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Warhammer 40K - Farseer

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Farseer in Warhammer 40K : DOW game.
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AkameStHobbyist Photographer
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TnynfoxStudent General Artist
Almost nothing about this Xeno looks filthy to me.
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DarrolLayman2015Hobbyist General Artist
She's beautiful.
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3 things to remember about the Eldar:
1.) They're basically space elves, so they're as arrogant as they are pretty. 
2.) They're have advanced tech and psychic powers which they will use to kill you in horribly spasmtastic ways. 
3.) They see you as inferior and would doom a planet of humans just so save one of their own.
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She's very cute. :) For a race that holds disturbingly low regard for human life. XP
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"When the enemy leader is an attractive young [looking] woman, that's a good sign you're on the wrong side."
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I only have 1 word to describe this amazing piece of art... amazing
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...ly AWSOME
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MonkeystallionHobbyist General Artist
A beautiful fantasy piece with a dash of anime/manga style.
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Though in the lore, they aren't as human-looking as you've depicted here. They've got much sharper, long features and lack the long ears. 

And I don't think a farseer would ever take off her helmet, unless she wants to give herself up freely to Slaanesh.

Sorry to poke holes in your art, I just can't help myself.
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They do take off their helmet. In Dawn of War 2, they don't even have the helmet. They do have the long ears, and from the appearance of High Elves in Warhammer Fantasy, this is mostly correct.
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wow, very majestic...
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Beautiful and deadly the caracteristic of the eldar
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CatStarSTOHobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is a great piece! Truely, the beauty of this race is what makes it the best in the game....well, that and stealth! ^^
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GreylokkeHobbyist Digital Artist
I now realize out of all my time playing dawn of war I never thought what they would look like under the helmets =|.
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Very cool, love the Eldar:D (Big Grin) 
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this eldar is amazing!!! You've such a skill, very good work!!! :D
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40kwarlordProfessional General Artist
So full of beauty!
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IamNanayoungStudent General Artist
That is one badass motherfucker.
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A foul Xenos she may be, but it is hard to hate a being that looks so at peace
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SpittinLead308Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope you know the Emperor (PRAISE THE EMPRAH) intended the Imperium to only kill Xenos who wished only violence against all that is good, and it was the Imperium itself that originally instigated the Eldar by attacking FIRST.

HERESY 4 LIFE  :iconheresyplz: 
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BurningMayfareHobbyist Writer
Then again, the Eldar have no issue with causing millions of Imperial deaths to save one Eldar, so they're hardly "good guys". Then again, no one is in Warhammer... Frickin' grimdark.
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