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Hi Everyone!
Trying to update all of my social media sites and this one always ends up being the last in the loop :( but I am going to be adding my wig commissions on here.  Also we just got back from AMA this weekend and it was great to meet new friends and chat with old ones!  Hope to see everyone at Connection in a few weeks!
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Back from the dead...again

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:48 PM

Hey everyone,
So I am going to really try to update all of my social sites including this one so you should be seeing alot more of my wig commissions, personal work, and hair accessories.  My next con I'm going to be at is Zenkaikon followed by Animazement.  Hope to see everyone there!


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So like usual I am super behind on updating this journal but anyway I wanted to post my past 4 con reviews, but they won't be in as much detail as usual because of how many they are but I did want to talk a lil bout them all

First of all THANK YOU...everyone of you who stopped by my tables/booth for each or any of these cons without you I would probaly be miserable stuck behind a desk all day at some office offense to those who love their office jobs :) just not for me

This was a free convention in Hamden CT for two days at the end of April...tbh I wasn't expecting much as this was there first year and it was only two days but man was I wrong.  I saw alot of familiar faces, but I also saw some people that told me they would love to go to other cons, but can't due to funds and were so happy to have a free con close to home.  I also saw alot of families who were at the convention together as a highly geek family I really appreciate this!  The girl who was in charge of the alley was super friendly and helpful.  The only downfall was I had to breakdown my table on Sat night, but it wasn't too bad and for a free two day con I don't mind breaking down.  I did three chibi commissions for this convention which all came out cute! If you were the guy who commissioned a chibi of himself Sunday let me know I don't want to post it until I give it to you and the devart id you gave me doesn't seem to work...I wasn't able to go to much as I was at my table but I did get to see the stuff for the main events area during the day because it was near my table and the dating game was hilarious! There were also a decent amount of really good cosplays! The two that come to mind was a Mephisto and a Harley Quinn that were very good.  So in wrap up if you are near Hamden next year, GO to this con people are super friendly and the view on the top of the hill was amazing...made me kinda jealous that I went to UCONN and not Quinnipiac.:)

This was my first official dealers room convention.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but ended up being really lucky having a really nice married couple next to me selling collectibles and plushies.  He was really nice and helped me plan out my next dealers room.  This was my first con out side of the New England-ish area as it was in NC and I have to say OMG you NC'ers deal with so much humidity its amazing!  And alot of people said it wasn't too bad.  Anyway the con went really well I saw alot of people cosplaying as the Old spice guys...which lol.  Due to being in the dealers room and having early hours I got to go to more things than usual.  I was able to see some screenings which were decent, the masquerade which was much smaller than what was expected, and a video of the hatsune miku concert from AX last year.  I am soo jelly of all you who got to see that in person!  The one stinker of the con was we lost power in the hotel one night, I guess a block or two of Raleigh did.  I really liked this con, unfortunately I can't go next year as its the same weekend as AB, but I will def be there the following year!

So this was my second year at ANext and I have to say I was a little dissapointed I don't know if it was because the musical guest weren't as good as last year, but I felt like there were less people.  This may have just been in the alley, but it seemed smaller than last year and sales weren't as good.  BUT I do have to mention I still love this con and will def go next year, going to miss as shes moving over sea and won't be around next year but her art is amazing go and check her out if you haven't! Also was a great table neighbor and her art is great as well!  Anext will always have a special place in my heart as I have a whole bunch of friends that I met there and love!  I don't think I will ever miss an ANext.

Lastly Anthrocon
Before I say anything I want to let everyone know all the stereotypes of furry cons and fans are BS!  No offense to the awesome people I meet at all the other conventions I go to but Anthrocon was one of my best con experiences so far.  Everyone there is so super nice and friendly I had awesome roomates and table neighbors in the Dealers den!  I didn't really get to go to much as I was in the den most of the time, but everyone was awesome there and Pittsburgh is so pretty...well the part we were in lol.  I got to eat overlooking the water and feed the ducks :)...After thinking about it all weekend I have decided my fursona is a monkey and if time permits I will be making a partial for next year.  I have definitly decided furrycons will now be in my line up.  I got to go to their masquerade which was very interesting especially the shakespeare skit involving a walrus, a shark, a dog, and a cat.  Yes they found a way to all be connected lmao...anyway it was a great experience and if you are wavering about whether or not to go next year I would definitely say yes.

So those are my most recent cons my next three are CTCON, Animaine, and NYCC

Thank you again to everyone who came to my table hope to see you again!
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Anime Boston was a great success thank you to everyone who stopped by my table to buy my stuff or to just chat it is always great to meet new people.  I believe I have added everyone who was on my deviant art list, but if I missed you let me know.

I got to the con pretty late on thursday but was able to bring my stuff up to the alley...three bags and 4 suitcases later I was able to meet up with my roomies and get my key.  Then I dropped off the commissions I did of Lightnings gunblade from FF13 and vash's gun, and unit 01 evangelion blade as well as the costume for Halloweentown Sora.  Pictures will soon be up of these I believe they all came out well.

My cosplay for today was magnet gumi and everyone loved both my wig and headset so that was great! I got to the alley as soon as it opened for the artists I was disappointed that I had to use the shorter poles for my display because the longer ones were a bit wobbly, but thanks to the help of the guy from fairy boy productions I was able to get everything all set up and ready for opening.  It was so busy on Friday I really liked my table spot this year it seemed like there were hardly any lulls at all at the convention even late at night people were still coming by.  I didn't really get to go to much because I was so exhausted from prep work but I did catch the end of the AMV showings...I love watching Amv's they are usually what I watch when I am working :D  I am so happy fate matrix won it is one of my faves...on friday I was commissioned to do a geisha and she came out pretty well also.

