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Commission - Wolfen

Comissão para Caio Ribeiro
sua fursona Loba Branca ^^ 
utilizei uma foto como referencia para a igreja ... linhas e retas ainda são problema para mim XD 
mas eu aprendo :)

a ref 13569881 1067210060021958 829787715 O by Tatujapa
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This is spectacular. Not only the character's details are spot on, but seriously the background... 
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Thank you George, Gradually I'm learning new things. >u<
Tchaikorsakovich1812's avatar
Of course you are! No problem. :)
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Me faz pensar numa clériga ou paladina num local sagrado. :roll: Um belo trabalho! Elsa Clapping 
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rsrsrs Valew  ^^  bem pra quem eu fiz havia me dito que se tratava de um jogo ^^  mas não lembro o nome 
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A meu ver,você se saiu muito bem! Hinata Thumbs Up Icon 
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wow i love it :heart:
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Gorgeous background ;o;
The character looks awesome as well, I like how you did all the shading and stuff : D
This reminds me of Dust: An Elysian Tale for some reason...
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Now this is amazing well done I love the detal
Tatujapa's avatar
Thank you  so much :meow: :D
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I'll need somebody to re-hinge my jaw... for it has dropped way too fast. 83
This is sincerely epic artwork! Absolutely stunning scenery! That's definitely a gorgeous church... and straight lines are overrated anyways, so no worries there. ;P
Such a valiant character! I'm digging that armor... and the way her robed scarf/cape sways in the wind along with that hair of hers... so very attractive! <3
You've captured the lighting in this piece quite well. I freaking love the sunrays peering through the architecture and those tiny dust-motes floating about... even the crows add a sense of profound realism to the scene that can't be shaken too easily. 

Fellow artist, you've outdone yourself with this picture. Major kudos!
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Awww thank you for your words, I'm really glad you like it, I've been training hard to try something new, I'm still in training, but I gradually evolving my drawings.
Again thanks a lot, his words have let my day happiest . Thank you :iconspazhugplz:
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But of course! I'd say your training has been paying off big-time. :D
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Hardcore warrior lady in a beautiful background. :)
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Yes, after Chaos. XD :D thank you ^^
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