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Soup | INTJ | Kinesthetic Learner | She/her | 22

Email: tawnysoup@gmail.com

Hey there! I'm Soup. Welcome to my profile! Here you will find animations, lots of OC art, character designs, etc. I recently graduated from uni and currently work as an animator! ;w;

I run my own webcomic, currently in Chapter 3, called Timezone! Please give it a read by clicking the banner below if you are interested!! <3


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  • $1 Tier - Timezone updates half a week early, as well as bonus F2U resources, sketches, speedpaints and more!

  • $3 Tier - All previous rewards plus Timezone's current buffer of updates, and I'll credit you every Timezone update!

  • $8 Tier - All previous rewards plus I'll draw your OC or yourself as background characters in official Timezone updates!


Twitter - twitter.com/TawnySoup

Tumblr (Timezone) - https://timezone-webcomic.tumblr.com/

Youtube - www.youtube.com/channel/UC7qWc…

Instagram (shared) - www.instagram.com/tawnybirb/

Patreon - www.patreon.com/tawnysoup

Redbubble - www.redbubble.com/people/taiin…

Who do you consider to be the main protagonist of Timez...

  |  54 votes
  • Riley
  • Lucy
  • Both
Timezone update will go up tomorrow instead of tonight like usual, folks! Honestly I just forgot until I’d turned all my stuff off and gotten into bed and I don’t have the willpower to get up and upload everything right now, so I hope that’s c
@BeefBirb posted the teaser to our new comic, 'Affected', coming soon! Go take a look! We're both so excited

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Oh, happy 600 Deviations!! Lol, felt like pointing that out >w< Congrats!♥️

Goodness me, this art is incredible! I honestly squealed when Riley said they were Agender >w< The whole time I was just “Boy? Girl? ..Agender..?” It was thrilling! I love your comic and all your designs. Your animations are clean and flawless. Keep up the good work! <3

Thank you so much!!! I'm really glad you've been enjoying Timezone 8w8 <3 The world needs more NB rep, so I'm glad to deliver, hehee!

your art is beautiful

Dear TawnySoup,

I was checking around your animations and I really love the fluenty motion and clean lines, it looks like you fully understand the fundamentals,I am a beginner in animation and I understand the funtamentals but I dont know how to put it in bulk like I dont know how to animate, can you please give me some pointers so I can finally put my ideas on my laptop

From a dear watcher


Idk if this is the moved account, but I made a bioluing and was wondering if this design works. Thx if you can help! ‘^^


I'm sorry, it's been years since I made Biolowings so I honestly don't remember! It looks fine to me though - you're allowed to do whatever you want with my open species without needing me to approve it (even if it totally breaks design rules).