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Darth Vader Graffiti

Prestress - hidden in trees behind Sunset Point, a picturesque pier off of Lake Pontchartrain. Acres and acres of land, paved over, riddled with various decayed concrete structures, and abandoned for 40 years after the completion of the Causeway Bridge, the longest bridge over water in the world. Needless to say, Prestress is paradise for urban explorers and graffiti artists.

My friends and I have been going there for a while, after all, it's insanely awesome. Surrounded by trees, it could be mistaken for a post-apocalyptic world. The only signs of life - the ever changing graffiti. Several of my friends do work on Prestress's walls, and I've always wanted to try my hand at it.

Recently, someone whitewashed a prominent wall and redid the entire area. Visiting that section with my friend Janae gave me the drive to finally attempt my hand at vandalism. Two days later, I was out there with a sketch on paper, two cans of spraypaint, a piece of chalk, a couple brushes, two jars of acrylic paint, and a huge-ass waterbottle. I was out there for a little over four hours and have the sunburns to prove it.

The whole time while painting this, I hummed the Imperial March.

Full picture of the location of the work -> [link]
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He never used force lightning.
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who needs to be nice and listen to the law??!!

more people should do stuff like this :))
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Agreed, agreed. When I studied abroad in Greece last summer, I was struck by how much graffiti there was in Athens and - most of all - how beautiful it was.

Cities like Rome might have clean, pristine, ornate buildings, but I found true beauty in the grudge and life of the city of Athens and its ever-changing art on the walls. People interacting with their environments to create art for art's sake is far more beautiful than societal obsessions with keeping things "pure."
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in Vienna there´s much graffiti, especially around the Danube.... it´s so wonderful to look at those works, especially since they aren´t destroying them
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One of the rare cases in which vandalism is an improvement!
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Now THIS is the kind of graffiti I can support! :D It's so hard to find well-done graffiti.
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What's with his mask?
And, umm. Lightning? O.o
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Wow, you really did that?! That's so impressive! I've always really admired tasteful graffiti (nice-looking stuff that isn't filled with curse words) but I've never actually met a graffiti artist.

Haha I wonder if people would buy graffiti? I mean, like slabs of old buildings that have nice graffiti on them. I would. ^^; Heh, I can sense a new collection starting.
Taylor-the-Weird's avatar
Thank you!

A lot more people are graffiti artists than one might think. I know at least five people who regularly go out with a can of spraypaint and leave their mark on local buildings, and only one does the stereotypical "tagging." Most of them aren't the types of people you'd intinctually think of if someone told you that your friends were vandalising property.

Buying graffiti-covered walls? Good luck with that - unless you know the artist personally, chances are, you probably wouldn't be able to track them down and give them their proper dues. Also, the company that owns the building probably wouldn't be too keen on that, either. Some artists DO draw graffiti-styled art on canvas with spray-paint - that would be a more viable option.
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Haha well I was more imagining collecting pieces of graffitied buildings that were already falling down. The building that your Darth Vader is on seems to already be crumbling; who would notice if a small corner went missing, aside from maybe the artists whose art was on it? That sort of idea. ^^; Although I doubt I'd really do such a thing. It's not terribly polite to take someone's art without permission.

I think the reason I could never be a graffiti artist (well, aside from lack of artistic talent) is that I'd always be too afraid of getting caught. I'm such a chicken.
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That is completely awesome! I would love to have something like that on some of our walls/abandoned buildings. That would be so awesome to have an art graffiti canvas for people to draw truly incredible things like this on :wow:
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Thanks! The best way to find good graffiti is to look for a fairly isolated area. That allows graffiti artists longer time to work on their art, usually yielding higher quality art.

Prestress is pretty much a wasteland, and so few people know that it's there that it's a vandalism haven with no chance of getting caught. Most of the people who go there are graffiti artists themselves, or, at the very least, graffiti fans. If you see anyone else there, they actively support spray-paint endevors - as long as you aren't painting over theirs.
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Ooh, can I be his VP? Please?

Anyway, this has the makings of a typical Taylor piece. Gorgeous shading and vivid contrasts that I would give my left eye to be able to do. Nice work! (Even though you're breaking da law. What would Jonathan say!?)
Taylor-the-Weird's avatar
XD Thanks! If you want to be vice-prez, you'll have to ask Vader first, although, if he says no, I don't think you'll make it out alive...

Um... Jonathan would probably say something about a potato, and then chastise me, which I would probably ignore and do the same thing again, because I'm obnoxious that way. XD
IrisCanine's avatar
Yup. I was thinking something along those same lines. If not a potato, then some other ground-dwelling vegetable.
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That's fucking AMAZING!

I'll have to show my boyfriend that. He'll appreciate it immensly being an artist and a StarWars geek. :)

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That is amazing. Very, very cool. ^^
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