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I will only draw after payment is sent. If you wish, I can send sketches halfway through, however I get my work done very quickly and may be done before you view the sketch. Commission opening slots will be low in number as, once the number gets too high, I slow down phenomenally, and I wish to avoid this.
I may reject your commission if I deem it too tricky for my current skillset, or if I am uncomfortable with the subject matter, etc. Most stuff I am okay with though.
I accept both Paypal and Points (paypal preference)
You are allowed to use the finished artwork for any non-profit usage, so long as you don't claim the artwork as your own creation. For example, you can use it as profile decoration, to print out, to illustrate a story, to have printed on a shirt for your own personal use, etc. But you are not allowed to sell products using the artwork. There are exceptions to this rule - for example, character designs you have commissioned from me can be used for any purpose, commercial or not, so long as you do not sell the original artwork of the character I created.

GRIFFIA NOTE --> I always accept offers for Griffians (Doms, Semi-Mains, SECs, etc) as an alternative payment for commissions!! 8w8

(Please copy-paste this form into your note/comment. It makes things a little simpler <3)
Category of Commission:
Type of Commission:
Any Extra Notes:

Example of filled in form:
Category of Commission: FUN COMMISSIONS
Type of Commission: Sticker doodle
Character(s): Number 3 from here - CLOSED Cuilleck $9/1000pt Designs. Some more art of her here to get idea of character if you wish - TOP DOG
Scene/Posing/Actions: Running ferociously, tongue lolling out.
Any Extra Notes:  Preferably facing the left, so she fits into the place on my profile I've made for her.

I will then calculate the price and make sure you are fine with it. In this case it would be $15. Make sure to tell me which payment method you're using, too! ;A;

-Gore (please specify whether candy-gore or realistic gore)
-One or two requests for corrections

-Fetish/NSFW art
-Full nudity
-OCs interracting with canon characters ( sorry ;n; )
-Designs of very high complexity (check with me first)
-Tons of requests for corrections (I've had this before, it's really draining)

-Varied Expressions!!! I love drawing expressions
-Backgrounds (not very professionally)

-Mechanical beings/objects.
-Plants (but I can try xD)

NOTE!!! PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU WANT ME TO CREATE YOUR ARTWORK AS A VECTOR PIECE. THIS GOES FOR ALL COLOURED ARTWORK (other than animation and designs), AND ADDS +$5 TO THE PRICE (unless it's a commission where I vector the image by default, for example laminated charms)! If you are unsure whether I will create a certain type of artwork in vector style, please ask! My vector work looks like this:

Indicator Symbol by TawnySoup Vector Heaven by TawnySoup New Umbre Icon by TawnySoup New Timezone Site Background by TawnySoup


(CLOSED) BagButt Icon YCH by TawnySoup = $25/2500pts each


$10/1000pts - Sketch (+$5 per extra character)
$13/1300pts - Sketch+background (+$4 per extra character)
PS - PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU WANT THIS DRAWN TRADITIONALLY OR DIGITALLY! I will default to digital, but traditional can often look much nicer as a standalone sketch.
a nice egg in this trying time by TawnySoup Sawcite by TawnySoup Some Good Lucys by TawnySoup

$15/1500pts - Lineart (+$7 per extra character)
FREE Vival Lineart by TawnySoup

$16/1600pts - Lineart+shading (+$8 per extra character)
No examples currently

$20/2000pts - Black&White character (+$9 per extra character)
$28/2800pts - Black&White character+background (+$8 per extra character)
Ellierat873462 by TawnySoup

$21/2100pts - Flat colours character (+$10 per extra character)
$30/3000pts - Flat colours character+background (+$9 per extra character)
IT'S THAT TIME by TawnySoup

$25/2500pts - Full colour+shading character (+$11 per extra character)
$35/3500pts - Full colour+shading character+background (+$10 per extra character)
Where am I gonna put the star?! by TawnySoup Splinteredsilver YGH Commission by TawnySoup [STORY] Step 2 - The Big Journey (Tobias) by TawnySoup

