The internet is not a big truck
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21 - Male - Web Designer - Graphics Artist - Rock Climber - Dork

Googlism says:

taylor is midwest food grade public warehousing
taylor is a senior lecturer
taylor is also a problem for the US
taylor is coming back
taylor is senior usability consultant
taylor is first
taylor is the new men's soccer coach
taylor is obviously kissing up to the nra
taylor is said considering bid for lieutenant governor
taylor is looking for his canadian grandfather
taylor is looking for his mother
taylor is happy baring his soul
taylor is left teetering on the brink
taylor is not the right material to bring reconciliation
taylor is destroying the aspiration
taylor is first ohio lawyer admitted to paris bar
taylor is taking his sweet time
taylor is god
taylor is a trade mark of jan voich
taylor is a real estate
taylor is a mooch
taylor is not moderate
taylor is committed to healthy food and agriculture
taylor is the acting president of chevron information
taylor is not a girl
taylor is 007
taylor is da' bomb
taylor is new chair of the cbc/radio
taylor is gone
taylor is a star for the harriers
taylor is an atlanta based magazine photographer who travels extensively on assignments
taylor is hearing the whispers
taylor is just playing the lottery
taylor is part of faith and life
taylor is a town steeped in tradition

Current Residence: Utah
Personal Quote: Anything from Oscar Wilde. The man was a genius.

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Shins
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Illustrator, Filezilla, Dreamweaver, Vim, Bamboo
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My new pen tablet should arrive today, at which point I will start doodling like mad.  I'm not very expirienced with pen tablets so I intend to start a "Sketch a Day" gallery, where I do at least one sketch on the tablet a day, to help me grow accustomed to using it. My drawings will probably suck. :P
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I'm just setting up shop, so if you've somehow managed to stumble upon my page already I suppose congratulations are in order!  Or maybe just a restraining order... Now get out, I'm busy!
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