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SLR McLaren Mercedes

:w00t!: I've finished it. My first vectorized car with more than just solid colors. Actually the first vector I did with gadients. Ah well...just a new expierience for me. I'm still not satisfied how it turned out, but I guess it works for training.

100% Flash MX
Optical Mouse
15hrs of time

The Ride:
Top Speed: 334 km/h
Torque: 780 Nm
Power: 460 KW
Price: ~540.000€

The SLR McLaren is the F1-Racer for "everybody" (who can afford it ;)). Mercedes style, F1 technology and AMG performance make this supersportscar possible. It is supposed to bring the McLaren race-history to the streets (and perhaps it should show Ferrari and their Enzo Ferrari what performance and style should look like). Anyway...if I had 540000€ I would invest it into this car.
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you're not happy with it?? It's f***ing brilliant...
I've beeing drawing vector cars for over 8 years and I can't do anything like this...
good work, no doubt.
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ZOMG I thought it was a photo before reading the description. :)
It's my dream car.
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dude...can i use this as a source for my training in vector?i want to try illustrated this using pen and mesh tool in illustarator..
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nicely detailed :)
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heys, this one has been featured here [link] :D
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Oh my. This is sleek as hell! You rawk.
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Fantastic! I've spent the entire day working on one of my own, which is no where near finished. Just looking at this you've done a very good job especially for using Flash. There's no gradient meshes in there is there its all gradient tool?

Its awesome either way.
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Oh man, this is like my all time favorite Mercedes :D
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looking good, especially as it was done in flash.
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I did 0ne myself few years ago...
You can see it in my gallery if you're curious

But seriously yours is completely insane
The details are awesome...

Great work!
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Awesome worK!!! that car is one of my favs!! Amazing works! thats jaw dropping! and you're saying you're not satisfied?!
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If that would hit me when I'm crossing a street, I would die with a smile on my face.

I superb ♥
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Woww incredible is very nice :D Fav+
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wow amazing vector, good work.
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fucking awesome
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awesome shaping work here :thumbsup:
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Damn that's awesome. SLR is probably the classier of the McLaren lineup.

Great picture bud. ;)
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i can afford it me me me :wave: lolz xD i have too much money i already have one parked in my garage and severl other incredibly expensive cars like the F430, Lamoborghini, ford GT500, cadillac escalade, cadillac CTS, Honda S2000. but when you do afford one of those a warning: Cops WILL hate you
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I mean the car of course, not the drawing...:)

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The only way I'll ever own one of those is on "Gran Turismo 4". :D

(And I do too...)
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