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WoW Race Comparison Chart

Current: I do not currently have the resources to update this right now <3

Things People Want Me To Change (NOTE: I am taking all your suggestions and information into account and will take them into consideration when redoing this. It will be better than ever and should fix all the complaints about confusing information.)
female pandaren height fix for Mycrodude
Nelf eye color fix for Violinscry
Female orc and belf height checks for Musicalfrog7
Pandaren Female height check for Warsongraven
Tweak Heights for FatKittyCat
Change FemNelf text eyecolor to silver, and MaleNelf text eyecolor to yellow for Alexavis
Further tweaking on MaleTroll's full height for LucyKilledPaul
Further research on draenei heights in reference to this. And change leg names for Tauren and Draenei to 'Artiodactyls' thanks to iAlly

Added Pandaren
Added upright male Troll thanks to maskurade
Added upright male Orc thanks to Desheria
Added upright male Undead.
Added upright male Tauren.
Changed male Nelf's eye color to yellow for Zxyfrin
Changed # of fingers for Draenei for Nuhm
Researched male Draenei height for NIELSPETERDEJONG and yaotl
Reworded 'double joint knees' to 'Digitigrade Legs' for Shalinka
Added Pandaren
Researched female worgen height for lucksaint
Changed my site link from to

Based on the fact that Human Males are 6 feet tall. Source:: Page 174 of "World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game"
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