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Gift or Curse.

By Tatujapa
art between commissions, sorry for any misspellings, telling in parts about my Oc Edgar and a little about Amy, the ghost of the attic ^^
--who is being rude to Edgar is his father--… 
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makes me wander if this is part of a comic? Because it certainly has potential to be one, say with how he sees his friend or if there are other people who he can see. 

the best piece of advice that I can give him is that since he can see what other people can't see, some how use that to your advantage, and if people question you on how you known your answer then so be it. you have a gift that no one else has and that makes you special, and it is ok to be special. trust me I know.
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I wouldn't know if that's truth or lie, but the feelings are real.
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That looks very sad.
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He clearly needs a hug and support. *gives it* Hug