Homelander versus a heroic version of himself

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What would happen if Homelander from the comic book and Amazon television series "The Boys" faced a heroic version of himself from an alternate reality?

An idea that came to mind a few days ago.
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They'd instantly call him a imposter before trying to slaughter him. The only true advantage that version would have over them is the willingness to learn from others. Look at Superman as an example, he spared with some of his fellow allies from time to time to become better. What's not to say that this version of him wouldn't do the same thing with his version of the Seven, which I assume would be more heroic because of their leader.

The true issue with the evil versions is their lack of training in the case of if an alternate Homelander were to appear, they'd get demolished with utter ease in a fight because of the following:

  • Teamwork

  • Skill & Experience

  • Intelligence in an actually fight

  • Full (or close to full) Mastery of their abilities and how to use them in alternate ways

  • Overconfidence

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If this is a 2v1 then the evil versions win by a landslide considering they would have the same power and dominate him in battle.

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You mean superman?
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While Superman taking on Homelander is an awesome idea, in this case I mean a truly heroic version of Homelander from an alternate reality. Like the Justice League animated movie Crisis on Two Earths where the League meets a heroic Lex Luthor to face the Crime Syndicate.