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Tawny/Soup | INTJ | Kinetic Learner | She/her | 20
Hey there! I'm Soup (or Tawny, if you prefer). Welcome to my profile!
Here you will find animations, lots of OC art, character designs, etc. Currently I am at University studying animation ;w;

I run my own webcomic, currently in Chapter 3, called Timezone! Please give it a read by clicking the image below if you are interested 8w8

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You can also find me on twitter!
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.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Stamp - GIYF by firstfear Stamp - Watch Me by firstfear

Art made
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My Griffians!

To-Do List

~~ TO-DO LIST ~~


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1 - Work on Timezone updates (FOREVER)
2 - Work on Animation Classwork (Sorta Forever)

(Just so I don't forget about things I've commissioned/etc!)

None right now!

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Back at this again TTwTT;;; But I really have no use for this Leloko and with TOS stating I cannot simply sell it on I am having a hard time finding someone who could feasibly trade me for it (since all seeking journals are offering USD). I love the design of this Leloko but it's been rotting in my files for a long time and with any kind of Griffian character I would find much more use. I do not know the original value of this Leloko as I traded for it, but the CS I traded it for was originally a Weaver worth $120 if that means anything. I am willing to look at almost any offer though.

LowResRef7348 by TawnySoup
They come with these extra pieces:
By Milkyguts By Salisburies-d9rdzef by TawnySoup Sketch by TawnySoup by TawnySoup
(The second sketch is by myself)

Griffians (Doms, Semi-mains, SECs)
Griffian Items (anything)
Realworld Items (tell my how much $$$ you're willing to spend on realworld items from Amazon or etc, but no higher than $100)
Artwork as Add-on. Please try to offer interesting things, not just fullbodies/headshots/icons/etc. 

Please DON'T offer money/points/GC/SC as this will breach Phloxebutt's TOS (it sucks, I know)
Similarly please don't lowball me - I do want to trade this design one way or another but I know it is still worth a fair bit.

If you offer a Griffian Dom or a similarly highly-desirable offer then I can always add on extra commissions for you if you wish! My commission list is here - COMMISSION PRICE LIST (including things such as animations, YCHs, designs and redesigns, ref sheets, printed comms like acrylic charms and pins, etc)
I highly doubt I'll get any offers though, if this is anything like my last attempt, haha TTwTT But I may as well keep casting the line until something bites, right? As such, I'll probably update this journal a few times in the near future. Hopefully you guys don't mind it too much...


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Points aren't as important as real money is, but I can always use it to help advertise my work 8w8 so even little contributions are appreciated <3
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Sorry about my weird activity levels lately guys 88w88 I've been moving house. We're just about done now, apart from some few things that need unpacked/organised, but it's been enough time for me to fall into some confused status over my art life haha. I've spent a lot of time with Beefbirb, whom I'm living with here now, and I haven't been in front of my comp nearly as much as a result. I do intend to get working again soon tho!!!

I think I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed TTwTT Bills and unpacking and living in a city again and balancing my online/IRL lives and trying to find a place to fit drawing in, and I haven't even gotten onto continuing Timezone or opening commissions yet. It's a bit intense!!! Hopefully activity will pick up again slowly with time... 8w8;;;

In the meantime... It's really cool to live in a flat with just me and my bestie and no one else to worry about for noise levels, no parents, no drunk stranger flatmates, just us. We figured out how to hook our computers to the TV beef brought that's in the livingroom, so we eat meals (that we cook together cus neither of us rly have the energy/willingness to cook solo xD) watching youtube, snuggle on the sofa while playing games (she brought her XBox, me my Wii and a PS2 I recently found at an auction house), watching out the high flat windows to the high street road below (we've never lived this deep into a city before), it's great! Though one issue we've encountered is, because we always chat about our characters over telegram/comp, we're accidentally talking about them a lot less, so we'll need to do something about that. Our babs are our life

Anyway.... sorry for my blabbing!!! There's just so much happening at once, aaa!!!
The conflicted split between wanting to make things to sell before u sell them but wanting to contribute to the commission market instead of flooding dA with more pointless adoptable designs

I really ought to make more YCHs 8') But primarily I should probably just open my comms in general OTL there's people waiting for me to ping 'em

Argghh!!! I'm just so poorly cut out for freelance work xD
EDIT: I've made my decision! Thank you, everyone who showed interest 8w8 So much love for my scruffy boi <3