$5/500pts - Headshot/Bust sketch
$8/800pts - Headshot/Bust lineart
$9/900pts - Headshot/Bust lineart+shading
$12/1200pts - Headshot/Bust Black&White
$14/1400pts - Headshot/Bust flat colours
$15/1500pts -Headshot/Bust full colour+shading
Portrait for my Sis by TawnySoup Big n Smol by TawnySoup

$15/1500pts - Small still pixel art (100x100)
$17/1700pts - Medium still pixel art (200x200)
$20/2000pts - Large still pixel art (300x300)
No examples currently


$5/500pts - Still dA icon (anti aliased)
$13/1300pts - Still Pixel dA icon
Terrakami Icon Entry 1 by TawnySoup

$6/600pts - Wiggly dA icon
$6/600pts - Wiggly non-dA icon (usually 100x100 pixels, please specify)
Taintywiggleicon4853897634895 by TawnySoup

$50/5000pts - Animated Flash dA icon
$50/5000pts - Animated Flash non-dA icon (please specify)
$30/3000pts -Animated Pixel dA icon
MetaIsonic Icon Commission by TawnySoupTardyPrincess Icon Commission by TawnySoup Free Icon - Ring Necked Parakeet by TawnySoupBACHK by TawnySoup

Matching icons cost 150% of the single icon type. For example, two matching animated flash dA icons would cost $75/7500pts ($50+$25)
SinnerHokori Linked Icons Commission by TawnySoupB1itzkrieger Linked Icons Commission by TawnySoup


$25/2500pts - Animated Sketch Run Cycle
$40/4000pts - Animated Lined Run Cycle
$50/5000pts - Animated Flat colour Run Cycle
Flower Critter DTA Entry 3 by ThisAccountIsDead462 Byubuu Run Cycle by TawnySoup Roodchy Run by TawnySoup

$50/5000pts - Animated Flat colour Journal Doll (simple action)
$60/6000pts - Animated Flat colour Journal Doll (complicated action)
$15/1500pts - Animated Pixel Journal Doll (Pokemon sprite animation style)
No examples currently

$80/8000pts-$200/20000pts - Animated MAP Part (depending on length/complexity)
No examples currently

$30/3000pts+ - Animated sketch of anything (5 seconds) (depending on complexity)
$40/4000pts+ - Animated sketch of anything (10 seconds) (depending on complexity)
$50/5000pts+ - Animated sketch of anything (15 seconds) (depending on complexity)
She nyoom by TawnySoup Nest Friend by TawnySoup watch me swooce right up by TawnySoup

$?/? - Different type of animated commission (ask me about it)
No examples currently


Please use this sheet when ordering from this category:
Design Type:
What Specifically: (what animal, species, or creature inspirations/specifics)
Theme (optional, but really helpful):
Colour Palette/Preferences:
Any Must-Haves:
Any Extra Notes:


$15/1500pts - Animal/Open Species Design (please specify)
CLOSED OTA Deer Design by TawnySoup CLOSED 170pt Monster Puppy Designs by ThisAccountIsDead462

$20/2000pts - Closed species Design (that I own, for example Cuillecks, Plumadras, etc. Please specify)
CLOSED Cuilleck 'Barbed Wire' Design (set price) by TawnySoup CLOSED 'Ocean Fizz' (Cuilleck) by TawnySoup

$25/2500pts - REDESIGN COMM (You give me a character you would like me to redesign, along with specifications, theme, personality, etc, and I remake/update their design to meet your needs. This includes closed species and etc that do not belong to me, just be aware you'll need to have the items to change them yourself (for griffians, for example))
[COMM] Ursaraptor Redesign for Brytewolf by TawnySoup [COMM] Robin Redesign for Ancientwings by TawnySoup [COMM] Delilah Redesign for Wolvesstrife by TawnySoup

$25/2500pts - Creature Design (can be anything essentially)
OPEN Creature 'Strawberry Spring' Design by TawnySoup Who dis? by TawnySoup

$30/3000pts - Human design (you must be okay with me going way off anatomy base and experimenting)
Riley (Outfit) Model Sheet - Chapter 2 by TawnySoup My Amethyst by TawnySoup Human Tobias by TawnySoup

