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Courtney the Kitty a.k.a. Taylor's Replacement by Taylorthedog1 Courtney the Kitty a.k.a. Taylor's Replacement :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 8 4 Feeling Trap by Taylorthedog1 Feeling Trap :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 8 0 Cupid Ciara 2 by Taylorthedog1 Cupid Ciara 2 :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 9 0 Bubble Gum Tina Doodle 2 by Taylorthedog1 Bubble Gum Tina Doodle 2 :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 6 4 Happy 4th of July by Taylorthedog1 Happy 4th of July :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 19 10 Taylor4 by Taylorthedog1 Taylor4 :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 14 4 Maddie by Taylorthedog1 Maddie :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 13 0 Stella by Taylorthedog1 Stella :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 11 0 Sweet Love Maid by Taylorthedog1 Sweet Love Maid :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 14 0 Splatoon Taylor in the photo by Taylorthedog1 Splatoon Taylor in the photo :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 15 0 Taylor as a human by Taylorthedog1 Taylor as a human :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 11 2 Taylor by Taylorthedog1 Taylor :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 15 8 Taylor's Clothes Style by Taylorthedog1 Taylor's Clothes Style :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 11 0 Taylor is awesome by Taylorthedog1 Taylor is awesome :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 15 4 Taylor's New Style by Taylorthedog1 Taylor's New Style :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 15 16 Taylor is talking to her cell phone by Taylorthedog1 Taylor is talking to her cell phone :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 12 4
My improving art work


Wonder Bunny by NickyVendetta Wonder Bunny :iconnickyvendetta:NickyVendetta 33 7 Addy boobhats Vel by NickyVendetta
Mature content
Addy boobhats Vel :iconnickyvendetta:NickyVendetta 47 16
Poison Girl by NickyVendetta Poison Girl :iconnickyvendetta:NickyVendetta 42 10 Brianna VS Tonio - Booty Battle by NickyVendetta
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Brianna VS Tonio - Booty Battle :iconnickyvendetta:NickyVendetta 31 8
Velnias House Clothes by NickyVendetta Velnias House Clothes :iconnickyvendetta:NickyVendetta 34 9 Kiss While Your Lips Are Still Red by NickyVendetta Kiss While Your Lips Are Still Red :iconnickyvendetta:NickyVendetta 29 12 Content +18 by NickyVendetta
Mature content
Content +18 :iconnickyvendetta:NickyVendetta 42 9
Majora's Mask Animation: Link and Receptionist
Here it is at last. Voice for the Receptionist was done by Taylorthedog1.
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 1 5
Attention DeviantArt users! Please be aware of the user :iconBloodRavens1:
They go around and ask artists for art trades and free art, and if they refuse to give him any, he tries to guilt trip them into doing it for him.
He asks if you’d like to do an art trade first and if you refuse he tries to guilt trip you by explaining how nobody wants to do an art trade with him, or he’ll brag to you saying that he already has too many anyway.
He won’t accept commissions from you, as he states multiple times that he only wants ‘free art’ from you, and how he despises commissions and payed artwork. He doesn’t accept criticism for his work and won’t accept any sort of advice or help as he states he doesn’t care about improving, he only cares about gettin
:iconwag-man:wag-man 46 658
el que quiera hacer AT conmigo dígamelo lo haré con gusto ;)
who wants to do AT with me tell me I'll do it with pleasure ;)
:iconkary22:kary22 3 131
Sly Cooper Tv Series
Update about the Sly Cooper Tv Series!
:iconverona7881:Verona7881 9 24
DeviantDrama: Mr. Enter 2.0?
WARNING!: Don’t go spam and witchcraft this user. This is not a rant. This is for criticism and commentaries only. This includes mild violence, immaturity and serious manners that maybe upsetting to other users. Viewers discretion is advised
Hello everybody this is Blossombright here.
Today I’m gonna be talking about this user on DA and his name is Tooneguy. Aka Nick Sorenson.
If you don’t know who he is? Nick is an infamous man child who as autism. He even has Facebook but actually banned due to spamming and harassment. Nick also has a twitter account and he keeps on spamming on the Walt Disney Animation Studios and wishing them to make 2D Animations instead of CGI also takes cartoons way too seriously.
Nick was born in the 90's but a chronic Nostalgia Tard!
Oh yes, he also hates one of my favourite Disney movies such as Zootopia and it's because of FURRIES!
Nah just kidding! Nick hates Zootopia it's because Zootopia is&
:iconblossombright:BlossomBright 3 15
Request for benjto by Poerle11622 Request for benjto :iconpoerle11622:Poerle11622 184 24 request for QT-Peony by Poerle11622 request for QT-Peony :iconpoerle11622:Poerle11622 182 50