LF a Soulmate for Tobias!!! I don't have any Griffians I think he'd be comfortable with as he's quite an aggressive character 8w8 but man do I crave me those Time Activity benefits!!! So if you think your Griffian would make a good match for him (perhaps a patient sweetheart would be the best) then hit me up! I'm not much for roleplaying and chatting but if you're just looking for Soulmating benefits then I'm ur woman ;v; Here's the boi:
Tobias by TawnySoup Tracker -206- TobiasINFORMATION
HP:10 | ATK:10 | SPD:00 | STH:00 | DEF:00 | EXP:00 | LVL:00
Theme: Wolverine 
Species/subtype Bagbean| Common
Beano Mutation/Status: Common | None
Masterlist Entry: 206 - Wolverine
Age: Early 20's
Height: Medium-Short
Gender: Male
Occupation: Survivalist
City of origin: Forest of Light (Winter), Tempeawoods/Borealins Forest (Summer)
Mutations: Long Claws, Long Fur, Different Tail. 
Forms: Bagbean (normal) form, Berserk form.
Tobias, despite the rough and tough appearance, is in fact a rather cowardly and hopeless Bean. As a kid, he might accidentally hurt others with his long claws, which made him feel awful. The more he retracted himself from physical contact and the more

You must be fine with completing your 3 steps of the Soulmate Trial fairly quickly! I'm going to do them quite simple and chibi-ish, like this:
Tobias - Fluffia Registration Trial by TawnySoup
I'm gonna be moving soon, aaahhh!!! In the next week, me and Beefbirb will be getting our keys to the flat near university for the next year, and we'll be taking all our luggage over <3 I'm so excited! I have been for months but I'm not sure I ever mentioned? We'll be living together, just us, in our own 2-person flat, for the first time! Up until now I've just been in accommodation 8w8 AKA flats where we get one room and a kitchen shared with a bunch of strangers. I'm so damn excited to live with my bestie in our own place instead <3 eeeheeehEEE!!!

But yes, I bring this up for a small reason - My activity level might be a little confusing for the next couple of weeks. Not sure when Timezone updates or commissions will be finished, so bare with me for now ;;O;; It's gonna be worth it! >www<
Wanting to have a Timezone update done today but it'll probably be delayed since Beefbirb's been helping me with the BGs - I need to redownload the complete SAI file off of her, which is now 190MB big, and I have very limited phone data that I run off when I'm at home... So I'm not sure what to do. Maybe I should ask her to send it as a PNG instead and deal with uncoloured lines, just for this update. Usually I wait until I'm at my sister's house to download things but being there means babysitting, heh TTwTT So yeah, the point I was making with this I guess is it might be a bit late, maybe even a day or two, but I'm still enthusiastic to work on it, I don't want to go straight back into hiatus after starting to upload pages. Yeah. Sorry for my blabbing!


Please note, I am a very shy and sensitive person ;~; I don't take kindly to questions I have already answered or are just plain silly, so please search for the answer on my profile or through google before asking me anything.

There is a high chance I won't respond to your comment, but it will get read! I am just bad at socialising haha TTvTT;

Also, please do not beg for points!

(BTW, please don't ask about old Open Species or line-art of mine, I don't care what you do with them. These questions are really annoying because the answer is always going to be the same: yes, do whatever you want with them)


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LadyTuake Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey,the touch tablet cats can be anthro?
Veonara Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh your animations are so nice!
I'd love to commission you oneday -w- 
STARLIRIOUS Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Were you originally Taiinthuman?
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2018  Student General Artist
ye, I was TaiintyHuman
STARLIRIOUS Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Oh cool, I think I watched you on my old account
And I'll do it again, <3 can't wait for what you make
bean-apocolypse Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018
Zoom Eyes 
i just read your webcomic in one sitting and very good, i really love your style. it is so energetic. the concept is hella cool too (though im confused at how the indicators work).

keep it up yo, i need to keep out for the new pages
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018  Student General Artist
Gosh, thank you!! 8w8 I was going to say that must have taken a while, but all things considered it's much faster to read something than it is to make said thing, so maybe my perspective is skewed xD
I'm glad you enjoyed it so far! The Indicators are a little bit simpler than they might seem - basically imagine a big bubble that's always around them, and anything inside the bubble is affected by the movement of time. Outside the bubble, time is frozen, and nothing can pass into it...
But yes! Eee, that makes me want to go work on panels right now. I think I'll do that!! >w<
MagicRain100 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 4, 2018
Hi, I love your art!

Also, I have a question: Do you make webtoons?

I would really appreciate it if you answered my question. :D Don't be shy, I don't bite! :happybounce:
TawnySoup Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018  Student General Artist
If you're asking whether I animate things for youtube, or little animated stories, I don't unfortunately ;;A;; I do animate for the sake of practice and visuals and upload them here but they're usually p small, occasional things 8w8 I've got a folder for animated things here -…
If you mean non-animated comics then yeah, I do that! I'm always working on my webcomic, Timezone ;v; U can find links to it at the top of my profile.
MagicRain100 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018
Ok, thanks so much!
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