$10/1000pts Roughly per Item (more or less, depending on complexity) - ARPG Item Packs (starting an ARPG Group, and need someone to draw up pretty images for your Bank Masterlist Items? Hit me up! I can do bundles of different items, just one, or maybe a whole bunch of different things including items and mini pets or etc. Some examples below)
[CLOSED] ARPG Item Packs (Flat Price) by TawnySoup


$30/3000pts - Simple Ref Sheet (front and additional (back?) pose, flat colours, small notes, colour palette)
$45/4500pts - Normal Ref Sheet (front and back pose, +3 headshots, flat colours, basic info, accessories, colour palette)
$60/6000pts - Complicated Ref Sheet (front and back pose + extra pose(s) (clothing?), +3 headshots, flat colours, information (can be a lot), accessories/extras, colour palette)
[COMM] Syaoran Redesign for Fuedal by TawnySoup Fire Opal finally gets an Updated Ref by TawnySoup

$50/5000pts - Character Model Sheet (Complete character turn-around, 3 headshots, flat colours)
Claire - Profiterole Bagbean (Sprout) Reference by TawnySoup


$40/4000pts - Tiled Background Commission (2 characters/drawings to start, +$10 for each additional character/drawing)
StevenUniverseTileFREE1 by TawnySoup Roodchyena + Purrlucy Tile (not free sorry) by TawnySoup

$10/1000pts per head - Emotion/expression Headshots sheet (these are cheaper as they will be produced at a smaller scale as normal headshots, roughly 100-200px, specifically for use in ARPGs or RP sites, etc)
AncientWings Bagbean Expressions Commission by TawnySoup

$50-100 - Short comic 'page' commissions (drawn as separate panels, like Timezone, but on the same picture, read from the top down. Average 5-6 panels per comic 'page'. Price depends on complexity, whether backgrounds are repeated, number of panels, sketched or complete, ect)
Paranormal Egg by TawnySoup 16:9...! by TawnySoup

$15/1500pts - Sticker Doodle (basically a small flat colour chibi of a character with sticker effects. Stick em on your profile! Stick em everywhere!)
A Good Grr by TawnySoup Smol Work Myrt by TawnySoup

$25/2500pts - Sketch completion/collab commissions (interresting commissions where you can ask me to complete (line and colour/shade) a sketch you or someone else (or I) has made) (May be cheaper if it is a simple headshot, more expensive with a complicated background, etc)
Collab with BeefBirb (commission example) by TawnySoup

$30/3000pts - Website banner (please specify)
TimezoneLogoCover2 by TawnySoup

$20/2000pts - Background only commissions (Bare in mind, I'm not an expert at backgrounds atm but I'm improving fast)……

$?/? - Ect commissions (got something specific, such as a card in a set you want art for, characters drawn in a mini pokemon pixel style, or something else? Please ask!)
Undertale Cards Set - Aces and Twos by TawnySoupIt takes Two to Tango (PART 1) by TawnySoup Crep Case by TawnySoup


(postage not free, sorry (bare in mind I live in the UK, so postage prices may vary, along with postage times))

$?/? - Check my Storenvy and Redbubble for charms and stickers! (Including Pokemon, Animals, Steven Universe, Timezone, etc)…

+$20/+2000pts - Acrylic/Wood Charm (or Badge) Commission (Find commission type you would like for base price, then add this price on top). Would you like me to turn your commission into an Acrylic charm or badge and have it sent to you straight from ZapCreatives? It can be done! For an additional price, I can order the commissioned artwork as a charm/badge (of any size you wish) and have it posted directly to you. Often single charm/badge orders come with an extra 2 or 3, and when you receive them you will need to peel the protective tape off of the backs of them. When ordering your commission, please state that you want to have it turned into a charm or badge! Bare in mind certain types of art won't work (comic pages, animations, anything obvious). You can also ask for a specific type of acrylic or wood.
Roodchyena Acrylic Charms by TawnySoup StorenvyCharms by TawnySoup

+$7/+700pts - Laminated Physical Charm Commission (Find commission type you would like for base price, then add this price on top). Would you like your commissioned art to be turned into a charm, but you'd prefer a cheaper alternative to the pricey acrylic versions? For an extra $7 I can print and laminate your artwork myself, packaging it and sending it your way (wherever you are in the world!). The quality of these charms can vary and they won't be very weighted, and you must be careful not to let them get rained on too much, but otherwise they are a good alternative that'll save you some money and still look pretty cool! I'll send 3 laminated charms per image so you have spares should one or two get damaged. I can also the vary the size if you want. I will default to between 1-2 inches, but I can go as low as half an inch, or as big as 3 inches, if you specify so! These will usually be doublesided!
DIY Laminated Charms by TawnySoup NeonWishes7 Charm Commission (Vector, Laminated) by TawnySoup

