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this is great  by Taylorthedonut this is great :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 2 0 Cooking collab with todorokiforlife by Taylorthedonut Cooking collab with todorokiforlife :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 0 3 Kittys by Taylorthedonut Kittys :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 3 19 Hanging with todorokiforlife by Taylorthedonut Hanging with todorokiforlife :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 0 1 Izuku Midoria (unfinished)  by Taylorthedonut Izuku Midoria (unfinished) :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 3 5 .......Mistakes were made  by Taylorthedonut .......Mistakes were made :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 1 0 MOAR CHIBI!!!! by Taylorthedonut MOAR CHIBI!!!! :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 1 0 chibi by Taylorthedonut chibi :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 0 0 Chibi fairy  by Taylorthedonut Chibi fairy :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 0 0 Time traveler (Body practice )  by Taylorthedonut Time traveler (Body practice ) :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 2 0 Tord arm (not finished ) by Taylorthedonut Tord arm (not finished ) :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 0 3 Art Swap  by Taylorthedonut Art Swap :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 4 4 Matt  by Taylorthedonut Matt :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 6 4 Tord  by Taylorthedonut Tord :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 5 2 Mine turtle  by Taylorthedonut Mine turtle :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 4 0 Tommie Bear  by Taylorthedonut Tommie Bear :icontaylorthedonut:Taylorthedonut 4 0


i played it too by OliveCow i played it too :iconolivecow:OliveCow 110 13 DELTARUNE (+SPEEDPAINT) by OliveCow DELTARUNE (+SPEEDPAINT) :iconolivecow:OliveCow 103 13 BOY by Cordaello BOY :iconcordaello:Cordaello 142 9 Deltarune x Undertale by Cryptic-Mystic Deltarune x Undertale :iconcryptic-mystic:Cryptic-Mystic 382 19 Face Off by bleedman Face Off :iconbleedman:bleedman 958 50 im blue dabba dee dabbo dye by iLiekSkittlez im blue dabba dee dabbo dye :iconiliekskittlez:iLiekSkittlez 1,761 179
What She Loved (Izuku Midoriya/Reader)

For as long as I've known her, nature was always her favorite thing.

"Izuku, Izuku, look!" 
"Ah, coming!"
Two young children, a boy and a girl, exploring a forest they found on the outskirts of town. The girl, named (F/n), looked up at the tall trees in sheer amazement 
"So... Do you know what type of tree this is?" Izuku asked, stopping himself before he bumped into (F/n).
(F/n) shrugged her tiny backpack off her shoulders and opened it, pulling out a book. "Let's find out!" she exclaimed, opening it and flipping through the pages. "Oh, here it is! Pinus thu...thunbe..."
"Yeah, that's what it says! You're so smart, Izuku!" (F/n) laughed before pulling her backpack on her shoulders and grabbing Izuku's hand with her free one. "Come on, let's explore!"
Whether it was because of her Quirk or just how she was raised, I'm not sure, but she spent years devoting her life to the Earth.
"...I don't exactly 
:iconpikamel:pikamel 10 0
Todoroki Shoto - Wallpaper by SpukyCat Todoroki Shoto - Wallpaper :iconspukycat:SpukyCat 2,465 196 [BnHA] (One for All: missing data) by Niutellat [BnHA] (One for All: missing data) :iconniutellat:Niutellat 243 27 GET REKT DEKU!!! by TheatricalPlacenta GET REKT DEKU!!! :icontheatricalplacenta:TheatricalPlacenta 1,604 86 Katsuki Bakugo by artsbycarlos Katsuki Bakugo :iconartsbycarlos:artsbycarlos 781 13 Anatomy 15032017 by NeoArtCorE Anatomy 15032017 :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 1,530 4 Sketch //  Jeff the Killer002 by En-SigMa Sketch // Jeff the Killer002 :iconen-sigma:En-SigMa 81 8 this is me when I was 13 by warriornerd123 this is me when I was 13 :iconwarriornerd123:warriornerd123 1 12 Genocide by freddyfazzbearpizza Genocide :iconfreddyfazzbearpizza:freddyfazzbearpizza 16 0
Levi x Reader. If I fits, I sits. Part 2.
So I'm sitting here in my office with what has to be the most annoying kitty. I cant get stuck with a cute cat like Eren or even Armin, like a little brow kitten with big green eyes looking at you with such youth and determination... I got determination alright. DETERMINATION TO BE A DOG PERSON. His Existence today has been even more vexing then normal. 
First he made me clean his entire office.
oh you would think easy.
Tiny Corporal with feline like senses and being able to fit into tight space.
Oh he found every fucking speck of dust in that place under every furniture. then proceeded to mew and screech like a miniature bird or prey until I move and cleaned thoroughly. He would just sit back and play with the fucking dust mites claw me when I clean it, then furiously lick himself clean after afterward.
I glare at the Corporal Sitting in his chair, looking bigger on under him then usual. Continuing to lick the bottom of his paws, never ending. 
"Can you stop that
:iconpewtobustepha:pewtobustepha 4 6


i have to post this everywhere so people know what i have to fucking go through every time i see this fucking meme
Todoroki Chibi!
I didn't have much motivation today so here's a fast doodle of todoroki with cat ears uwu
By the way I'm currently having an art raffle on my Facebook page, please join if youre interested!! It would be much much appreciated!
Link to my Facebook page:
Ok im really supper duber sorry i havent been posting ive been busy with school and extra classes so i havent had a whole lot of time. But there is also alot going on and i just ....... i want to be invisible cause im just empty and i know its immature to put stuff about my real life onto other people but i just want anyone who cares to know why i havent posted any acual art so sorry bout that


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Welp here we are
I enjoy talking to peps
I like anime
Ghost eyes
And I enjoy being called Taylor or T.j
Anymore questions I will answer them and I like Eddsworld too they are awesome


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