Today I dressed as applejack from MLP:FIM...I know that you either love or hate the show but I am definitely one of the people who love it and everyone seemed to like my costume especially my extremely oversized freckles :).  It was really busy on Saturday, but sales were a bit slower for me which is usually par for the course my best day is usually Friday...By mid day saturday I was out of all of my fur ears and many of my clay charms and figures.   The guy that commissioned the geisha picked her up and really liked her...Thanks Alex! After the alley closed I went and grabbed a sandwich and soda 13 dollars! For those of you that live in Boston I am sure thats normal but OMG for me it was crazy!  Anyway I basically went back to the room, relaxed and packed my stuff.

Sunday was sort of slow for me I had tons of charms go on sunday as well as a few small prints.  It is sometimes nice to have a slower day after the incredible chaos of the weekend.  

Overall AnimeBoston was an amazing filled with great people and great cosplayers.  SO many awesome sailor moon cosplayers at AB!  My next convention is quinnicon april 28-29th at quinnipiac university in connecticut.  If you have some free time that weekend it is a completely FREE convention and should be a great time.  Thank you again for everyone who came by XD

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I hope that everyone had a great holiday season! I know mine was busy with the in-laws here from Sicily and such but now its time to get busy for the convention season once again.

I have a horrible time keeping this updated but I am going to try more now.  I just wanted to thank everyone who came to my tables at The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition, Another Anime Con, and Gobble-con.  I had a great time at all three conventions and hope to see everyone one there again this coming year.  If you haven't gone to these conventions they are great and are small to mid size cons that are in Sept. Oct and Nov.

In upcoming news I now have an etsy site where you can get my accessories and will be uploading more products throughout the next month or two. You can visit it at

I have also been updating my two websites pretty frequently http// and http//  I hope to be uploading my merchandise on the tawniebow  website withing the next month or so as well.   

In Commissions I am currently working on Dead Master scythe, claws, and horns; halloweentown sora; lightnings gunblade from FF13 and the knife from Evangelion as well as my own Shiemi costume and Little sister Costume and Adam Syringe.

If you are interested in getting a commission let me know either through one of my websites or note me here.

In Convention news I am definitely attending AnimeBoston and I should be attending Quinnicon.  I hope to go to Portcon, AnimeNext, Connecticon, and Otakon for my summer cons.  Hope to see you there!

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So I know I need to update this more often but anyway Anime Boston went pretty well.  I had some personal stuff going at the time so I didn't have my usual happy mood, but I tried as much as I could. Thanks to everyone who came to my table.  There were tons of great cosplays and the amv's which are some of my favorite con things were great!  

AnimeNext was a few weeks ago and not only was the first time I had a table there but first time at the con as well.  The con itself was much larger than I expected so I am glad that I brought the extra stock I was planning on bringing to CTCon because otherwise I wouldn't have had much left after Friday.  My table neighbors were great.  You should check them out especially if you like Hetalia because she has an awesome fanart of Hungary that I LOVE...along with other great prints and if you like cameo brooches or necklaces she has beautiful ones of those as well…;

The con itself was pretty good, and I roomed with some great people who I went to the rave with Saturday night.  They were all hilarious and omg the rave is sooo huge.  I got to go to cosplay burlesque which is an ....interesting experience.  The Mix Speakers concert was really good and if I had the chance would totally go again.  I sold four ears to guests from Japan which was awesome because they were all sooo cute, one being the "girl" from Mix Speakers.

I am going to try to be more active on here so hopefully pictures will be coming :)

Look for me at
Connecticon on July 8th
Great New England Steampunk exhibition September 16
Another Anime Convention Oct 14
Gobble con Nov 18th
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So I haven't updated in forever!  I am getting ready for AB and my craft fair/yard sale.  I will be selling headbands, minitophats, jewelery and perhaps some fleece hats if I can get them finished up.  AAC went really well and I actually made a decent profit thanks to everyone who went to my table!  I am getting really busy with costume commissions and am actually in the process of making Black Star, Maka Albarn, Tsubaki, Soul Evans, Harley Quinn, Saber, Big Daddy, Little Sister, Lightning, a Warhammer costume on top of my own.  SO...ya I'm a busy girl.

Upcoming conventions
Anime Boston
Another Anime Con
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So I officially got a spot at another anime con Yay!  I took the 8th spot out of 17 and put my email in at 801 didnt realize how quick those spots go.  I have never been to that convention but hope it is a good one.  Especially because I will be able to bring better stuff with me.

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So the connecticon is coming in a month now and I am starting to freak out a lil.  I thought making a show piece of Augusta Vradica (seth nightroad) would be a good challenge and would help me get some costume commissions because I have a AA booth and will be selling headbands, lolita things, bookmarks and buttons as well as bringing a photobook with all of the costumes I have made hoping to get people to want to get a costume made from me...anyway this costume is the death of me.  The artbook pictures are so beautiful but there arent all of the angles available so I have artistic license.  As much as I enjoy having the ability to do what I want it is stressful I dont want to disgrace the Thores creation....
sorry bout the rant...
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So today I finished my last final for school and have some much needed "me" time. Yay! That means I have time for some new drawings...umm still not sure what to draw....and time to work on my crazy cosplay and some other generic ones.  My crazy one is Seth Nightroad from Trinity Bloodand the generics are vocaloids, haruhi suzumiya, vampire knight, and link from legend of zelda....So I guess I dont really have much "me" time.

Until the next time
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