$24/2400pts - Custom Digital Printed Laminated Character Badges (covers shipping costs)
$17/1700pts - Custom Digital Printed Character Badges (that you print yourself)
BlossomHopBadgeCommishExample1 by TawnySoup Untitled by TawnySoup Untitled by TawnySoup

+$7/+700pts - Laminated Digital Printed Bookmarks (Find commission type you would like for base price (and add the cost for 'additional character' to count for the back view), then add this price on top). The most commonly chosen commission type for this bookmark would be flat-coloured fullbody, so in total that's $21+$10+$7 = $38. By default I will draw the character in such a way that I can cut around the paws/hands so that they grip to the page, but if you would rather not have this or you'd prefer another part to grip, let me know!
+$0/+0pts - If you would prefer to print and laminate the bookmark yourself, just tell me to make a digital bookmark that you print yourself and I'll draw it in that fashion without adding the extra costs. I'll send you the front and back view at the correct size at 300dpi, and from there it's up to you!
Catrine Bookmark for Beefbirb by TawnySoup

+$7/+700pts - Laminated Paper Dolls. Similar to the Bookmarks commission above, laminated paper dolls are doublesided and can feature any character and pose that you choose, just without the additional grippy bit. Look at the Laminated Digital Printed Bookmarks paragraph above and follow a similar guide if you want these, just tell me you want a paper doll instead.

MORE PRINTED COMMISSIONS COMING SOON, INCLUDING COASTERS, PENDANTS (though you could just order a charm for this), STICKERS, POKEMON CARDS, STANDEES, MAGNETS, DOOR HANGERS, POSTERS AND MORE. If you can't wait for me to add details about things like this, simply ask me how much it would cost to turn into something (postable) whilst commissioning me. Most likely it'll be like the above, your commission type +$7/700pts.
Ella's Cat Coasters by TawnySoup
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Chiciru Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2018  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Yeahhh, want a ping too please ! :3
Gwynieve Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Student General Artist
Could I be pinged too please? I'm immensely interested in getting a Plumadra (I was especially in love with an adopt you created!)
Gwynieve Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018  Student General Artist
Could I be pinged too please? I'm immensely interested in getting a Plumadra (I was especially in love with an adopt you created!)
TumbleBlunder Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018
I’d like to be pinged so we can get going on the project we talked about on Discord!
MochiTeaa Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018  Student General Artist
Commenting to be pinged!
Elz-bellz95 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
May I please be pinged? :)
little-Starscream Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018
im waiting for an open slot (:
StarFaky Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Student Digital Artist
mmm i'd actually be interested in commissioning you again 
for 2 redesign ;;; but i'm not sure if you're open rn ?? 
can you let me know ? ;v; 
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Edited Aug 19, 2018  Student General Artist
Hey just pinging you now to let you know I'm up for taking this comm atm, if you still want it 8w8 I was asked to be pinged by a few different peeps while I was closed so I'm just sort of working my way up the list haha
The price for a redesign atm is $25 just for reference! Its fine if you'd rather not <3
StarFaky Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Student Digital Artist
aww thank you for letting me know, tho i kinda changed my mind  ;; 
i originally wanted help from you to redesign my griffians into monster but i'm not sure anymore ;; 

tho i'd love to commission you for something else if you don't mind ^^ 

i'd love to get a Full colour+shading character page 
idk exaclty what do you mean by that but i'm guessing it's few drawing (half or fullbody?) of a character (or more) ?
if yes, let me know and i'll explain in details what i'd love to get from you ;v; i'm guessing the prices vary depending on the demand ^^ 

