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HPMOR--Not Coming Back

By Tavoriel
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A new chapter of the epic Harry Potter Fan fiction "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" came out, and the Malfoys were mentioned in it.

Obligatory fan art (quickie this time).


(Draco has Luke Skywalker hair)

You don't have to be a good guy to be allowed to be sad.

Harry Potter (C) J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by user Less Wrong
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Very emotionally evocative. Less Wrong's fanfic really paints all the characters as morally grey and somewhat empathetic, and this drawing really makes it clear how wrong some of the "right" decisions are. Suddenly Harry's not the only one without a mother.

Though it's only a fiction, I hope her death saved others' lives.
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I like the sketchy quick-look effect :)
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I love the special effects; they really set the mood. This makes you realize that.....(uh spolier alert for anyone reading this, I guess)...

-The person explaining this...event said that it happened to prevent Voldemort from randomly killing people's innocent family members.
-But this was achieved by randomly killing....wait a minute....
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And now his automatic response to every situation is to assume that it's a horrific life-or-death chess game where you must carefully weigh the value of each of your "pieces." I didn't get the impression that he was much of a leader in the past, and now his leadership amounts to "I know better, step aside fool."

Also. In a chess game. The pieces are colored white and black, but there is no good or evil side. Both sides just want to win.