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Chibi Ganondorf -happy version-

This was a plush commission for ~ForestKitty22 who wanted a mini Twilight Princess Ganondorf plushie.
Many thanks to !BabyLondonStar for the head shape pattern.

He stands 12 inches high and here's a run down of what he's made from:

-Micro fleece skin and polar fleece hair, shaded with Copic markers and acrylic paint
-Pleather belt and armour in navy blue and brown
-Tiny gold fabric paint detailing on his armour
-Jump rings for earrings
-Velvet cape with gold paint detailing
-Ribbon and trimming detail
-Brown fabric underclothes
-Gold fabric covered foam headdress, laced with sequins
-Unique nose, neither sewn on or painted (trade secret sorry!)

This chibi also has a voicebox in his tummy, so he lets out a Brawl laugh when you squeeze him :heart:

Here was my original Chibi Ganondorf plush I also did on commission:
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EvilKing-Ganondorf's avatar
wow. O.O that is an ADORABLE Ganon plush! I WANT. :3
aphid777's avatar
Sound effects too?! You're too good :D
Shadow-Dinosaur's avatar
Hehehehe looks like a plot is hatching in that head of his! XD

Very cute work.
melusine77's avatar
awwwwwwwwwwww hahahahahahaha luv it
tavington's avatar
Thank you very much!
melusine77's avatar
i loved it and anytime!!
imacetra's avatar
Oh that is so sweet!
ForestKitty22's avatar
This is the happy day of his life he'll be
sure taking care of by me i Promise:handshake:
Oh i can't wait to press his Tummy!!
UpChuck13's avatar
that made me shit my self
Luke-the-F0x's avatar
Heh, Ganondorf looks well chuffed and also rather creepy with that expression. The details look amazing.
Great job.
Coillte's avatar
Amazing detail! The voice box is a great idea! ^^
killddianette's avatar
Oh god, the hell is that ? ^__^
That's freaking cool and cute and WTF !!
cream-n-cookies's avatar
LOL pincurled hair :iconhurrplz:
Zeldacrazy123's avatar
Aw! He looks so cute:3
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