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Terra | Omega by Tauriiga Terra | Omega by Tauriiga

Name: Teratai binti Basheer
Alias: Terra Lau

Eye Color:
Jade green
Skin Color:
Light caramel brown
Hair Color/Style:
Black hair, shaved on sides, hair down the middle is very long and often kept braided.
Malay, English, Mandarin, Hindi, Mongolian (Buryat), Inupiaq
Religious Values: Smarta Hindu (non-sectoral), scattered Pagan beliefs

Tattoos/Piercings: Chest tattoo - moth with swirled patterns and floral. Hip piercings.

Terra Alt by Issora

Clothing: Modern winter gear. Likes black and olive green, but is fond of any bright jewel tones and busy prints. Wears snowboarding pants and a thick down jacket with winter boots. Has two batik scarves. When the weather gets too cold, she will spend long periods of time in her lycan form. Is fond of bangles and most things gold.

Lycan form: Greying tawny coat with dense black sabling along legs, tail, dorsal line, chest and belly, and throughout the mane. Black face mask.

6’5” bipedal anthro body. Well developed hands, capable of human-like dexterity.


Pre-bite: Energetic, motivated, career oriented. Intelligent. Has a college degree in business. Is very social and loves to hang out with her friends and family. Had had a lot of social pressure from her parents. Due to a lack of ability to bear children, she has found finding a long term partner difficult. She doesn’t let her romantic downfalls affect her, she perseveres and focuses on her career.

Clothing style in her mid-late 20's:
Colors by Issora

Post-bite: Quiet, observant, reserved. Does not like cramped spaces or large crowds. Avoids human contact when possible. Very animal like responses to unexpected situations. Craves a pack, but is very much a loner wolf. Very respectful of nature, only takes what she needs to survive. Gives thanks to the spirits for their sacrifices. Likes to observe people from a distance. Is very curious about the culture and people in America. Has resorted to stealing when in need of modern goods such as clothes and tools, but often tries to leave something in it’s place.

History: Raised in an upper middle class family, her father was a successful businessman of Chinese descent, while her mother was an Indian woman who played the role of a stay at home wife. Teratai grew up with an older brother and a younger sister. Her parents were strict, but it paid off. She entered into an arranged marriage at nineteen, but the marriage quickly dissolved when it was discovered that Teratai was incapable of bearing children. Changing up her focus, she went on to complete a college degree in business, following through with an internship at her father’s company.

Very social and outgoing, Terra spent a lot of her evenings in clubs, bars or restaurants with her close group of friends. She dated on and off, but due to the fact that she isn’t able to bear children, she never settled down again.

At the age of 32, Terra was bitten badly on her right calf by what seemed to be a rabid stray dog. She went to the hospital and was cleared to go home. Everything seemed fine afterwards and she soon put the incident behind her.

Nearly two months later, she fell ill with flu-like symptoms. She experienced her first lycan shift in the safety of her apartment, leaving her scared and alone. Her friends and family noticed the distinct change in her personality, but equated it to the dog bite and recent illness. As Terra began to research her condition, she realized she had some control over her shifting and grew more confident that she could hide her secret. She did so for nearly six months, until tragedy struck. After a blind date, an uncontrolled shift left Terra waking up to a bloodied body in her apartment. Horrified of what she’d done, she fled. There is still a warrant out for her arrest in the murder of the man.

Working her way north, Terra spent several years wandering the Mongolian Desert and Russia, spending a great deal of this time in her feral form. She remained alone, finding the occasional companionship in wild wolf packs. She learned to read the signs that nature offered for her survival, but learning didn’t come easy and she has the scars to prove it. At the age of 41, she crossed the Bering Strait ice bridge into Alaska. Not fitting in with humans and not fitting in with the wild tokota packs, Terra has found herself roaming solo.

Relationships within Issorartuyok:
Annakpok Reed - Respected ally
Qinnik Reed - Respected ally
Zara - Daughter
Shila Reed - Nuissance


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