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This world is just illusion
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Haku from Spirited Away : digital drawing


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Haku from Spirited Away : digital drawing


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12 Reasons You Are Nothing Like Your Hero Hercules

1. You were so torrentially toxic to me I had to slice my own veins to get you out. 2. There was more chaos in the way you loved me than there was in the winding weather storm that broke every window in the house we called home, you turned that home into a house. 3. You claimed momentary insanity, like your hero Hercules, the day you used your fists for the first time, the same insanity that plagued Hercules when he slew everyone he loved. I wonder if there was a storm where he lived that day too. 4. Harbinger made of hemlock and heartache, hurricane made of hurt and heartbreak, you were Hera’s lesson of harm and habit


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Custom Box Background Code Generator v1.9.2 (last)

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How to commission on DA (rus)

Многие уже в курсе, что DA стал использовать особую систему Piont Commission через специальный виджет. И я часто встречаюсь с &#

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Delta Operative STOCK XII


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Material pack


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a shadow painted crimson OOTD


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