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Tetris Plushies

They're finally here!!!

Sorry for the extremely late upload everyone, but now my new Tetris plushies are here and for sale!

Each made with anti-pill fleece with plastic black eyes and a felt mouth, which can be made different for each person, as they can tell me which mouth they require.

Each tetrimino, whether large or small, contains a squeaker too.

I ship worldwide too, please contact me for details. I just picked a selection of plushies but I will eventually make the whole set.

If you order the whole set I will give you a discount!

Prices are:

LARGE tetriminos (1 mino = 3.5"): $28 each
SMALL tetriminos (1 mino = 2.5"): $20 each


LARGE tetriminos set: $175
SMALL tetriminos set: $125

Shipping varies depending on how many tetriminos are in the order, but I ship worldwide, please ask me for a quote!


These 4 tetriminos shown in the deviation are ready for sale instantly. Please note me if you'd like to buy.

"Z" and "O" are large, and "I" and "L" are small sizes.
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Kawaii!! I want a Tetris Block plushie
SilentPainterGhost's avatar
Hey you should post your plushies here: [link]
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Bahaha I have the L one !! :)
are you still selling these tetris plushies? would you be able to make small ones but without the speaker inside
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I sure am :) and yes, I can make them without the squeaker in them if you'd want. Send me a note sometime and we can discuss it :)
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Aww, how cute! ^w^ :meow:
tavington's avatar
hehe thank you!
Tammyyy's avatar
No problem OwO
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i am so going to buy these - once i've got a place to put them (apartment lol) i want to furnish it with some tetris plushies!!
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Hehe yay! I'd be happy to make some for you!
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X3 oh gos i love these :love:
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aw its so cute i love all of them thank you for posting this!~(screams and runs)
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No problem! Thanks for the comment!
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these are awesome! my brother loves tetris, but I doubt it's manly to have plushies! :XD:
tavington's avatar
Thanks so much!
Veritas-Unae's avatar
ohmygodtheseareamazing... I wish I could buy one!
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