Listening to "The Biggest Problem in the Universe" Podcast hosted by Maddox and Dick Masterson.

Listening to "Beautiful Morning with You" by "The Pillows".



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Vv Short version - 2013 vV

I use a gaming laptop, mouse, and a program called GIMP to make the images I've been making for the past few years.

Vv Long version - 2013 vV

I use a laptop (I used an Alienware M14x with around 690MB of HDD space that ran on Windows 7 by default before, now I'm using a Dell inspiron 15R with over 900MB of HDD space that runs on Windows 8 by default (which I got in 2011, don't hate me). They both have Intel® Core™ i7 processors and 8MB of RAM), mouse (I was using a 1000dpi HP mouse before (and some Logitech mouse before that) I got my: E-3lue Cobra EMS109BK High Precision Gaming Mouse with Side Control and 1600dpi), and an image editing program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to make images. On my really old stuff I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 I think it was, some kind of mouse, and an old Microsoft computer with Windows XP as the default OS.

Added Note: I use Camtasia Studio (Used to use 7, then I switched to 8 at some point) to record and edit my SpeedArt videos, Audacity to record and edit audio from my mic (and more), and the music in my old SpeedArt videos were from (before that I got music from some other website for the first few or more videos (I forget the name/title of the website and how to get there)) while all the ones after the SpeedArt for the avatar I made for Liam Logan (I think) all have music from

Vv Update - 2016 vV]

I'm not going to be using the Alienware laptop soon but instead, a custom built laptop instead around mid-January. (Not that it's important, but since I bothered going into what I use.) I also started dabbling in Krita.


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Thank you for the watch :D
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Hey! is request still up? if so, can i request?
Tazey65 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Requests are always up, usually I just draw in bulk, slow down practically to a stop, then restart the cycle. That's my pattern, for the most part.
miikuh Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Student Digital Artist
oh, so can i request? 
Tazey65 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can say what the request is and I can read what you type. That's how it goes, but I can't promise I'll accept the request/make or finish the requested stuff. Nothing against anyone, I just don't get around to most of the requests. Even ones I planned on doing.
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