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Your tilted camera angle coupled with Jessy's sexy body position turns a mundane "chair in the corner" into an exciting, lively scene.....

The video for this is excellent! Technically, the camera work & resolution are very good & offers a clear view of the action. "Yoko" is...

Well I certainly appreciate the nude shot... that's how all bondage should be. :w00t: Also, it's a nude shot but doesn't actually reveal any...

I stumbled onto this image (and your gallery) & was immediately drawn in... this is outstanding from the quality, mood & setting to the...


Mrs. Flair Hesitates
The guards had bungled... typically all captives were secured in their cages with a chain attached to each of their collars & their ankle cuffs locked together. They had forgot to carry out the rigid procedure with the women in the last cage - the one consumed by the dark shadow of the room. Furthermore the latch on the door wasn't clicked in all the way... This cell had three tourists - Fran, Latonya & Mrs. Carol Flair - nude, gagged & wrists cuffed behind them. They had been in this hell hole for several weeks... the abuse they've endured, just as all the female captives did, was unspeakable. The oldest of the trio (Fran) leaned nervously against the door... click... to her astonishment it opened. ggwwmmmfff... mmmffff... She quietly mumbled through her gag at the other women... Realizing the guard forgot to secure them properly they all had the same thought... escape! They knew they were close to the port & overheard earlier a navy vessel had docked... if they could get close & be seen this nightmare would end. With their mouths stuffed they couldn't devise much of a plan... so they just grunted & nodded clumsily... then gingerly tiptoed out of the cage. They would risk everything for this one opportunity to be rescued. When they came to the door Fran fumbled with the handle behind her back & opened it. Freedom... or just the scent of it was breathed in. They scurried like cautious rats along the dark alley until they reached a sun lit opening. Fran & Latonya stepped into the light to survey the area... they could make a mad dash towards the dock & pray the right people would spot them. Carol was still at the intersection of the alley... for some reason she was hesitant to move forward. She kept thinking of her cage... and that the men would come around soon - with their whips... and hard cocks. She had been fucked so many times her pussy & asshole now felt empty... and alone. She wondered where she would go if they were "rescued"... would she be able to suck all day? Or be penetrated, mocked & spat on while she orgasmed in shame? Carol, though extremely confused, knew the answer & edged back an inch... then another inch... Fran & Latonya looked at Carol... MMMFFFFF!!! They tried to communicate but Carol just nodded her head from side to side... she couldn't leave - not now, maybe not ever, her pussy was dripping wet... MMMFFFFF!!! Some men appeared in the distance blocking the passage to the docks... they weren't seen but had to duck back into the alley. Carol turned & began to walk back to her cell... she glanced back at her cagemates & smiled. She didn't want to lose them either... Then she knocked over a stack of clay pots & entered back into the warehouse. CRASH!!! The sound was loud & piercing... in moments guards converged in the alley & spotted Fran & Latonya. MMMFFFF!!! They dragged them back to their cell where Carol was obediently waiting... she watched calmly as the two runaways were whipped mercilessly. Once the chains were attached properly to the three women & the door locked Carol smiled at her cellmates & drifted off to sleep... dreaming what the morning would have in store for them. :w00t:

Mrs. Flair is in the background but at the forefront of the story... :w00t:

Some previous Mrs. Flair: :w00t:……………

For: :iconrender-4-real:
Inhospitable Thicket
Jordana was near exhaustion as she scurried nonstop across the sun scorched desert... she knew her captors would soon discover she was gone. The clear path became narrower & narrower until it ended at the base of a hostile thicket of sharp branches... there was no turning back. She would rather have her soft delicate flesh shredded in the sharp brush then be recaptured by those sadistic madmen. She stepped gingerly along the pointy limbs before stooping down low to crawl beneath them... the ground was littered with debris of all sorts - splintered bark, needles, cones & bits of sharp rock. Voracious insects swarmed around her to feast on her unprotected body while her delicate soles hurriedly stepped on one jagged object after another... she felt tortured less than a foot into the unaccommodating botanical nightmare. Better hurry Jordana... Mother Nature is nothing compared to what the psychos not far behind will do to you... :w00t:

Jordana is so sweet... and so is her cute little hiney... with all due respect of course. :w00t: This was over 8 years ago... I drive by this shoot location every day, 5 minutes from my house, often peer towards this very spot... memories... :w00t:
Your tilted camera angle coupled with Jessy's sexy body position turns a mundane "chair in the corner" into an exciting, lively scene... the lighting seems a bit harsh but strangely the minute details remain unscathed - wrinkles along the joints of her toes & fingers (adorable), cheekbones, nipples, lips - nothing is washed out from the abrasive light... the contrast of the hideous zigzag carpet against Jessy's soft, smooth skin creates a surprisingly nice aesthetic as well (this image would sell a lot of that carpet)... Jessy is a very beautiful woman & looks totally on board with the project... 5-Star Impact (the category that matters most)... :w00t:
Civil Disobedience
Tammy walked down the street in her tight fitting t-shirt, short-shorts & slutty heels... she was sipping a cold beer when she caught the attention of a police officer. "Excuse me, miss... I'm sorry you can't drink openly in public... I'm going to have to take that." Tammy wasn't in the mood to be "harassed" by the officer... "Piss off creep! Why don't you just relax & go grab yourself a donut... and take an extra one so you can fuck it!" The policeman wasn't amused "I'm going to have to see some ID..." She interrupted and flashed her middle finger. "Fuck You! I don't have to give you shit... now I'm going too... " ZAPPPP!!! She collapsed on the ground after a quick but potent zap of his stun gun... then he threw her in the back of his cruiser... :w00t:

When she awakened she was laying on the floor of a dark dingy room... she was nude, cuffed with a big ball strapped in her mouth. A thick collar was secured around her throat making it difficult to breathe... and her legs! They were spread wide & chained by the ankles to a long bar. She began to panic! MMMFFFF!!! PWWEEEZEE.. <CHOKE> MMMFFFF!!!! The sound of a loud rickety motor surprised her... followed by the tugging of chains. MMMFFFF!!! Her body was dragged slowly across the floor then upwards by her ankles... Her ass was raised off the ground... then the rest of her. She struggled upside down completely suspended. The pulling stopped once her hair was off the floor. MMMFFFFF!!!  "You're finally awake bitch!" She recognized the officer & pitifully begged thru her gag... GGPWWWSSS... MWT MWE DWNNN... MMMFFFFF!!! "Can't understand a single fucking thing you're trying to say..." He laughed quietly while connecting a long chain attached to the wall behind her to her cuffed wrists. "Much better... and I notice your attitude has improved a bit." Tammy writhed helplessly, her big titties bouncing softly with every pathetic little squirm... "Don't be upset... you haven't been 'officially' placed under arrest... Couldn't find your identification so had to bring you here, you know... to avoid paperwork & bureaucracy... you're off the grid honey!" MMFFFF!!! "Since we don't have an ID we also lost the box with your belongings... shoes, clothes... everything, except this beer bottle". His gloved fingers rubbed Tammy's inner thighs before pinching & plucking her tender labia... "Pretty little thing... so moist & pink..." He grabbed Tammy's beer & rubbed the opening against her cunt... MMMFFFFF!!! He then began poking her pussy with it... twisting & slowly plunging it deeper & deeper... MMFMFFF!!! "Shut the fuck up & relax... this has to go in as deep as possible..." He pushed it as the bottle widened... "Better grip that thing good... I'm going to leave you here all alone for a while... maybe 4 hours... maybe 8... and when I return that bottle better be where I left it. If it falls & breaks on the floor that will be considered an assault on an officer... then you're really fucked!" GWMFFFFF! <CHOKE> "It's going to be a long day for you bitch! Your cunt is already wet & slimey... not much to grip on that bottle, is there? Do your best... you could end up here in this room for a long, long time..." :w00t"

Not all "Civil Disobedience" is noble, righteous or justified... sometimes it's just people acting like assholes... :w00t:
Fran Shoot No.209 - "Irresistable!" :w00t:

This side of the city had become increasingly run down... and dangerous. Fran's company, following the lead of other corporate tenants in the building, was in the process of moving to a new location in the revitalized part of town. Most of the personnel had already moved leaving just a handful to make sure operations were carried out seamlessly during the transition. Fran was one of the few remaining. She hated coming in & was increasingly unnerved, especially when she was in the dark, desolate parking garage... the last few weeks were especially disturbing. She noticed a strange man showed up... rummaging around the trash, mumbling to himself, yelling... and he noticed her!  He approached her & talked in broken English... he was dimwitted & aggressive. "You pretty..." he would say to her over & over while hovering close and eyeing her up & down. The large framed dolt liked Fran's high heels... "So pretty feet... I like... I like... feet..." Fran did her best to hurry past him & get in her car... as she drove off her heart was pounding in fear. Looking in the rear view mirror she could see him pounding himself in the head & stomping his feet. She tried to convince himself that he was just a harmless vagrant, maybe even one of the "poor" refugees that had been settled in this neighborhood. This scene repeated itself for weeks with the man becoming more & more belligerent... Then one day she didn't see him. Even though she was alone in the dimly lit garage she breathed a sigh of relief & got into her car. MMMFFFFF!!! Two large hands reached at her throat from behind... in a flash she was unconscious...

