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Blood of the Syndicate | Chapter 1

9 Years Later
The girl was bathed in light. Its resplendence curved around her frame, reflecting on a cascade of flaming locks that stretched down to her waist in frizzy curls. The dress she wore was a kaleidoscope of fallen leaves and even from where he stood, he could smell the fragrance that followed her. Yet her face…it was blank. Her fingers reached out to touch his and as they threaded with his own, he was filled with a rush of warmth.
When he woke, the warmth was gone. He was alone.
Rain drilled down onto the window; the pitter patter of water splashing against the glass a lullaby that hushed the dark room to sleep.  The only light in the room was the red glimmer of the alarm clock that rested on a small bedside table, numbers writing out 5:50 AM.
Dawn was rising. The boy turned over, fingers curving into his sheets.  He was exhausted.  He was hoping that he would have at least one night where
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Mature content
Blood of the Syndicate | Prologue :icontaurrigan:Taurrigan 1 0
Blood of the Syndicate |  Strider by Taurrigan Blood of the Syndicate | Strider :icontaurrigan:Taurrigan 7 0
Apprentice Questionairre
1. Where is their favourite place to hang out in Vesuvia? Why?
2. How does your apprentice feel when they are called a witch? (offended? shrugs it off? likes it?)
3. Do they have a  familiar? Why that one, how did they meet?
4. Are there any of Nadia's sisters your apprentice would like to hang out with?
5. What is their opinion of each of the courtiers?
6. What did they do while at the clinic?
7. What are their tasks around the shop? What can they make?
8. Describe their daily routine.
9. What major arcana would they be associated with? Is their a minor arcana card that fits them better?
10. Describe their magical abilities. What are they best at? Worst?
11. How do they get along with all the animals in the game? (Faust, malak, chandra, pepi, inanna, camio, melchior & mercedes)
12. Did they have a certain opinion about the palace and court before the events of the game? Did it change?
13. How do they feel about traveling in other realms?
14. What is their least favourite place
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Art Trade v ArgoVela
It was a moment that she wished would last forever.
Fireflies floated lazily about, soft glows of gold in the night that illuminated Julian’s face as he reclined back on the bench pressed up against Portia’s house. From inside, Argo could smell the mouth watering aroma of bread filtering into the garden. On her lap, Pepi purred and she stroked her fingers mindlessly through the cat’s soft fur.
It was like their own little paradise here. And the problems back at the palace - that primped up Countess, the murder, the masquerade, all of it seemed so far away. There was nothing but her, Julian and the fairytale like ambience of firefly light that illuminated the vibrant garden.  
There was a soft, warm wind that billowed through, ruffling his auburn hair as he reached out, cupping a firefly in his hands.
He had such childlike wonder for everything in the world. For the first time since she met him - he seemed at ease. The bags under his eyes were gone, there was a ge
:icontaurrigan:Taurrigan 3 2
Secret Santa
It was a cold and chilly night. There was a cool wind billowing through the Vesuvian streets, and tucked inside their homes, people were beginning to blow out their candles and snuggle into bed. All, save for the young teen who trudged through the muddy streets, a dirty blanket tugged around his shoulders to keep out the chill of the night. You’d think he were a man, for how tall the boy was. Murky green eyes swept from side to side, darting from the streets to the alleys as he cautiously made his way through the city towards the docks. It was a long day of scrounging around for food - to no avail. He wasn’t a pickpocket like Asra - nor would he want to take what doesn’t belong to him.
It’s fine. This wasn’t the first time he’s been without a warm meal in his belly.
“Damn it all!”
Muriel came to a psue, looking down a street. A man stood, with a wagon full of pastries and bags of flour - the rest of his supplies spilled out over the dirty
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Forget Me Not
The night was freezing cold as a storm began to brew in the distance. The midnight mist was like smoke, wrapping around the girl’s ankles and frame as she stumbled through the forest.  Her chest was heaving. Her hair filled with twigs and brambles as she staggered through the underbrush.
She had to get away. Had to run.
There was a snap and a crack in the woods behind her and she spun around, her palm lighting up in a ghostly, pale light.  The glow reflected in the eyes of creatures that watched her from the dark, unblinking gazes that stared out from the shadows. But no glowing red eyes. At least....not for now.
Maybe she lost him.
There was a crack of lightning in the sky and Hasana looked upwards as thick, bloated cry clouds began to gather overhead, and the girl winced as a torrent of rain began to fall from the sky. She waved her hand, the rainwater hitting a glowing shield above her head as though she now had an umbrella. “Asra, where are you,” she whi
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Arcana Incarnate | The Mage of Swords by Taurrigan Arcana Incarnate | The Mage of Swords :icontaurrigan:Taurrigan 9 3
Dead Men Tell No Tales - AT with hasana-chan
“I have something for you.”
The grass was soft beneath her knees as the two sat on a grassy shore, the beach white and stretching endlessly out in both directions. Ahead, the sun reflected on the sea as a soft wind pushed about Julian’s hair, his grey eyes twinkling as he rested his hand on hers.
Hasana felt warmth flood into her cheeks as tucking a strand of dark hair behind her ear, glancing up at him. “Oh?” she says, the edge of her lip quirking up into a smile. “What would that be?”
Julian touched a long finger to her nose, giving her his trademark wolfish grin. “I can’t tell you yet.”
“What! Come on, Julian,” she tugged on his coat. “That’s no fair, why’d you bring it up then?”
Julian’s chest vibrated in a chuckle as he leaned back. “Sorry, sorry, I’m just...” he paused. “Excited.” There was a strange look in the man’s gaze as he looked out o
:icontaurrigan:Taurrigan 6 2
Blood and Ash | Asra
Smoke and ash billowed into the sky in thick clouds that covered the stars in inky blackness. Every leaf and tree in the forest was covered in a thin layer of soot, and the woods were silent, save for the cracking of branches as the young man tore through the undergrowth. Asra’s arms pumped at his side, not even flinching as a barbed branch tore across his face, leaving a line of blood on his cheek.
He had to get there. He had to. He came stumbling to a stop, baring his teeth at a mass of undergrowth that blocked his way. In the distance, he could hear the sloshing of waves against the beach. He was almost there. He waved his hand with a snarl, flames billowing from his fingertips and lighting the forest up, burning the brambles away and Asra leaped through, caring little of the fact that the edge of his scarf sizzled as he raced forward.
Almost there. Almost.
His boot caught a root and he shouted, landing hard as his elbows scraped against the ground and he grimaced, pushing him
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Ethren Whitecross Grimoire Page by Taurrigan Ethren Whitecross Grimoire Page :icontaurrigan:Taurrigan 12 3
Nico di Angelo and the Threads of Chaos - 2

