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c_ miykael by TayaRavena c_ miykael by TayaRavena
...and I, I'm feeling so small.
I'm still learning to love - just starting to crawl.

Commission for ~the-irish-pirate of her darling Miykael, a fallen angel :heart: 
he's a dunskin tobiano with white wings, and even though he's "fallen", he's trying ever so hard to be good. Rottie wanted the picture serene, but perhaps with a tinge of sorrow or darkness, and I tied that in with the shadows encroaching, but with the light almost hailing him :)

I had a little trouble with the wings, blending wings of a different color than the base was tricky, and I cheated a little with adding mane draped over ^^'' otherwise I think the alteration of the horse's original pose (head was down) into a more uplifted position went well!

Miykael is one of my absolute favorites, and it was a pleasure getting to create him!

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the-irish-pirate Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

This is so amazing I have been simply drooling over it for hours and could not speak.
The overall feel of it is perfect. The golden tones are so him (I've always imagined his birth place having that warm golden glow to it). It's just... wow. And who knew he was such a sexy boy?!

I adore you and your talent! Thank you so much. :D
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January 2, 2014
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