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August 27, 2013
Brevity with impact: Reflections on the Metro by ~taylor-of-the-phunk is successfully poignant.
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The population of the Metro car is sparse at eleven in the morning; people talk. The mother with her baby and young son, talking to her friend or sister or cousin sitting down. The young man and woman speaking exuberant Chinese, a language like a song. The group of students in floral dresses and Converse that my mom says look European because of their scarves. They're rapidly spewing French in the way teenagers do, only I've only ever heard it in English. It's comfortable, each of us with our companions, more like a restaurant or a museum.

But at five thirty, at L'Enfant Plaza, when people are going home from work in their button-downs and suits and briefcases and iPods and tired eyes, it's different. Holding on to the silver bar above my head, I feel like I'm standing over the woman in scrubs holding her iPhone; I'm right by the doors they say not to lean on; it's crowded. And now everyone is silent, as if by proximity others can tell what they're thinking, and it's all they can do not to reveal their personal stories to these people they probably will never see again. Their eyes stare into some unknown distance, they're back at work, they're already home. Who knows what those earbuds are saying to them? We clutch the metal bars and shift our weight like surfers on the waves of the Metro rails. It's like meditation, concentrating on the task of staying upright and reflecting on the small sample of humanity in this swiftly moving compartment.
I'm in Washington D.C. for spring break, riding the Metro to and from the Mall area each day. Being somewhere new makes me want to write about it.
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mare-wrath's avatar
I really like this as like, a novel excerpt. I guess I feel like it's more descriptive than meaningful, even though it's so meaningfully descriptivemeaningfully descriptive
wispy-blue's avatar

hi! i hope you don't mind my humble feature:
your lovely piece is handpicked. (link)

thank you.
taylor-of-the-phunk's avatar
Wow! Thank you so much!
kmills95's avatar
Foxxtrixx11's avatar
I LOVE the Metro! It was just a different experience from what I'm use to. And it's exactly as you described it! How very poetic of you :D
Concora's avatar
Great piece, congrats on the DD! :clap:
Luted's avatar
This is amazing and left an impact on me - when I get on a public bus, this piece comes to mind.
lotrluvr's avatar
Wow.  This is really impressive.  Congrats on your much-deserved DD!
SurrealCachinnation's avatar
I was in D.C. around that time that year, too!  Beautiful place.
ShadowedAcolyte's avatar
I like this dual picture; it instantly recalls similar experiences.
TheyCallMeLoud's avatar
I've gotten that same idea, from that last line. Sitting in a bus, a waiting room, a small group of people all huddled to themselves, their own lives and histories being carried with them, and everything just sits there in a tense sort of silence.
SilverInkblot's avatar
Influenced by Ezra Pound by any chance? I definitely got a In a Station of the Metro vibe from it (that's a compliment!).
AgonizingSwordfish's avatar
Congratulations on the Daily Deviation :huggle:
Rhyn-Art's avatar
great piece, well done on the dd!
Rackenhammer's avatar
As one who has used the WMATA system to commute to and from work... yeah, this is definitely true to life. 

Although, even at 5:30 you can get talkative people, especially when the A/C goes out in August.  People don't stay silent under those circumstances.
Lintu47's avatar
    Congrats on the DD! :dalove:
    Have a nice day! :heart:
nicolasjolly's avatar
Congratulations on the DD!
xlntwtch's avatar

Congratulations on the DD! I really like this observation and love how you compared the morning Metro traffic to the evening one.

The line: Their eyes stare into some unknown distance, they're back at work, they're already home is perfection. Thank you. :+fav: 

forgetyoself's avatar
this. is. AWESOME...makes me wanna travel again so i have new material to write on :meow:
if you've got more written stuff that's maybe old or something i think you should absolutly post it :heart:
taylor-of-the-phunk's avatar
Awww thanks so much! It makes me so happy that you like it!
I don't really have that much writing like this, I don't do it very often. But lots of people have liked this one so I might have to. :D
forgetyoself's avatar
YAYYYY that makes me happy :boogie: :la:
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