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Fallout New Vegas Ways

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The differents ways to finish the game Fallout New Vegas
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Its your decision
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Lol i kill everybody(NCR,The Legion and Mr House)and and rule all new vegas
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I haven't finished the game yet but this is what I have done so far.
First I chose Caesar.
Caesar: Kill Mr House.
Me: k
Caesar: Good now go do some cannibal enabling stuff.
Me: ...k (I made them non-cannibal)
Caesar: ILL KILL YOU IF YOU SCREW UP AGAIN OWBRAINTUMOUR! Now go blow up the Brotherhood of Steel.
Me: *Looking at Veronica* Feelsbadman.jpg
Me: Fok u ceaser salad I'm going to help Yes Man on my other save.

So I gave Caesar the finger and I'm playing to get the Yes Man ending. :)
I thought I could mental gymnastics my way to helping him but it just REFUSES to jive with my morality.
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Devil's advocate time!

I think Caesar would be able to lead the wasteland, since he is ruthless and you have to be pretty ruthless to survive in the setting.

It would be very very uncomfortable for people living there, but it might be beneficial for them in the long run to have a dictator to get things done.

Same thing goes for, just with more technology.

Although, usually I dont end my games. It's just too much fun to keep going around and adventuring forever! Why would I ever want to end my fun?!
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Wrong, independent Vegas is a better ending.
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independent is just house with anarchy

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The best option if you care about the future of the world is the NCR, as much as I hate them. Think about it: the Legion are a bunch of manic slave-drivers, and obviously siding with them is the bona-fide "bad" choice. Siding with the Legion would lead to a future of chaos as the various tribes of the wasteland are one by one destroyed or assimilated into the Legion.
Meanwhile, siding with House is also a bad idea. He just wants to secure his own little slice of the world, and would cut New Vegas away from all other factions just to secure his little piece of the world that used to be. Naturally, when New Vegas could be used to help the world recover from the nuclear fallout, letting House have his way with it is not conducive for a healthy future for the wasteland.
Finally, siding with Yes Man and taking the army of securitrons for yourself is the worst option of all. At least with the Legion and House, there was some semblance of order; you're a freaking wanderer, and have no business running a city. Your newfound "empire" would probably crumple in a couple of years at the most.
The NCR is the lesser of all these evils. Yes, they're inept, and yes, they're stretched WAY too thin to adequately police the wasteland, but what they do have is a healthy mindset. If you side with the NCR and allow them to have peace in New Vegas for even a little while, they'll do their best to incite democracy and peace into the wasteland. Remember, their entire structure is based on the American one that existed before the bombs fell. While House would hide New Vegas away, you would just promote chaos, and the Legion would make sure the wastes are always a horrible place to live in, the NCR would actually go the farthest to rehabilitating the people. With time, they could spread their forces and government to cover all of New Vegas, and then Nevada, and then the United States, and so on. They actually have the goal of bringing back democracy and peace to the world, while all other factions serve much more selfish agendas. Though I think that their government is corrupt and their officers too few, they are the only faction with benevolent goals. So the next time you play New Vegas, don't be dumb: make sure you save Kimball and do what is best for the future of the world.
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House is the obvious best choice. ^^

NCR and Legion are about the same for different reasons.
In the NCR, the rich rule and the poor get royally shafted. (crime is rampant)
In Legion everyone is treated badly but everyone is also equal. (crime is next to zero)

Yesman, depends on the Courier and their ability to govern.
Though it's a lot of anarchy. XD
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"If you wish to see the fate democracies, all you need do is look out the window." -Mr house

"They have a saying in the wasteland: Old world blues. this is when people are so obsessed with the old world they cant see whats right in front of them or look to the future"- the narrator

Who is to say that a world run by the NCR and with democracy restored wouldn't just repeat the same mistakes and eventually nuke everything again?

I still get what you mean though. NCR is definately the lesser evil here, but I doubt the world would be "safe" with them in charge either.
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Well house does make a grand claim that he will build industry and transport networks in the form of railways 

How sincere he is about this i don't know, since i turned away from his path when he tasked me to commit mass murder against the BoS based on a prediction that they will be trouble, Where NCR was willing to make peace instead
This to me suggested that the NCR was the best path to a fair future, although they drag their heals, with enough reminding, they will usually do the right thing and help people 
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Fight the power perk = yes man
I just wish you had the option to form some kind of Mojave Confederacy from all the native factions after you killed Mr. House. Why? Because seeing the entire Mojave rise up to fight the Legion would be awesome.
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Hated the Legion from the moment I walked into Nipton. Killed Vulpes Inculta, though it took me three tries before I managed to drag myself away and heal. Also, killed Caesar. "Thumbs down, you son of a bitch."

The NCR have noble intentions, but they stretch themselves too thin, and can only rely on me to get anything done. I stuck with them until I got my hands on the Black armor, then I stopped caring.

Mister House is just a jerk, and the inability to shoot his rotting body in the face angered me.

So yeah, currently working towards an independent New Vegas. Although if I could, I'd tell Yes Man to take marching orders from the King. The only faction leader in unabashed support of independence, and I can't make him King of Everything? Get outta here!
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The news is that if you hack mister house's computer, you can select an option that makes his decayed body explode.

Very fun to watch.

Try it sometime, if you have not already.

Although I do agree with you that being able to put the king in charge would be wicked awesome.
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I explode him every time.
Independent Vegas for me. Hated the Legion, the NCR's ineptitude was pitiful at times and Mr House was a tyrant. My Courier could make New Vegas and the Mojave a much better place for the people. Sex, booze and gambling for everyone!
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NCR= government oppression
Legion= Brutality
Mr. House= Tyranny
Independence= Party Time
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what that mark on this wall. is that a raiders symbols mark? what kind a mark is that?
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Anarchy. Which also means a lawless and orderless world.
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mean like raiders. I saw anarchy mark on wall in the raider territory. on fallout 3.
darklordAWESOMEDUDE2's avatar
Anarky is also a term for the apocalypse and the death of EVERYTHING
It's the symbol for anarchy.
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