TawnySoup Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Student General Artist
Ah, well it's good you wanted another commission in the end anyhow! xD Quite helpful timing!
I was wondering about the "page" commission types as I created them quite a while ago but they don't seem to match any proper pricing scheme, and I was almost thinking of taking them out, but I could try and lay out what I was thinking when I was writing them down. I'd say it's a few drawings, yes, of various fullbodies and headshots that I can squeeze into it's own little canvas box. Something like these?
[BB] More Seeds in the Pocket!!! by TawnySoup Some Good Lucys by TawnySoup
There isn't really a set amount of how many fullbodies/characters/headshots will be on the page, so I'm gonna say now the price will vary greatly depending on how many, but it should always be at least a little cheaper than buying all the fullbodies/headshots separately. Let me know what sort of things you were thinking of including and I'll try to give you a quote 8w8
StarFaky Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Student Digital Artist
OOOh i see ;v; well ...

OKay so i'd love to have a page with this boy<3
it doesn't have to be fullbody for all

actually let me give you some idea of what i'd like on that page and
feel free to pick which ones you wanna do in fullbody and which ones you'd like to do in half body ^^
i don't mind, any is fine ~

-  him holding the yellow heart, like shown here
yellow heart (design not up to date in this pic)
on this one, feel free to picture him with any expression you'd like to use ^^

- a "mad" one, the heart he hold can "curse" him and a part of him get's black
i'd love if you could use this version of him 

- a human version , any expression is fine
quick human ref 

- a "ship" one , i like to ship him with one of my friends oc : Tetey who belong to WonderfulWiz 
julian tend to scare people but tetey isn't scared of him, actually she scares him 
but they do like eachothers compagny<3 Like this  
(note that tetey is supposed to be taller than julain but i don't really matter ) 

- a "free" one,  feel free to do anything you want for the last one ^^ (still with julian tho) 

is that okay ??? ;v; thank you for you patience !
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Edited Aug 19, 2018  Student General Artist
That sounds all cool to me!! Let me go through themmm...
The first one I can do fullbody, the second I might try a bust shot (maybe I can do something interesting with it, get all artsy haha), the third I could do fullbody (though I'd have to make up his lower half) or bust (whichever you'd prefer), and the fourth I'd do fullbody cus Tetey's legs look really fun to draw, haha xD The fifth, I'm not really sure, maybe I could make a fun little chibi? Yeah!

I went and added up all the prices for the separate commissions together and it came out quite high 8n8 So I'll reduce them a bit. In the end, I could do it for either $65 (if the human one is a bust) or $70 (if it's a fullbody). Separately all the pieces came out over $100 in total XmX;;; Alternatively some of them could be flat colours (I still colour the lineart, even when flat) or sketches and that'd reduce the price a bit more. It's all up to you in the end though, it's much higher than it originally was priced at on the sheet. And, again, I can always offer a different kind of commission if you decide its a bit much for your wallet ;;A;; I didn't actually expect it to add up so high
StarFaky Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
AAh good <3
oh! also i forgot , for that "mad" version , i was more thinking of him being angry/in a burst of anger?? 
but it's fine if you  prefer to portrait him a different way ^^ 

Julian as a human is more or less looking like the monster version,
just with more humanoid form, a black pant with white boot should be enough ^^
he doesn't have the skirt as human , but tbh i'd prefer bust on this one
yeeaaah a chibi would be nice <3 ;v; 

well i don't mind if most are flats ?? it should be fine 
i guess if only the first fullbody is fully shaded that should be enough ^^
and it's fine, it's fine, i mean i'm the one who's asking for so much, and you deserve to be well paid for it :'D

let me know what you think about that ?? ;; 
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018  Student General Artist
(Ahhh, sorry for the late reply, my sleep schedule is a bit back-to-front at the moment)
So a fullbody shaded 'yellow heart', bust/fullbody (i'm undecided haha) flat 'mad', bust flat 'human', fullbody flat 'tetey+julian', and a fullbody flat 'chibi'! I think I've got that right, now?
I can reduce the price down to about $55 with the flat colour pieces, hopefully making it a little more manageable! Are you all good with that? ;;v;;
(1 Reply)
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Student General Artist
I'm not open just atm just because I've got a backlog of comms to get through 8w8 but when I re-open I can ping you!
mothfeets Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Student General Artist
Ayyy just letting you know I'm up for taking a comm rn if you're still interested ^w^ since you asked to be pinged <3
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Student General Artist
Haha yeah sure xD
mothfeets Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
StarFaky Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Student Digital Artist
oooh it's okay , good luck on your current work ~
i'd love to get pinged ;v; thank you ~
mothfeets Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so I'm looking to get a dakimakura in the future, but I'd prefer a unique cover and not just one off of ebay (I want one mostly just to say I have it and take it to cons, and actually sleep on it ofc)
would you consider doing full body's for a body pillow case? I'm not looking for nudity at all, i'd prefer rather tame poses

