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A-maze-ing by TawnySoup A-maze-ing by TawnySoup
In the middle of re-doing my Maze tracker, so I had to draw up the bab. They're basically just the same as default Maze but y'kno xD requirements n all that. At least I had fun colouring lineart n stuff <3

Character/Personality Notes:
MAZE (They/Them)
-Maze when they're 'indecisive'
-They often seek out Tobias for inspiration as to what to be, despite Tobias usually pushing them away.
-Happy-go-lucky and pleasant! But can get rather annoying. They ask too many questions and drag other Griffians into often-unwanted situations, thinking it's a good idea.
-Quite the enigma. They may switch personalities or even mutations at random! On ocassion, they may clone themself, leading to further confusion from Tobias. It seems Tobias is the only one out of the loop about Maze.

Note - Often I will draw other people's Mazes as 'cameo characters' when Maze switches personalities and mutations. They may use this ability to switch selves in order to solve problems, or cause problems... Whoever's Maze I draw, if I draw them, I'll always tag in the description!

BTW, don't think that because my Maze is the 'default' that I've claimed that version of them. I simply thought this version would be the most funny/interesting for interactions with my own characters, and I'm absolutely not stopping anyone from using the same Maze a their own rly xD

My Maze TrackerName: Maze
Nickname/s: Depends on whoever they're 'being' at the moment!
Owner: TaiintySoup (but really, everyone!!!)
Gender: Non-binary/Gender-fluid/etc (they're in their middle-place)(Any pronouns but usually they/them)
Age: Unknown
Height:  45cm (so smol!!!)
Species: Bagbean
Type: Event
Theme: 500th Anniversary
Bag type: Side-bag
Mutations: None! (Though they seem to pop up unexplainably when switching personalities)
LVL: 0
City of origin: Unknown
Occupation: The everybean! They can be anyone, they can be everyone! But today, they're not sure who to be...
Political status: Royal
Indecisive yet undeniably cheery. Almost annoyingly so. They talk to anyone and everyone they meet, hoping to get an idea of who to be next, but in their 'art-block' like current mo

Activity Reward - Peanut by BankOfGriffiax01
(PS - Who's excited for Haze? 8)))) )


Art/character variant belongs to me.
Maze character belongs to everyone (wow), created by griffsnuff alongside the Bagbeans species.
Made with Paint Tool SAI.
Please do not trace/repost/distribute/etc.
coldioc Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Student General Artist
i love your version of maze <3 aa
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February 9, 2018
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