Slowly Fran's eyes opened... though groggy she immediately knew something was wrong... very wrong... her body was nude & in painful restraints... it hurt to make the slightest movement. Her wrists, ankles, throat... all tightly constricted... even her head was beleaguered with tight straps... and a hideous thick bar secured in her mouth. All she could do was wince in agony... After what seemed like an eternity a shadow was cast over her... it was that horrible man from the parking garage. "Pretty... so pretty..." he mumbled psychotically "Pretty like... pig... little piggy..." He laughed & pinched her nipples. MMFFFFF!!! "You like dat piggy?" He pinched them again... only harder. MMFFFF!!! Fran begged & pleaded through her gag... "You mine... property..." he ran his thick fingers everywhere on her body... then he placed his hand under her chin & drew down a hook dangling from the ceiling. He placed it under the chain that connected her head harness to her wiggling big toes. "Like you be tighter... too loose... too loose..." He increased the tension until she could barely take a millimeter more. GGWWMMFFF!!! "Yes... you like tight too..."  He was so excited he clapped his hands before licking her everywhere. "Yum.. you tasty piggy..." He slapped her tits & ass with unbridled delight. "All mine..." In her tight restraints she was unable to resist his sick inclinations. Standing behind her he grabbed her foot & spread her toes with his sloppy tongue... he licked them savagely while she struggled in place - the cuffs digging into her delicate flesh if she offered the slightest resistence. "You... yumyum... yum... all... yum..<slosh>... mine... forever..." Fran couldn't help but scream... :w00t:

Don't be jealous ladies... especially you :iconberseh: (her cue to pretend she's not jealous - but no one will be fooled if she goes down that avenue, I mean dead end)... :w00t:

Fran's Portfolio: :w00t:…

Something deranged in preparation for Halloween next month... :w00t:

Willful Dishonesty in Politics

Tue Oct 25, 2016, 1:16 PM
Hope everyone has a safe & happy new year... I really do... :)

Sick of the blind, mindless servitude towards Democrats, especially the dirtbag Clintons, and those that are willing to propogate lies & willfully dodge the truth... Personally, I only care about honesty & maintaining my integrity - because I'm awesome! :w00t:

I found this ridiculous post & added a constructive comment - within seconds I was banned! No response... just banned! Now all comments are disabled on the wildly inaccurate deviation but the image still remains... :w00t:

[ORIGINAL IMAGE is GONE!] It was an unflattering picture of Trump with a mushroom cloud over his shoulder & the word "BIGLY"...

Since my comment was based on sound reason & not spontaneous emotion I can reconstruct it fairly accurately:


Some vital corrections: Trump said "BIG LEAGUE" not "bigly"... and the mushroom cloud should be placed over Hillary's head. She's given Russia 20% of our uranium (for donations to the Clinton Foundation) & helped pave the way for Iran to become a terrorist nuclear power. And don't forget Bill Clinton helped North Korea get nukes... Trump has no tangible connections to nuclear disaster yet the Clintons actually do... :|

This misleading poster FAILED BIGLY! :w00t:


The comments I made were accurate in every detail & had some actual humor... yet, the poster probably won't be corrected.  I was expecting something like "WOW! Thanks man - I had it completely backwards! I'm being used as a tool for the corrupt Democrat Party... thanks again for the help!" :clap:

Now, this is how a political post should be done:

Mature Content

Oral Office by taurus-comix

It's honest & based on factual events... and has a nice helping of T & A (Tits & Ass)... comments are enabled & I took the time to respond to them... If your position is entirely wrong & can't be defended than maybe you shouldn't post... :w00t:



United States
Current Residence: NJ
Favourite cartoon character: Polly Pocket (keeps the kids quiet)
Personal Quote: "It's never too late to be what you should have been" or something like that...

The mature Fran model - Should she appear again? I kind of like her - what do you think? 

45 deviants said YES - Tightly hogtied next to some younger girls.
42 deviants said YES - Use her in a degrading "put out to pasture" Hucow scene.
36 deviants said YES - Captured in a Home Invasion scene.
26 deviants said NO - Only young, hot "barbie-doll" chicks that are perfect in every way.
24 deviants said YES - Fully clothed in a dominant role - lesbian scene.
16 deviants said NO - She had her day in the sun... now she can be put out to pasture.
12 deviants said YES - Maybe a wild tryst with a much younger guy.
9 deviants said YES - Explain...
5 deviants said YES - But only in the background to add some drama.



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