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All of Time and Space lives!
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Tattorack's Profile Picture
Sassan Alexandre Adl
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hello there!
Welcome to my profile!
Come, make yourself at home. Take a seat somewhere, I'll go make you a nice cup of Earl Grey.
But please don't push any buttons... Or get any ideas with my tentacled alien pet.

So, who am I?
The internet knows me as Tattorack (look me up on Google), but you can call me Tatt.
In real life Sassan is my name. Either way is fine ^^
I'm an artist.
I do digital art, tradition art, 3D modelling, 3D animating and I also dabble in game design.
Mostly what I do is Sci-fi, but I can draw anything, really.
I also take commissions!
Ask me for prices and help me with... Um... Not... Starving. ^^;

I'm a role-player.
That is, I do regular table top D&D role-play and the make a story as you go along role-play that most of the G+ groups are all about.
So if you feel like role-playing, don't be afraid to ask. (I do have standards, though).

If it wasn't clear before, I'm a terrible nerd for sci-fi.
Oh, and fantasy. I just can't get enough of spaceships, dragons, aliens and wizards.
My favourite sci-fi and fantasy include:
Star Trek.
The Lord of the Rings.
Star Wars.
Avatar (with blue aliens).
Avatar The Legend of Aang/Korra.
Samurai Jack.
The Inheritance Cycle.
Cowboy Bebop.
And much more that will make this a terribly long list to read.

I like to game, too. My Steam name and name are both Tattorack, like everywhere else.
I play games such as:
Elite Dangerous.
Elder Scrolls Online.
Age of Empires II HD.
Conan Exiles.
Planetside 2.
Well, these are the ones with multiplayer, at least. Besides that I've sunk plenty of hours in games like Skyrim and Fallout 3. I played the entire Mass Effect franchise at least twice.
And much more.

I love science and technology and the possibilities they can bring.
I strive to use logic and reasoning as much as possible and, depending on how necessary it is given the subject, I do my best to base my arguments and opinions on facts and moral values.
Oh, I'm also an Atheist. Just throwing that out there since this appears to be important to some people.

Hmm, let's see. What do we have...
Some of the stuff I do... Some of the stuff I like... Some stuff about just me...
Right, where do I come from?
That's... A little complicated.
Let's just say that, right now, I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Come pop by and say hello if you're in the neighborhood ^^

Well, that's all about me that I can think of pouring into an intro.
I hope you have fun getting to me, because I'd love to get to know you.
Stick around long enough and you might just get to spot some abnormal aliens.
Anyway, the tea is done by now.
Want a cookie with that? 


Dead Meat

Imagine you're a Justice Enforcer, junior squad. You believe the good the Terrig regime can do to keep order in your small corner of space, free from xeno influence and the none conservative chaos of the other star nations.
You're out on your first mission. First field contact. A number of veterans lead your squad to show you the ropes. They brief you on your mission. Just checking out some strange signals from one of the barren worlds on the outskirts of the Terrig solar system. Probably pirates or a hidden cell of none conformists.
As the dropship nears its destination you're suddenly lurched from your seat.

You wake up. Somehow you must've blacked out. You stand up and look around. You appear to be standing on the surface of the barren world.
Strange low humming structures dot the horizon. Structures of a configuration you've never seen before. You call out to your companions over the radio, but hear only static in return. Suddenly the silence is broken by a loud gurgling scream, then silence again.
Before you get the chance to run over to its source you get knocked off your feet and thrown face down onto the rough barren dirt. Grabbing your pistol, you quickly turn around and see...

Inktober 09 Lingerie
I think I've only ever drawn Natasha Luke 2 times before.
Anyway, here she is relaxing (after a hard day's work commanding her science ship) in her lingerie in zero G, watching the warp stretched stars whizz by.

.... Ooooorrrrr at least I'm going to make a pretty good attempt at Inktober. 31 days of drawing every single day, pffffffff....... well, today is the 1st, so the first on the list will beeee...

Oh, in case you're wondering where I get this list from look no further than :iconshikeyy:
If you're into nude cat girls that will potentially assassinate you as you get comfortable then I suggest you go check him out.

  • Listening to: Bonobo
  • Reading: Unsounded. Seriously, check that shit out.
  • Watching: Bionicle memes.
  • Playing: Warframe
  • Eating: Nutrients
  • Drinking: Liquids


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jeheil Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Student General Artist
Thanks for the watch + fave! I really appreciate it c:
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No problem, man. You got some cool looking characters!
jeheil Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Student General Artist
Aw thank you! I put a lot of work into them Heart 
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TheBlackCatMasque Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Student General Artist
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What is cancelled?
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Tanik228 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your arts are amazing! Keep up the good work! ^^
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Wow, man, thanks! :la:
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