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EDIT: Added a new wishlist design *w* Something I hope you guys find rly cool too <3 that I could potentially fit into my story with Tobias

What with customs re-opening soon(ish) and now that I know of some designs that I definitely want, I figured I should prepare a journal of custom forms ready for when they're needed ;v; Exciting!!

Prewarning - yes, the majority of these are going to be griffians based off of OCs I currently own (I have a strong nEED OK?), but I will mix in some non-oc-based characters that I want should they come to me. My characters are my priority, though. I'd love an excuse to draw them more <3

DeerGriffianMoodBoard1 by TawnySoup

Who's this? A mysterious Griffian that went missing some years ago...
Species: Undecided, but leaning towards Bagbean or Perfaunt (tox or fornlee could work, but might be harder to mutate correctly)
Type: Common, floral, or both. Leaning towards common.
Theme: Deer (any kind, more northern species)
Gender: Unknown... (once female, possibly)
Hairstyle: Minimalistic to match their animal-like appearance (though it was grown out before).
Colours: Rich browns and reds, with light green foliage to contrast.
Markings: Mostly basic deer-like markings with dappled light spots and soft textures. They should look natural but beautiful.
Accessories: None(?) - they should look mostly wild, unsocialised.
Mutations: This is the important bit! They should have bone limbs/skeletal body, where a couple of limbs are bones and rot, as well as their exposed, rotting ribcage (the rot is where all the deep red colours come in). Their eyes should be missing from their sockets (unsure whether this would need undead mutation), and from the sockets sprout flowers and ivy vines (inner growth mutation). More inner growth flowers and vines emerge from the rotting bone-limbs and ribcage, sprouting and wrapping around parts of their body. Their lack of eyes mean they do not see, but the plants provide a strangely new touch sense for them, which guides their movement. They should also have antler mutation, with wide intricate antlers that make them look more like a part of the wilderness, and some of the vines coiling up them. They should have hand/feet swap (arms only) so that all limbs are 'hooven' (I'm not sure you can achieve the same affect with non-bagbeans, and they may end up 'pawed' instead). Finally, they should almost always be in Earth Swirl Form,, wandering the forest as a four-legged beast.
Personality: Cold, silent, mysterious. You may catch them staring at you ominously from deep within the woods.
Notes: This design would be a big undertaking, but it would be a dream design! The theme I am thinking of when I imagine them is 'hauntingly beautiful', a deer-themed griffian who died in an accident and came back to life as an ominous, spirit-like forest-dweller, who wanders the deep woods aimlessly, haunting those who accidentally see it. I imagine that in death, they became more beautiful, accepting their place in the planet and almost becoming one with it, in the same way an abandoned building becomes overgrown by nature, reclaimed. They are once again a part of it, and barely remember what they once were.

RileyBagbeanMoodBoard1 by TawnySoup
Who dis? Riley! The main character from my webcomic, Timezone!
Species: Bagbean
Type: Item
Theme: Shoelace
Gender: Agender (non-binary, they/them)
Hairstyle: As shown in the collage!
Colors: Browns with mint green highlights! (like their human design but doesn't have to match exactly)
Markings: Whatever suits them! They tend towards spots, and simple overall marking shapes.
Acessories: Mint green shoelace around neck is a must!!! And a loose-hanging open shirt/hoodie type thing, potentially. Please don't cover their head if possible as the hair at the back is signature. Here's a concept sketch for an idea of the clothing (missing item bagbean traits and etc, oops):
but coULD YOU IMAGINE XmX by TawnySoup
Mutations: Different tail (long and shaggy, like in the collage), coloured eye mutation (match their human eye colour (or just a general mint green colour) if possible), and long fur mutation (on hips primarily).
Personality: Aggressive, argumentative, think angsty-teen but louder.
Notes: I know it's kind of cheeky to ask for something based on an already existing design, but the end result I wouldn't necessarily want to match up to them entirely, anyhow! They're meant to represent my character, but this is an alternate universe version of them, where they'll experience different things and change in different ways, so however the design turns out (whether similar or dissimilar) I won't rly mind! ;v; I only ask that a couple things need to be included - the hairstyle (with the important two flicks at the back), the eyelashes and the permanent eyebrow crease (for recognisability). Other than those, it's fairly free range for exact colours and markings and etc.

LucyKryptoxMoodBoard1 by TawnySoup
Who dis? Lucy! Another character from my webcomic, Timezone, meant to act as a foil to Riley.
Species: Kryptox
Type: Common
Theme: Medieval Hourglass
Gender: Female (she/her)
Hairstyle: As shown in the collage! It's a liiittle confusing maybe, so here's some other sketches I've done of her recently from different angles, that might help a lil.
Some Good Lucys by TawnySoup

Colors: Lucy has always been a strange mix of colours, but I'd aim for these - Black, white, as well as dull red, orange and yellow.
Markings: I don't want her Kryptox ver to look exactly like her human ver as it would come out looking rather strange and gross - I suspect. I'd say to play around with her colours to create a design that looks better in Kryptox form, while keeping in mind and experimenting with the sorts of patterns on her dress - the flower-x's, the black stripes over brighter colour, the frills, and also things like her freckles. Feel free to simplify, just do whatever is needed to make it look good and still seem to 'match her'. Oh yes, and freckles are always welcome <3
Acessories: A massive handscarf for stealing things!!! Like you can see in my concept sketch here (also don't forget her flower-shaped hairclip (or just a normal flower if you want, haha)):
You can't have one without the other by TawnySoup
Mutations: Double frills! I may decide to include Arms-as-tail or a Genie form in the future, but for now let's leave it at just double-frills.
Personality: Mischievous, snarky, a thief and a peasant. Enjoys provoking others.
Notes: I'd like if her cloak could be quite long and poofy, with the second layer of frills poking out from underneath, like her dress! Also, like Riley, most things won't matter quite as much as getting these specific features down for recognisability - her lower eyelids are always pushed up in a straight line, and the scarf-hands are an important thing to include as her hands are quite big on her human design (of course, she doesn't have those as a kryptox), and the dress/tail shape should be quite poofy to reflect her silhouette.

As always, Bagbeans and Kryptox species belong to griffsnuff
Characters above belong to me.
Now without further ado... *Ehem* ...custoMS HYYYYYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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