I know this is super specific but I wanted to ask just to keep in mind, since you're a fav artist of mine, thanks!
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Student General Artist
Awh, jee. Yeah, I'd be up for that! I'd probably draw it up as a vector so it can be upsized and printed large with no quality reduction. It could be a fun challenge, too! Getting that perfect 'laying down' pose from directly above >w< So yeah, I'm a option ;v;
mothfeets Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
coolsies! thanks in advanced! :000
StarFaky Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student Digital Artist
AAAAAA ;;; can I get a slot ??? I'M not sure what I want im tempted by so many things ;;; mind if I take my time to decide ??? 
TawnySoup Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student General Artist
Yeah, sure xD I'll get you down on my to-do list!
StarFaky Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student Digital Artist
MMMMM i'm very hesitant ;;;; i'm so sorry 
I WAS VERY interested in a phone case design ;;; a charm or a laminated badge like last time 
CAUSE I LOVE IT but i was wondering if i could update it ;;; 

sorry it took me a while to decide mmm 
i'm still stuck between two ? mind me telling how much these would cost ? and i'll decide ? 

either a Physical Charm Commission ?
of this bab holding my sona  in her arms ;;

or a Laminated badge (shipped) 
of my sona again but with both of her main forms side to side with my username :… ??
TawnySoup Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student General Artist
Well, for the charm design it would be two flat fullbodies plus the cost of charm printing/shipping, so that's $21+$10+$20 = $51 total for a single sided-charm in (clear) acrylic, or $21+$10+$10+$10+$20 = $71 for a double-sided charm. A little bit pricey but the stuff from zapcreatives is real good quality and the size doesn't affect the price of single charm orders so it potentially could be up to 3.5inches if you wanted! The characters will likely be drawn slightly chibi just so that important features can still be seen even if the charm is small - it depends on how big you want it!

An alternative to the acrylic charms would be laminated charms which aren't as weather resistant but would cost only $21+$10+$7 = $38 for single sided or $21+$10+$10+$10+$7 = $58 for double. Oh, by the way! I forgot to mention, double-sided just means I also draw the backs of the characters so they match up and 'turn around' when the final charm is printed. By default I'll just flip the image in reverse so it's still technically double-sided, you just don't see the character's backs. Like you can see, the first example below is 'single-sided' (doublesided, but I didn't draw the back of the head, just reversed it) while the second example is 'double-sided' (i drew both sides of the character so that they match up when flipped)
NeonWishes7 Charm Commission (Vector, Laminated) by TawnySoup Catrine Bookmark for Beefbirb by TawnySoup

Sorry for getting complicated there, oops 8w8 Anyway yes, a Laminated badge with both characters would cost I'd say $24+$9 = $33! Not as expensive as the charms, but less complicated ;v; Oh, another thing - I might not be able to complete home-printed commissions (laminated charms or laminated badges) for at least a good week because I'm still at university accommodation and don't have a printer, but I will be going home soon. So yeah, if you don't want to wait it might be better going for the zapcreatives charms. It's all up to you, in the end! Take your time~
StarFaky Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student Digital Artist
OH GHOSH all this text XD

Yeah ! this site is NEAT ! 
i'm not that much interested in a double sided one so one sided will be fine ^^
i'm actually looking for acrylic ones ! laminated charms aren't my thing ,i prefer laminated stuff for badges ;; 

and don't worry i don't mind the wait ^^

i think i'll go for the badge !! no worries about the printing, i can wait <3 
You know i LOVE the one you made for me last time, i used it EVERY time i went to cons and people loved it<3 
few people asked me who made it and it was easy to tell them with the note behind it 
but now that you changed your username and that i updated my sona a bit 
i think it would be amazing to get a new version<3 

speaking on cons? are you planning on going to the london comic on ?? ;;
TawnySoup Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student General Artist
I'm good with that! I'll let you know when I'm home and can print out too, of course ^w^
I'm glad you liked the old one so much, ahh! This time I better make sure not to leave the square bump in the back from my username-tag though xD A well needed update, all around.

