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Chapter 3 - Time Distortion

By TawnySoup
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A new city, a new Indicator, a new threat and most importantly, some vital story pieces and world-building... What is Time Distortion? Can Riley learn to control it? And why isn't anyone dealing with the vicious glitches spreading throughout the city of Aldrea? Join our finally formed group of four, alongside Indicator Minerva, and watch the story unfold over the next few months!


This chapter poster took me a weirdly long time to make, haha - just the complication of the environment - but I think it better suits the style of next chapter (thus far), which has a much higher focus on the environment and character staging. I'm always learning and growing, faster and faster as I work on my webcomic, and though I look back and cringe at my initial panels I know it's important not to change them - I just dont have the time to waste updating things that already exist. It feels better that people can see the progression in my ability. Besides, if I changed the panels, I'd probably want to change up the entirety of the first two chapters and that would affect things on a bigger scale, mess shit up, I'd rather not fiddle by this point xD But, on that note, maybe during this chapter you will be able to see my improved story-construction/telling skills too - the first two chapters were of course written.... 3 years ago. I've gotten better. Much better. I just have to keep working with what my younger, lesser experienced self produces, or I'll never get anywhere.

Anyway, yeah! It's coming soon! Next week, in fact! This week I am taking out to relax (and by relax, I mean work on future panels and classwork and commissions, sooo.... maybe not relax so much as it sounds xD) so just this poster will go up on the site (whenever future me finally wakes up tonight, to upload it). Hope to see you guys soon over at 8D


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Pretty cool! I'm having fun following this. I just started reading it on Comic Fury five minutes ago. I got to page 146. Can't wait to get all the way up to chapter three!