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Started this in CG world and finished as paint done in Photoshop

About 10 hours
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Giving me chills
I think this piece is stunning! It is like you are right in the middle of all the shit!
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heheh thanks very much!
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Amazing Work I Like it i hope you visit my art gallery and comment on my designs if you don`t mind
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Epic... and terrifying.
I fave like 90% of your work. How do you get the motivation/ideas?
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haha thanks, man :) I do appreciate it. I just like cool looking shit- in this case, missile launches and sci-fi planets with epic skies. I guess that's pretty much the extent of it :)
argh. i also think your idea is esteemably cool, i just never would have thought of such an epic composition. most of the ideas i do have, i am at a loss to execute. i should just whine less and draw more, i suppose.
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well- yes practice is always the most important part of the equation. I always think a really good starting place for interesting composition, which makes for a compelling piece, is an extreme perspective of your subject or an extreme difference in scale between objects in the piece. And thank you- I'm flattered that you like my work. :)
you are a very professional and humble artist! that is excellent to see on dA.
i think i am more inclined towards conceptualizing characters and props than painting interesting artistic pieces. it is just that i appreciate the density of mood you and other artists create with that artistic methodology, and i kind of wish i could spend more time doing the same.
i feel the same way about learning to 3d-model, but i now know that it's too time-consuming to focus on right now. so, i'm an industrial design major for the time being, because i want to be able to communicate the complex visual forms and mechanisms i think up. do you happen to be an art student yourself?
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No, I'm actually a visual effects artist and matte painter. Never went to art school ;)
haha, i've never been to an art school until i enrolled at the design college at my university. it's very cool that you get to apply artistic principles in your daily work, though.
well, thanks for the convo! i really appreciated it. :)
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what a great piece! your skill level and artistry has grown incredibly! Well done.
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wooooooow awesome work... n very powerful image... i like ur sense of depth! :)
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Holy Shit....that was my first reaction XD
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is this before or after the battle? This is either the calm before all hell breaking loose or the sheer exaustion afterwards.
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really interesting work, well done.
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Holy crap this is beautiful.
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Thanks for accepting your art in my group !
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reminds me of what y2k would have looked like had it happened the way people said.
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Will be seeking inspiration from this one.
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