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Tay Ayase - Today 12:24 AM
> ... I have something I wanna say

Tay Ayase - Today 12:25 AM
> Theres a vore that doesn't exist

Tay Ayase - Today 12:25 AM
> And it bugs me

Vert - Today 12:25 AM
> Which vore?

Tay Ayase - Today 12:26 AM
> You know those giantess pics with two giantess kissing and there's a small man between their lips?

Vert - Today 12:26 AM
> Yeah

Tay Ayase - Today 12:27 AM
> No one ever made a yaoi version of it with a girl in-between the lips

Vert - Today 12:27 AM
> That's like a niche market within a niche market, Tay :(

Blub man - Today 12:28 AM
> It would be different...
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I would love to help, but vore's not really my thing.
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There needs to be more kinds of vore.
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seems that there are still many kinds of good ideas waiting for us to actualize them.