If you're all happy with that, just send the $33 (or €28 for you I think!) to my paypal - - and I'll be able to get working soon!

I've never been to a con before, actually 8w8 I almost went to the one in Glasgow (closer to where I live) with my sister last year but I ended up chickening out TTATT I think cons will be something I can look forward to in the future, just at this point in time I really ought to work on my social skills first... And finish uni, yeah. Aghhh, it's a sad answer to give, but cons do sound exciting! Maybe in the next couple years I'll pick up the courage (and funds!)
StarFaky Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student Digital Artist
no problem <3 take your time !
PFFF it's fine ;;; 

sure ! i'll send that asap ! thank you ^^

it's fine <3 i understand that it can be stressful and not easy to go where they're far away ! 
i mean , i'm scared of crowd  but i still go there anyway XD that's a good way to overcome fear to me 
people were are very nice and understanding ~ but yeah uni is priority now , good luck ~
was just asking, no worries ^^
i'm sure that will be possible one day , wish you best <3 
V-l-R-A-L Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
think i could snag a tile slot? Id have to wait till the collab auction im doing with northernred is over since i dont have quite enough yet but i need a background for my computer lol
its still the default and ive had it for a year lol
TawnySoup Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student General Artist
I'm cool with that! I'll get you noted down on my to-do list. Let me know when you're ready with the money and what you'd like in the tile <3
ManiacalMage Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Possible to be pinged if these open again? Your works are gorgeous. ;u;
TawnySoup Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student General Artist
Pinging you cus my comms are open again ^w^
ManiacalMage Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah rip, I don't have the funds at this moment lol-
shadowangely Featured By Owner Edited Apr 8, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
can i get pinged please when you open ;u;
TawnySoup Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student General Artist
Pinging you cus my comms are open again ^w^
V-l-R-A-L Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey just wondering you do linearts but would you make a lineart of an orignal species to sell adopts off of? If you would how much would that cost?
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Student General Artist
Creature designs are sorta like that, at least without all the extras put in like different features and such, but as an overall base. My policy with creature designs usually is, whether it's a custom or pre-made, I'm fine with them being made into the basis for a species. I could do it without colours and with more focus on the anatomy and turnaround instead though, if that's sort of what you're looking for. They'd still cost the same tho, about $25
V-l-R-A-L Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh i mean like, I have a species already but your style is really cool and was thinking of you making a lineart for them
FREE Vival Lineart by TaiintySoup
like this!

I could expect it to cost more than a normal lineart since it would be used for adopts and such (if you would do that anyways) 

sorry if im not too clear just woke up and super tired
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Student General Artist
Ah nah it'd cost the same as the normal lineart cost! Besides, most people don't order lineart unless they have a purpose for it xD so it's fine
V-l-R-A-L Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh okay cool! any idea when coms will be back up? any chance i could be tagged?
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Student General Artist
Comms should open again once im done with the current to do list ;O; I have about 3-4 things left, and I get through them fairly fast when I'm in the mood (though I've been wavering a little bit recently). I'd say give it roughly 2 weeks (maybe less, not sure). Next time I open comms I could check the comments on here to tag u ;v; hopefully I don't forget 8w8;;
V-l-R-A-L Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that'd be great >< i have a new species and theyd look great in your style so
TawnySoup Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student General Artist
Heyy I know it's been a couple months but if you're still interested in this stuff I thought I'd let you know my comms are open 8w8
little-Starscream Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018
when will commissions be open again? im interested in a animated icon
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Student General Artist
Once my current list is done, i reckon ;A; I wanted to keep them open for a while but after the redesigns opened a whole ton piled in 8w8 So i want a chance to finish those first
little-Starscream Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018
ok than i know. Take your time tho (: i really would love to order sometime by you. I really love the animated work. Please let me know when you are up to again 
TawnySoup Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Student General Artist
Heyy I know it's been a couple months but if you're still interested I thought I'd let you know my comms are open 8w8
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