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Cross with Wings

This is a cross with wings I designed and tattooed.
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Canon PowerShot A40
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1/4 second
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5 mm
Date Taken
Apr 20, 2007, 5:14:33 AM
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TattooedMorrigan's avatar
see I told you you were crazy! everyone else says its not crooked.:P lol it looks adorable be sure to tell the hubby how ADORABLE lol his tattoos are.:)
Lottiebubble2's avatar
Oh wow. This is really mum has almost that exact tattoo (hers has an Ankh, not a cross) in the same place, about the same size. :O
TattooSavage's avatar
It happens I guess! :) It's inevitable that people will come up with similar ideas for similar body parts! It's odd though right?!
bluehorseblues's avatar
Like I said a while ago woman. I would work with you ANY day. I criticize my work a lot too. It is the perfectionist in me. Some things to keep in mind. Skin is not necessarily a 'solid' medium. It moves, stretches, swells up, etc. One small spot may be completely different to tattoo than the spot 2 centimeters away because of underlying features like scar tissue for example. Sometimes it can depend on the it hot and humid, cold and dry? There are so many factors that can work against you in this venture! Considering those facts I think you did a great job on this. Your black is very solid and bold and the shading is done very well. The line work is good too, solid and crisp most of the way through. So pat yourself on the back once did a nice job!
TattooSavage's avatar
Thanks again! I did finally post it cause after a few months, when I looked at the pic, I thought, ok, it's not perfect, but it's ok. It's just hard to deal with sometimes, when you think, ok, this is the one, it's simple, I should be able to nail this, and I didn't. I guess I shouldn't underestimate a design, not matter how small or simple.
Samantattoo's avatar
it's not crooked at all it looks wonderfull !! you always do well you just criticize yourself too harsley dont do that you know your awesome just admitt it roseanne go to the nearest mirror in you house and look at your self and say "I roseanne am an awesome tattoo artist" did you do it you feel better huh??? it works i promise youll have more convidence !!
TattooSavage's avatar
There's no way I would ever do that! LOL But I can look at myself and say that I am doing my best and trying hard, which I think is all one can expect! :) Again, thank you my little cheerleader, you always bring a smile to my face!
Kribabe's avatar
Whatcha mean? It don't look crooked. Your crazy. Its very cute. I suppose that isn't a term your hubby wants his tattoo described as but oh well it is. :lol:
TattooSavage's avatar
Well, I think my hubby had strange tastes, quite a few of his tattoos are 'cute' so I don't think he'd mind, although, I think I'll pass on telling him this time! LOL
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