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Soup | INTJ | Kinesthetic Learner | She/her | 22

Email: tawnysoup@gmail.com

Hey there! I'm Soup. Welcome to my profile! Here you will find animations, lots of OC art, character designs, etc. I recently graduated from uni and currently work as an animator! ;w;

I run my own webcomic, currently in Chapter 3, called Timezone! Please give it a read by clicking the banner below if you are interested!! <3


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  • $1 Tier - Timezone updates half a week early, as well as bonus F2U resources, sketches, speedpaints and more!

  • $3 Tier - All previous rewards plus Timezone's current buffer of updates, and I'll credit you every Timezone update!

  • $8 Tier - All previous rewards plus I'll draw your OC or yourself as background characters in official Timezone updates!


Twitter - twitter.com/TawnySoup

Tumblr (Timezone) - https://timezone-webcomic.tumblr.com/

Youtube - www.youtube.com/channel/UC7qWc…

Instagram (shared) - www.instagram.com/tawnybirb/

Patreon - www.patreon.com/tawnysoup

Redbubble - www.redbubble.com/people/taiin…

Timezone has a Tumblr! I just finished uploading all pages to it tonight, please go check it out and reblog some pages if you use tumblr https://timezone-webcomic.tumblr.com/
Eclipse Warning - Don't write your descriptions before uploading the artwork. I just finished writing a long description including links and credits to other artists, and the moment I uploaded the artwork to go with it, the description deleted itsel
Which idiot decided that icons should be viewed at 30x30 pixels on comments??? Why was 50x50 not working for you??? Why are they so bloody tiny??? Why do I have to move my cursor halfway across the bloody screen every time I want to perform a simple

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Oh, happy 600 Deviations!! Lol, felt like pointing that out >w< Congrats!♥️

Goodness me, this art is incredible! I honestly squealed when Riley said they were Agender >w< The whole time I was just “Boy? Girl? ..Agender..?” It was thrilling! I love your comic and all your designs. Your animations are clean and flawless. Keep up the good work! <3

Thank you so much!!! I'm really glad you've been enjoying Timezone 8w8 <3 The world needs more NB rep, so I'm glad to deliver, hehee!

your art is beautiful

Dear TawnySoup,

I was checking around your animations and I really love the fluenty motion and clean lines, it looks like you fully understand the fundamentals,I am a beginner in animation and I understand the funtamentals but I dont know how to put it in bulk like I dont know how to animate, can you please give me some pointers so I can finally put my ideas on my laptop

From a dear watcher


Idk if this is the moved account, but I made a bioluing and was wondering if this design works. Thx if you can help! ‘^^


I'm sorry, it's been years since I made Biolowings so I honestly don't remember! It looks fine to me though - you're allowed to do whatever you want with my open species without needing me to approve it (even if it totally breaks design rules).