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Back at this again TTwTT;;; But I really have no use for this Leloko and with TOS stating I cannot simply sell it on I am having a hard time finding someone who could feasibly trade me for it (since all seeking journals are offering USD). I love the design of this Leloko but it's been rotting in my files for a long time and with any kind of Griffian character I would find much more use. I do not know the original value of this Leloko as I traded for it, but the CS I traded it for was originally a Weaver worth $120 if that means anything. I am willing to look at almost any offer though.

LowResRef7348 by TawnySoup
They come with these extra pieces:
By Milkyguts By Salisburies-d9rdzef by TawnySoup Sketch by TawnySoup by TawnySoup
(The second sketch is by myself)

Griffians (Doms, Semi-mains, SECs)
Griffian Items (anything)
Kebanzu (pre-made or MYO slots)
Realworld Items (tell my how much $$$ you're willing to spend on realworld items from Amazon or etc, but no higher than $100)
Artwork as Add-on. Please try to offer interesting things, not just fullbodies/headshots/icons/etc. 

EDIT: I am now also looking for Kebanzus! I took a look at the group recently and I find the lore and world very interesting! >w< So if you have any UFT, feel free to offer! 8v8

Please DON'T offer money/points/GC/SC as this will breach Phloxebutt's TOS (it sucks, I know)
Similarly please don't lowball me - I do want to trade this design one way or another but I know it is still worth a fair bit. I will look at every offer though (since they're so few and far between,,,)

If you offer a Griffian Dom or a similarly highly-desirable offer then I can always add on extra commissions for you if you wish! My commission list is here - COMMISSION PRICE LIST (including things such as animations, YCHs, designs and redesigns, ref sheets, printed comms like acrylic charms and pins, etc)
I highly doubt I'll get any offers though, if this is anything like my last attempt, haha TTwTT But I may as well keep casting the line until something bites, right? As such, I'll probably update this journal a few times in the near future. Hopefully you guys don't mind it too much...
SushiMeep Featured By Owner Edited Aug 20, 2018
i don't have any griffias but maybe some characters could interest you here:…… ?
God knows i'd buy this cutie off you in a heartbeat 
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