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By tayleaf

Finally done with high school, I think I might have pulled myself out of my art block with this one!

:star: Thank you !LadyINightmare for featuring this work in your birthday journal!

Dune © Frank Herbert

I recently began reading the first book in the Dune series thanks to my friend Maggie H. (Thank you!) and I love it! The story is incredible and everything is so original, it just makes me happy inside. I love books. So, wanting to express myself about this book, I decided to do a piece featuring the main character, 'Paul Usol Atreides Muad'Dib'.

About the Character::
This is Paul Atreids, the son of Duke Leto. His family lived on Caladan, but were moved to a planet called Arrakkas, or Dune. Pretty much the story is amazing and I'm not going to ruin anything for people who havn't read it. But, pretty much,
his eyes are solid blue like the native people of Dune, the Fremen, because of their diet and lack of water.
The mask hanging around his neck is part of his Stillsuit, as is the nosepiece. This suit takes all the water your body gives off, filters it and you can drink it again from the little pipe by his cheek. The dark spots under his eyes are just stains from darkening them there with ink or dye so that the sun doesn't reflect off there back into the eyes.

The Quote::
"O, you who know what we suffer here, do not forget us in your prayers."
-Over the exit of the Arrakeen landing field, crudely carved as though with a poor instrument, there was an inscription...
-from "Manual o Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan

I really love this piece, It's going as my favorite for the time being. I recommend the book to everyone as well.

Work Stats
3 hours

Thank you to these people for their amazing resources that I used in this Photomanipulation!

The young man is "blanc" by ^Dan-Heffer
The amazing aged paper textures are `Princess-of-Shadows's Vintage Grunge Textures.
The background is Desert 02 by ~neverFading-stock
The amazing mask is from ~GeneralVyse's Self with gas mask.

Sadly, I was unable to find stock here on deviantArt for the three minor details. I found the nosepiece and learned that it's actually called a "oxygen nasal cannula".
The stock for the Water Outflow was the tube off a camel pack. And the reference I used to make the tattered cloak was a pic of Vincent Valentine, cause he just has the coolest cloak ever.

Piece formerly located here, and was originally submitted May 26, 2010

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© 2010 - 2021 tayleaf
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I totally want a print of this.
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Ahhhh my gosh thank you so much! That means a lot!
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Very cool pic.

Specifically, though, the blue eyes are a result of the Fremen's blood being saturated with the spice melange. It's not really their diet or lack of water, it's that they're breathing, eating and living in it 24/7.
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I know :D it's just easier to describe it like that so as not to overwhelm people with information. XD My AC is already pretty full on this piece!

Thank you for commenting!
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Wow this is really really impressing! I love the colors you used and the texture looks amazing! Fantastic work! :love:
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:D Thank you so much!
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cool, Dune art! awesome
tayleaf's avatar
:D Thank you so much! And thanks for the fav! Glad you like it :)
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Well if you look at an animal eye it only contains the pupil which is black or brow, not the white part. The thing that is best to distinguish human and primitive animals are I guess maybe the white area that are rare in most animals. But that just me.
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Yes, but in the book it described the eyes as having completely blued over, it was from their diet of spice and the lack of water.

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:hug: Thank you for commenting! :D
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Great piece -- and one of my favorite books, too. :)
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Thank you! Mine too, I love it. :aww:
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Everything was perfect except the eye
tayleaf's avatar
:) Thank you!
Mind if i ask you what you dislike about the eye? Please help me get better!
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:) Thank you Sevaresien
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I( love the texture... nice manip, it's all really well integreated
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Thank you so much Ruskul!
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Art buddies YEAH!!!.....I like these right here
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