Chapter 2
The Twilight Flight

The flames that licked out towards Nico danced dully as he poked it with a stick. Moving some of the kindling aside the sparks leaped up towards the night sky, momentarily lighting up his face in faded crimson. The boy’s features were shallow and gaunt in the light, casting shadows across his olive skin and he exhaled, leaning back. Eyes tilted towards the stars, thick virgin trees surrounding them and the night was alive with the sounds of chirps and croaking springtime frogs.
They’d traveled for a couple hours into the forest before they decided to make camp.  Percy had been staying in this location for the last day or so while he tracked down Nico, and there were provisions and supplies laying about. Percy was off somewhere in the night gathering some wood for the fire to consume while they slept and keep away any animals. That was fine with Nico. He needed to be alone for a while
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The sky used to be nothing but a collection of muted greys and browns and blacks.  Sometimes deep purple or blue, depending on the crystalline shards that hung to the ceiling.  Yes, ceiling.  There is a world that exists underneath the ground upon which humans tread.  A world where the sun does not touch, and creatures live their entire lives in darkness.  Where the shadows are your breath of life, and to face the daylight is like baring yourself to the flames of hell.
And that was a world that the drow would never return to.  The sun burned his eyes for a long while, but eventually he became accustomed. he could lay on his back and watch the blue sky, and the lofty clouds roll across its surface.  He could feel the breeze on his face and the warmth on his ebon skin, and he gave a long, heaving sigh.
“Knife ears!”
Faerin groaned and rolled over on his perch upon the dead tree.  The black clad ranger was gazing up at hi
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Once Upon a December - AT with emilythesmelly
She always loved rainy mornings. The torrent of rain that splashed against the glass windows was like a lullaby that rocked her to sleep, distant thunder reverberating in her chest. She opened one amber eye just as an arc of lightning raced down from the bloated, dark sky - striking the ground beyond Vesuvia. A layer of white mist had risen up from the ocean, casting Vesuvia’s streets in fog. Her favourite weather, storms.  
She couldn’t help but wonder if she’d always enjoyed them. Was she at one point afraid of thunderstorms? Pushing herself up from her comfy bed, she gave a stretch, blinking blearily into the shop. Their sleeping quarters was separated from the rest of their snug little home by a red curtain, and beyond she could make out the blurry figure of Asra as he began to prepare breakfast.
“Asra,” she called out as she blindly reached for her glasses, smacking her hand listlessly on the nightstand a few times before finally locating them an
:icontaurrigan:Taurrigan 3 2
Ethren Whitecross - Mage of Swords. by Taurrigan Ethren Whitecross - Mage of Swords. :icontaurrigan:Taurrigan 11 2 Spectrum Meme by Taurrigan Spectrum Meme :icontaurrigan:Taurrigan 0 0

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