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What is your friend code at mino monsters?
i got earth guardian
What is your problem,huh? I tried to reason w/you on the wizards wiki,to make it clear I wouldn't ditch the wiki,just take breaks from it,and what do I get in return? More of the same "haters gonna hate nonsense",which you cited,as a reason why I WOULD,as you put it,abandon the wiki,over a "sock puppet which wasn't me,trying to sink the wiki?!?" :sadangel:
I think you got it mixed up. I never mentioned anything about "haters;" i don't even use that word, let alone, believe that there are such people as haters out there. There are no haters, only people who fail o discover the truth.
Yes well,that still does NOT EXPLAIN why you said "hey guess what? I think silshrek made a fake idea thats similar to his own,then went about vandalizing the wowp wiki,claiming he was innocent of any wrongdoings,when in fact,he had been lying the whole time!"