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HOW TO DRAW HUMANS (for animal artists) Heads 2/3

Welcome back everyone!!! This is the second part of an ongoing tutorial series I'm making about how to draw humans, tailored to artists who are used to drawing animals. It's been a while since I finished and uploaded the last two parts, and that's because I had to deal with university deadlines... But now that we've hit the holiday, I put some time aside today to finish this next part of the tutorial for all of you!

Tutorial Series Parts (clickable links):
Part 1 - Heads/Faces
  -(1/3) Head Structure/Noses
  -(2/3) Eyes/Mouths/Hair (you're reading it!)
  -(3/3) Unique Facial Design
Part 2 - Torsos
Part 3 - Arms/Hands
Part 4 - Legs/Feet
(parts will be uploaded/linked as I complete them!)

If you like my work and want to support me, consider pledging to my Patreon! No matter what, tutorials will always remain free <3

.:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEd  .:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEd

I will post every part of this tutorial series a day early on my Patreon as they are complete, too! The posts will be public, of course~

This tutorial part can also be viewed on Patreon, here -…


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These tutorials have been a HUGE help to me! Thank you so much for creating them! Looking forward to the next part in the tutorial :D

DUSTDEVlL's avatar

I have the reverse problem so I'll try to reverse engineer this the next time I draw animals/anthros, thank you!

Lyliia's avatar

YEZ! I draw mostly animals and stuff and reading this helped me SO MUCH. Thank you for posting this!

Kadoshi-ufo's avatar

I love this, and thank you, it inspired me to actually draw people XD but i just.. tom.. i.. I stared too long..

SaltnPepperBunny's avatar

OP where's the next part ;;o;;

TawnySoup's avatar

Tbh i haven't attempted the next part yet bc I keep changing how I do it and I'm not totally settled and not sure when I will be TTwTT; Atm I'm just hoping folks are happy with the first two parts while I figure this all out. The tut's take quite a while to make.

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this is so helpful!! ;W;<33

SarahSpyborg259's avatar
This will be helpful for drawing humans! Thanks for making this!
SkaiDaHogwartsGal's avatar
This is actually like the most helpful thing ever thank you thank you.
ChUwU03's avatar

something else this series could be called: "how to hide the fact that you're a furry better"

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coldioc's avatar
even though i've already been drawing humans for a long time i love reading through these tutorials tbh, they're put together so nicely <33
Ylotra's avatar
As a humanoid artist, an inverse would be nice! These are amazing references for both types of artists though!
Cheetany's avatar
I actually looked at Tom for really long just to get what was cursed about him. I didn't :XD:
Thanks for the amazing tutorial! 
VisionSkyX's avatar
this is really helpful thank you so much for creating this!!
DreyaCira's avatar
This is awesome, thanks!
Ghost-PepperArt's avatar
This is amazing
Pone-Dancer's avatar
This is incredibly useful
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