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Name: Claire
Nickname/s: Claire, Eclaire
ID: #627
Owner: TawnySoup
Current (Approved) Design: See Reference Sheet (left)
Gender: Androgynous (Any Pronouns, they/them preferred)
Age: Sprout (varying age)
Height:  Not Fully Grown
Species: Bagbean
Type/Theme: Nomnom - Profiterole
Bag type: Unknown
Mutations: None
Accessories: None


LVL: 0
HP: 10
Attack: N/A
Defence: N/A
Speed: N/A
Stealth: N/A
(Can't find info on stats anywhere)

Home/Origin: Forest of Light (winter) Tempeawoods/Borealins Forest (summer)
Occupation: N/A (Aiming for Baker/Chef job)
Political status: Peasant

Claire is a Sprout, still learning and growing and figuring out who they are. Though their Caretaker, Tobias, tends to keep them in the forest, Claire is the most excited when they visit cities and cafes. They get the feeling that they will find their fate/associated object fairly easy once they reach the human world, but they are aware of obstacles in the way - Tobias prevents them from going to cities and towns and is highly overprotective, meaning Claire gets into trouble if they're seen talking with city-dwellers or sneaking away.

If things couldn't get worse, the world of the forest is scary and full of danger. As much as Claire would like to avoid trouble, Tobias often forces them into terrifying situations in order to condition them towards it. This means that they can be awfully jumpy and on guard at the worst of times.

Claire is afraid that Tobias will force them to choose an object of the forest to associate with, and forest food is all but tasteful. That doesn't mean all hope is lost, though, as once they enter the human world they'll finally get a taste of freedom.

Current Level = 000
Total Pea Count = 037

Political Status = Peasant

Art by Me: 037 | Art by Others: 000 | Literature: 000

627 - Profiterole by TheKingdomOfGriffiaMasterlist entry
Creation information: MYO (Nomnom Lovebean/Sprout)
Designer: griffsnuff (redesign by TawnySoup)
Former owners: None!

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Tobias Ref Sheet (Redesign) by TawnySoup

Name: Tobias
Relationship: Caretaker
Owner: TawnySoup
Tobias is Claire's unwilling yet overprotective caretaker. He teaches Claire how to survive in the wild, or tries to, to match his own lifestyle. As much as Claire wishes their relationship was more stable, they can't deny that the city calls them, that the forest is not where they want to be. They have a hard time persuading Tobias however, as Tobias assumes, being the adult, that he knows best.


None Yet! Ask me about making our Griffians associated (RP, stories, etc)


Lovebean hatching trial: Not finished (Step 1 complete)
[ILLUSTRATED] Step 1: The Love Hallobean
It was his favourite time of year: Halloween. As Tobias crawled through the bushes, coiling his long claws into the dirt below, he heard Bagbeans celebrating close by. Pumpkins lay among the leaf litter, lighting paths all throughout the streets of the magnificent PeaGarden City. Murmurs of excitement echoed from young Sprouts, running around in their already half-torn costumes. The moon hung high in the recently sunset sky. But these things were not what Tobias was most excited for.
What Tobias longed for most… was the scares. The shrieks of Beans caught unaware, the cries and wails of his pranking victims… That’s right. Halloween was the one time of year when Tobias was allowed to be himself: Scary.
He’d already startled a number of passer-by’s in the past hour, pouncing out at them with his claws extended and his fierce eyes glowering, his voice pounding out of his chest like the loud roaring animal he had come


Claire hasn't earnt any awards yet! All their trials are in progress!


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January 26, 2018


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