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Ata Hop

Wanted to practice animating something small, and I've been enjoying reading Songdog-StrayFang's comics lately, so why not some fanart? It's only something sketchy so it wouldn't take forever, and maybe it moves a little too much? But it's all practice, and I'm learning as I go. Never animated a bunny hop before! This is more of a walking hop than a running hop ^w^ Hope you like it <3


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Art/animation belongs to me.
Ata (character) belongs to Songdog-StrayFang - Their comic can be read here: Roar Howl Run: Pg1
Made with TVPaint Animation 11
Please do not trace/repost/distribute for any reason without expressed permission! This artwork can be used for any non-profit purpose by Songdog-StrayFang
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© 2020 - 2022 TawnySoup
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You are so talented! <3 It's beautiful!!!!

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Somehow this wasn't already in my favorites??? Thanks DA.
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No right being this cute  Q~Q Super talented~! 
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sjdbssb this is awesome! It's so fluid in motion, and you capture her expression perfectly! That very determined look with the wide eyes. I also love the little details, like how the mohawk bobs forward perfectly with hop. I love it ^^ Can I use it on my front page if I provide a link back (and figure out how to make it fit correctly?)
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Oh yes, yes of course you can use it! I'd be honored haha <3 I'm glad you like it!!! I'm really looking forward to the next Roar Howl Run updates >w< and Ata is so fun to draw
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Aw love how she hops! Such an determined face 
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oh no i think i just died from a cuteness overload
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I recognized Ata right away! this is so well animated, I love it
holy shit that's cute
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She's coming for your ears
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oh snap 8O and your traditions
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Hehehe, thank you!! <3
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ooooohhh, so cute!
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The baby girl!!  It's so cool to see her in motion like this!
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Thank you! Animating characters I've only ever seen as still pictures is honestly the coolest feeling *w*
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Aaaaaw it's too cute! xD
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