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Timezone [Front Cover]



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In a world where time flows only around certain people, a young 'Indicator' unleashes a glitch-pandemic that threatens the lives of everyone across the globe. Accompanied by their guards and a thousand-year-old girl from a medieval town, will they be able to stop the calamity before everything is destroyed?

Timezone a light sci-fi, drama and LGBTQ+ friendly webcomic that explores a world similar to our own but with one major difference! There is a large focus on character interaction, pages are occassionally punctuated with animated panels, and some sensitive themes (injuries, swearing and in-fighting) are explored through-out.

-Updates Every Tuesday-

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Mirror Sites:
Comicfury - timezone.thecomicseries.com/
Tapas - tapas.io/series/Timezone/info
Tumblr - timezone-webcomic.tumblr.com/
Instagram - www.instagram.com/timezone_web…

So, after years of not having one, I finally made a proper front cover for Timezone! A certain discord event may have influenced the decision to get on with it already xD It took quite a while to make, from conception about a month ago, to all those bg characters I had to improvise, but I'm really proud of the final result! I've been working on my composition lately among other things and tried to put my all into this. I hope you can see it! (And I hope it's not too eye-burny, haha)

The first page of this webcomic went up on June 13th, 2016, which means it's been almost 5 years since I started this project! And I intend to see it through! Thanks to everyone who's stuck with me all this time, the newer readers and even the ones that will read this in the future. Y'all are AMAZING!!!
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Just started reading, and it's already my new favorite comic! Absolutely amazing <3