Courtney the Kitty a.k.a. Taylor's Replacement
So yeah some manager tried to replace the real Taylor with this 18 years old kitty. Courtney tried to get rid of Taylor, so she will be the new face of my world. She have a dark side when she get anger she will use her power to destroy everything, which Taylor's family working hard from the ground up. 
I hope you like her. 
Feeling Trap
In Taylor's mind; she feel trap about her stress and anxiety through her life. That based of my real life because it things which I don't want to talk about it. Sorry I haven't been online for a while I hope you forgive my absence.  
Cupid Ciara 2
Cupid is so beautiful woman with class and a classical woman. She lives over billions over years ago she still look good.

This is my version of Cupid the ancient goddess. Old picture
Bubble Gum Tina Doodle 2
It's just an idea for my comics I was thinking about.

What do you think about it?
Also I give her a new style too Old picture
I haven't draw her for a while, but she's a little bit thicker and her outfit is change too.  I hope you like her new look. 

Maddie: What do you think about my new look?
She is a alien goddess now with wings when she can fly for mission and information about the earth. :3 I think I will give her a background . So she from a plant Venus and she's 21 years old. She comes to Earth to get research about life until a guy who's explain to her about it. She's clumpy, shy, and little bit curious.
Weakness: Not so bright of experiment and stage fright too.
I hope you like her new design :)
She looks so cute and amazing

Name: Taylor Puppy

Age: 22

Power: Shapeshift

Species: Dog

Likes: Surfing with friends, solve problems for the situation, cooking, making friends and being positive.

Dislikes: Bad hair day, people who have a huge ego, girls who think they are perfect, and damsel in distress.

Personality: Shy, Smart, nice, loyalty, animal-lover, hard worker, and fight my own battles.

Family: Susan Puppy (mother) Roman ( Father) and Mia (cousin)

Fears: Spiders, Snakes, and Creepy forest

Short bio: She's a tough girl and a great fight; therefore, she is a nice girl. She doesn't like people who have a big ego because they like to brag how great they are. 
Taylor's Clothes Style
This is Taylor's clothes style and she looks cool in these outfits.
Taylor's New Style
She is going with a tom-ish boy look because I feel like that she is kind of a tomboy in the first place. I love her new look anyway; that style remind me of myself in high school wearing these clothes. I hope you like her new look and please what do you think about her look.


Taylorthedog1's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm a good artist not great. I'm a senior in high school who's in art class for 1 year. I'm still learning about shading my picture, but it's hard for me. I will try to best with that. So I have a boyfriend in real life and I respect other. I hate art thieve try to use my picture without my permission. I'm not a art thieve at all. I love to making friends online. So this is my bio.

What is Your True Xiaolin Element?
What is Your True Xiaolin Element?
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Which Undertale Soul Are You?
Which Undertale Soul Are You?
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What Anime Weapon Would Work Best For You?
What Anime Weapon Would Work Best For You?
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What Undertale Character Are you?
What Undertale Character Are you?
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What Super Power Do You Have?
What Super Power Do You Have?
Hosted By Anime

Taylor Fan Stamp by JollyWitch



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