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Annakpok Reed | Shaman by Tauriiga Annakpok Reed | Shaman by Tauriiga
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~( Issorartuyok Handler Profile )~

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Names: Annakpok Reed
Nickname(s): Alpha
Athletic, Curvy
Hair Color:
White with black streaks
Eye Color:
Hunting knife, obsidian point spear

- {|Anna|}
Strong willed - Ambitious - Loyal - Stubborn - Caring - Determined 

Alternative Clothing Ref

Of the two twins, Anna is the most grounded. She was more interested in sports in high school and was also considered more of a tomboy than her sister. She enjoyed kayaking, four wheeling, hiking and riding her Tokota, Solvieg. Though active, she was always far less adventurous that Qinnik, preferring stay within the bounds of what's reasonable.

In her first few years of college, Anna majored in anthropology, with a focus in archaeology. She took a great interest in ancient technology and Inuit studies, taking as many field classes as possible. She learned about digging earth forges and flint napping, skills at the time she thought would be merely a hobby. Now however, she's finding what little she learned to be a huge advantage in their new lifestyle.

Along with Nikki, Anna also took classes on natural medicine and survival techniques. She has a basic knowledge on how to sanitize and stitch wounds, grind herbs into rubs and teas and treat common illnesses.

In her role as Alpha, Anna is an adept weapon smith and likes to spend her days hunting game, fishing and herding the Tribe's caribou. She's the provider and makes sure that no one in the tribe ever goes without their basic necessities.

Twins by Issora Twins by Besar13 Whos a Sweet Boy by Hlaorith


Anna and Nikki grew up to very endearing parents. Their mother, an Faroese decedent, and their father, an Alaskan Native, were both adoring and supportive of their children. Their mother instilled their curiosity of their heritage and the outdoors, driving them to learn about nature and encouraging their interest in Tokotas. Their father, a state Ranger, was responsible for their hard work and dedication to their education. The girls strove to be their best in everything they could, often pulling their younger brother Siluk along for the ride. They grew up learning Gaelige and Iñupiaq and speak both languages well. They picked up English properly when they went to public school. Both girls maintain all three languages.

Shortly after their 20th birthday, the girls were faced with tragedy. Passing away in a transport plane crash, the girls parents were quickly snatched from their lives. The two were left to care for their brother alone. Unable to find jobs in their small town and receiving little help from their community, the girls made a decision to do the only thing they knew how - survive. Selling the house and most of their belongings, the twins packed up what little belongings they wanted and along with Siluk, they made the journey to Tokotna. They registered the Issoartuyok Tribe, choosing to give the tribe an owl as it's symbol - a memorial to their parents. Their mother largely studied owls in her work and their father even named his boat the "Nightowl". Once established, the girls made a plan and took to the wilds. They would survive like their ancestors had, living off the land in a nomadic fashion. Finding others in similar situations and seeking the same ideals, the twins gathered a small following. Issorartuyok is now their life, the girls pouring all their efforts into keeping it alive.

From here, begins the full story for the twins. Issorartuyok RP Doc

Caution - The following contains spoilers for the above RP

To show their dedication, the twins vowed to make Issora their child and never bear children of their own. To mark their promise to each other, they each got an owl tattooed on their abdomen.

The pact fell through after their third year in the tribe, when Anna began grow close to a newcomer named Tuaq. After rescuing him from falling through thin ice, it was revealed that he had a dark spirit following him. This prompted the twins to finally reveal to the tribe that they are selkies. Anna's affections for Tuaq grew stronger and she became conflicted about how to resolve her friendship with the man. Little did she know, Nikki had already broken the pact and was seeing a man in secret. Upon discovering this fact, Anna tells Tuaq how she feels, but sensing the rift that his dark spirit has created among the alphas, he rejects her affection and departs the tribe in order to protect the people.

Anna leaves to go complete Rites of Dominance with Solvieg. After three long months, she reunites with Tuaq in Tokotna to find that his has managed to rid himself of his dark spirit. With the pact broken and the spirit gone, they finally are free to explore the idea of a relationship. Together, they make the journey home to Issorartuyok to see what the future holds.

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