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HOW TO DRAW HUMANS (for animal artists) Intro


Hello everyone, to the introduction of my 'How to Draw Humans' tutorial!!! I've decided to start a tutorial series as a way of giving back to my audience whilst building upon it. I thought this would be a good subject to base a tutorial series around as deviantArt homes many animal artists who may be afraid to step into human art territory. I used to be the same, and my early human art was pretty bad when I started learning! But it's been many years now, and I think I'm at least slightly competant, so I thought I'd provide a stepping stone for others in the same position.

Tutorial Series Parts (clickable links):
Introduction (you're reading it!)
Part 1 - Heads/Faces
  -(1/3) Head Structure/Noses
  -(2/3) Eyes/Mouths/Hair
  -(3/3) Unique Facial Design
Part 2 - Torsos
Part 3 - Arms/Hands
Part 4 - Legs/Feet
(parts will be uploaded/linked as I complete them!)

So stick around for the ride, and start learning how to draw humans!! ^w^ For the introduction, we're just focussing on skeletal similarities between humans and animals, but in future parts we will actually get onto doing some solid practicing!

If you like my work and want to support me, consider pledging to my Patreon! No matter what, tutorials will always remain free <3

.:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEd  .:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEd

I will post every part of this tutorial series a day early on my Patreon as they are complete, too! The posts will be public, of course~

This tutorial part can also be viewed on Patreon, here -


Art/writing belongs to me (shoutouts to that unsourced piece of art alongside countless images of skeletons for heavy reference)
Made with Paint Tool SAI.
Please don't trace/repost/distribute/use for any purpose (except for learning lol) without expressed permission!

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I mostly draw animalistic characters. But they're genetic mutants; like the human Genome project. So I use this for getting anatomical information on both at the same time. And man, does it come in handy!

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Ohboiohboiohboi. This will be useful! :D
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oh these are a very nice references gread job :la:
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Thank you, this is a massive help.
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Maybe I'll try to reverse engineer this to see how I can draw better animals. xP This is a very good resource btw!
TawnySoup's avatar
I did wonder if it could be reverse engineered xD I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to look at some of the steps reversed n do the activities but for animals. I hope it works out for you, haha! ^w^
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Thanks, I'll certainly try haha!
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thank you smomuch aaaaaaa
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This is pretty smart, man! Years ago, I wished something like this existed. I'm grateful that you're making this.
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I'm glad!! ewe I hope it ends up being helpful, even if it's kind of a weird way of going about it haha
feliisvulpes's avatar
I don’t think it’s weird. I think it’s pretty smart and super helpful for the target audience!
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Starting with the bare-bone basics!
Very useful 0.o
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I think there are analogues between humans and animals certainly but humans have some really severely different evolutionary adaptations to take them away from quadrupedal creatures. Applying animal postures to humans can look very strange due to the variances. I think its valid to say there are similarities, there certainly are in basic bone structure but there are massive divergences.

Something I find that is very common with animal artists who draw humans is very short heads length wise and disporportionately muzzle like noses (something I am guilty of myself) with the inverse true of human artists drawing animals where they give the The Dome forehead and tiny short snub muzzles like a bracycephalic dog. I think its useful for people to understand the similarities but I feel like when you are a "specialist" in one type or the other it is so important to really pay attention to the differences because they are where you will fall into uncanny valley when veiwed by people on the other side of the specialism spectrum.

I still find it difficult to train my eye to stupid human noses and their ridiculous half way down eyes after years of drawing both herbivore and carnivore animals.
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Yes yes I'm well aware xD I just think it's a fun way to go about it, and a way to encourage artists to go on about their own research, too! After all, I know my own style (with the muzzle-like look as you mentioned) isn't perfect or anatomically correct whatsoever, but I still much prefer drawing them that way at this stage in my art life. I just want to make the subject as approachable as possible for people who were once in my position uwu Maybe it'll help someone, who knows!
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